hello m i boring u?…
hope u all r enjoying it at fullest…
c as i said…
first v saw twinj and then swsan.. secnes
it was just for the v shall c others too..
just two more episodes..then all ll be fine..
and u guys din say was the promo?


L-khe toh diya manik ko ki i ll search but kaha search karu..
swara where r u..
s…y did i not get ides before..but before that i must chk it..
he immediately takes out his phone and searches something in map..
he rides theeir..
and he actually reaches a river..
he sits at the bank f rivr..takes out his ring..and closes his eyes and tries to do something..
but all results in fail…
he shuts his eyes in sadness..
i m sure they only took my swara and she might be in their only i m not able to reach her..

just then he hears a song…
Sun sathiya..(from ABCD2)(just imagine the wasting my time n ur time by writing the lyrics..i litrally dont like this…
writing the whole song..simply my time waste by writing n ur time waste by reading the lyrics..
to tell u truth..if any body writes it n then i scroll down directly..
again sorry for bak bak..

LAksh gets mesmerized by her voice..he just follows her..
their near the bank stands a girl..facing her back..
her hairs flowing in the wind of water..(its just a simily..dont go on more by thinking wt is these lines n all..)

R-taviz se kisi ko doond rahe ho?
R-ur our god na..?
L-vo..o..u sing really very well..
R-if u dont want to spk its oky..vase tq for the compliment..
shall i say u smthing..
if v share something with someone..then u feel relaxd..
though ur a vamp but u ll feel better..
L-(in shock)
R-dont b shokd..i know ur a vamp..infact our god..
i saw u..
L-vo..y shd i say u ..ur stranger to me.
R-exactly i and u are stranger so u can spk anything..
as i ll not understand anything..
and u ll feel relaxd..
L-(slightly smiles)
my sister is missing..
i m searching her..
i think my rivals have took her in captive..its only the place where i cant track her so..
R-feeling relaxd..
L-h,mmm..i m tensed..wt to say to mom dad when they ll ask me abt shona..
i cant face them i m such a irresponsible brother na?
R-who says so..c u r in such an tension n u r saying ur irresponsible..
L-tq..i m feeling better now..
they both sit there and talk to each other..
L-vese i m laksh..
both were lost in each other eyes..
some unknown connection was felt..
unknow of that..both were falling for each other..

T-bahi..swara..(she starts crying..)
M-nothing ll happen to our swara..and laksh bahi also said na that he ll get her..then for sure he ll get her..
M-u trust ur bhai ?
T-i trust my both the bhai..
M-then let this trust never die..
both hugs each other…

N-are yar kunj bhai..i m tensed y did sanky bhai said theres a big surprise for me..
n he s gonna fulfil one of my biggest wish of life.
K-muze kya pata nandu..he said me to be here and he said to say u to make arti plate ready..
vase chudail kaha hai..
N-pata nahi rago kaha hai..shayad bhai ke sath hi hogi..
phone karun..ek min abhi karti hun..

Sanky-no need of that princess..
N-bhai..thank god u came now show me my surprise…
i m exited..
hai wait wait..
wts this garland doing in ur nck..
K-dont say us..u married..
nandu and kunj give hifi to each other..
Sanky-s..i m my wife
Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..
cm in swara..
swara comes in..shanky side hugs her..
swara and nandu both ger big shocks of their life..
N-swara tum..
Sanky-u know each other?wow..but swara u din say me u know her..
N-ek…ek..min..wts going on..
K-yeah exactly..wts going on here?
and shanky how can u marry…
Shanky gives cold looks to kunj…

N-bhai apko meri kasam..
plz spill the truth out..
i know swara doesnt loves u..infact she loves manik..
and swara u had cm with him n party too ..
wait is bhai who forced u?
if so swara plz tell me..
Shanky-POV:-(my sister know me so much..she caught the lie so i shd crook another story to make her believe..
i was about to say her..but swara continued…which shocked me like anything..)
S-no nandini..u r mistaken..
manik is my brother..and i m his sister..
i and twinkle both are sisters..
so only twinkle threw juice on rita..when she spoiled the dress given by manik..
and u r mistaken..i dont like when i get special tretments..just because i m sister of a grt businessmen…so i keep my identity hidden…
and yeah..manik bhai loves me more than his life..
so only he calls me darling..
thats it..
n i m saying na i m absolutly fine..
K-hai wait..u said manik is ur brother ..if i m not wrong..hes just studying still then businessmen..
N-uff kunj bhai..cant she have another brother..
vase u both really love each other hai naa?

swara looks at sanky..with teary eyes..
and nods… escape his guilt… will u make us stand here enterance or.. no..wait han..
nandu quickly runs..and gets a kalsh..filled with rice..
and a plate filled with kumkum water..

Swara’s pov:
shit man…i m missing all my family..i dont know wts gonna happen next..when bhai ll get to know this..
i must think of something…but what..when i was thinking of it..another shock..
i saw nandni bringing rice in a kalsh and a plate filled with red water..
uff these people are copy cats..
they coppied everthing of movies…
i saw in srk’s movies ..
wts the need to do this..
and waste..
uff these are making me kick rice now..
shit…sorry bagwanjii but even i cant help..out in it..


precap-faceoff..and maniks vows..


vamps of my story..

Ragini is dayan..

Kunj is a half dead person…
nor he is human nor hes completely dead too..
few powers have made him to stay alive..
he can be back to his special form once he meets his soulmate..

Actually due to some curse he is like this..
He a doctor of vamps who can cure them..and once in this process,,he could not save a vamp and he cursed him and died..
so he resulted into half dead person..

now cmming up to our female leads..
swara and twinkle and nandini..
all three are human only..
but they too belong to vamp family..
now question arrises how can a human be n vamp family..
all 3 have specail powers..which i ll not diaclose now..
as and how story ll continue u ll get to know abut it..

hope all ur douts are cleared now..


so many asked me abt my ff/os/sf
so heres the list of it..

Fan Friction –

1)PKDH season-2(my fisrt ever ff)
2)An Undefined love story..
3)Swaragini a new FF
4)Twinj Mavi Love Circle
5)Stardom(its incomplete due to lack of idea)
6)Twinj Love Strategy(still on process)
7)Swasan Love Strategy(its incomplete due to lack of idea)
8)The Beast and his ….?
9)The vamp Diary..(still on process)

One Shot –

2)Few stories like this too
3)Story by me
4)Few stories
5)and atlast the story of my life..the real story..i ll not reveal its name..
but yeah the story ll surly make ur eyes moist..
this story ll be reposted on request of Swsan fan..
so u guys ll know soon..

Series Friction –
1)Kuch love stories esse bhi by crazy

Any one here who read almost all the stories of me..
hands up plzzzz..
would love to thank the person..and would also love to here ur views..

sorry guys i could not post links..
but if u want any links particulrly then plz do feel free to ask..
i ll searcg n give it to u..
n yeah result tension made me a bit low..
so 1 episde for 2 days..oky..
hope u guys wont mind.g.


To Contact me [email protected]

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