swsan move in their room..
S-swara..listen..i liked u n infact more..u ll be a princess here..but plz dont cry..
and i talked to ur hostel..they have allowed u lev for a week..
then i ll drop hostel..
my love wont becm obstacle for ur dreams..
vase for world v r married couples..who love each other but here in this room v can be frnds na?
Sw-frnds my foot MR.
never the person who made a sister and brother sepearte..
who z not letting a girl to meet her family..
who is not letting know the reason y he marred a girl..
who is a kidnapr..
and u r excepting me to make u my frnd..
Shanky feels the guilt..with him..

but composes himself..
Sn-get ready after 2 days..i ll drop u to hostel..
sw-plz..let me meet my bhai plz..
Sn-get ready..tommo..v ll meet the..
here take my phone..n call them and ask them to cm here..only for lunch
sanskar takes the pillow and goes towards the hall..
Sn-to sleep in deed..
Sw-are u really a grown up man?
u just made me to lie and u too lied that v loved each other..
sw-duffer..wt ll u say

Sn-ohh yeah..
sw-do u have any matrices..
Sn-han in nandus room
sw-bring that..i ll sleep their..
u sleep on ur comfort

tw-bhai..any news
i just once want to hear to her
then i ll know all
just then their phone rings..
M-my darling..u r fine na?
Sw-han bhai..
M-plz say me where r u..
n wait how did u call..
bol na
Sw-bhai..i m married now
M-oky..but say me where r u?
M-to whome…just say the blo*dy name out who has forced u to do so
i ll kill that person
Sw-bhai..plz calm…
i m fine..
he only asked me to call u..
some circumstances were such that v were forced to do..
its nor my falut nor his..
M-i want to meet u..
spill the beans plz..
n only truth got that?
Sw-my inlaws invited u
u ll cm na
M-swara..plzz…the girl whom i m talking is not my swara she never lied..
to her bro..
Sw-(in a painful voice)s bhai..the swara is not old swara she is not swara kappor any more shes swara sanskar maheswari now..
M-what..what did u say?
sanskar maheshwari?
Sw-s bhai..
M-that bl***y bas***d..
how dare he..
u dont know him swara..hes betraying u..
hes an enemy of bhai..
plz trust me and cm back..
Sw-(remembers the threat of sanky when he said her he ll kill manik(he said that thinking that swara and manik were lovers))
bhai plz…he loves me a lot..
he can never do this..
infact here all loves me..

u know he has n one..
even they dont have parents..
but he has a small sister..
shes mine and twinkles frnd..
shes so cute girl..
all time homping me by saying bhabhi bhabhi..
M-bye(manik could not take it more so he cut the call)
and cried his heart aloud..

after some time..
M-twinkle whos nandini..
M-i asked whos she..
M-pic hai
M-do u have her pic

(she shows a selfi of rags,nandu,n hers that they took in the party other day)
and yeah take a le tommo..
v must go to swara..
her inlaws called us..
S-u know bhai just now i goggled abt SM..
hes so handsome..
and so hot,,,
i m lucky to have a jiju like him…
but mein iss swara ke bachhi ko nahi chodungi..
how dare she hide such big thing from me..
when i said her about my recent crush..
she teased me by kunjs name and now..

i ll not lev her..
M-now sleep..

laksh manik and twinkle comes to maheshwari mansion..
but only manik and twinkle enters..
and laksh doesnt..

sanky is not at home..

nandu and swara..are having friendly talks..
just then door bell rings…
nandu opens the soon as she opens the door her heart beat skips..
obvio na..after all she saw manik infront f her..
her taughts are haulted when twinkle hugs her..
she asks both of them to enter..
seeing manik..
swara directly goes and hugs him..
M-(now i got it swara..y u married him..
i din know my small sister who used to be a silent chuuby girl can sacrifice everything just for her bhai..)(guys remeber i had said u manik can read minds..its a special power of him..being a vamp)
S-i m sorry..plz..
u r happy..

she sees that nandu and twinkle are also here..and nods..
(to himself)M-(i know how mach happy u r…i also read nandini Maheshwaris i ll play with her mr Sm..
then u ll feel the pain..
what i m facing..
then u ll know how a brother feels when he sees sister in such devasted state..)
swara hugs twinkle..
and all 3 girls chat..
t-bhai..y didnt bhai still cm ?how much work yar
Sw-what..bhai is here?
M-vo..hes on call..he may cm!
bhai na i ll show u the house..
M-no i m not intrested u both go..
N-ufo..manikji plz go na..
how bro r u..
not willing to c her sisters sasural..
go go..
M-first of me manik..
i can see from her face how happy is my sister..
so i dont need to do that..
and gives a faint smile..

Sanky..parks his car..and notices a man in his lawn..
S-whos this..may be manik..
i din c him..its good if i meet him..but how will i face him..
urhh..u have to nothings tough to Sm
saying so he goes forward and is shocked to c laksh..
L-(sensing shanky he turns)-hello MR SM..
how r u?shock laga?
S-wt d hell r u doing here?n how dare u enter here? dare u han?
how could u play with an innocent soul..
yeah how can i forget..
that its ur witty thing to do so..
S-Just shut up oky..

i dont need to give u suggestions that its my empire u r standing in..
ur powers too wont work here..
n may i know y have u cm here..?

just then they hear a sweet voice,..

L-hai shona
Sw-y r u standing their..
cm na
Sn-u know him swara?
sw-han..hes my elder brother
Sn-laksh kappor
Sw-han how u know
Sn-vo y dont u ask ur brother
L-v were clg mates…
same batch shona
Sw-thats good bhai..
L-hai look wt have i bought..
Sw-hmm let me guess.
Sw-aww…she just hugs him..

shanky was amazed to c her..
Sw-par bhai..u r not angry with me na?
L-no my bachha..i trusst u a lot..
now cm a give me my gift..
L-vase i have another choclate too..
Sw-han..she forwards her hands..
she kisses on his cheeks and hugs him and says ur worlds best bhai..
no one can beat u..
saying so she starts checking his pockets;;
Sw-aur kitne choclate hayi?
only two..

so how was that?

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