no more bak bak..lets directly move to episode…

Episode a bit special for TWINJ FANS
don’t get angry on me other couple fans for u all also next episodes ll b similar …

Krystal tq so much swthrt for d help

Secne-1 :Kappor’s Mansion

M-swra thek tho hogi na twinkle..v all listnd to her but c na the weather..its about to rain yar and shes afraid of thunder..
she might be scared na?
T-uffhoo bahi comon..
even i m ur sister but u nvr care so much for me na?
M-are meri maa..
u know na swra nvr likes to b with us in luxury..
she only stays with us if laksh bahi is thr..
she forgot to laugh to play prank..
T-i was kidding..dont worry swra ll be fine..
do a tng call her and do video chat..u ll feel better and that darpook also ll frrl better.. go and rest i think ur tired after playing juice holi..
T-(in shock)juice holi..wts that bro..
M-dont lie my dear sister if ur my sis then i m ur bro dont forget that and yeah laksh bahi l be here after 2 days..
so apply for lev now only..
T-done..bye goodni8 love u
M-hmm love u 2..goodnight..
(to himself)good ni8 my foot iss kase baton ki vamps nahi sote
anyway now let me talk to swara..

In twinkles room..
uff evn i m worried now..
badi sherni ban ri thi na twinkle..
now c..u r only worried for ur sister..
swra i just hope ur fine..
now how shd i reduce my tension..
han let me have a cycle ride..
n on way i ll have pani puri…s..
wow twinkle ur great..

Secne-2 : Maheshwari mansion

San-whos that guy..i must find out for my nandus happiness..
i found abt his girl now..i m sorry girl but u must die today..coz till today..even b4 my sister asks me i have given her..
and now tho she secretly loves the guy..
tho she has not mentioned abut his name but she mentioned u name in her diary today..
i by my self will kill u today..

sanky is moving to n fro in his room..
thinking abt the plan to kill the girl..(i.e our swra)
San-hello kunj..
K-han sanky bol..
K-obvio in home..
San-did i disturb u..
K-i think u have forgot i m a half dead man..
actually i was thinking abt ragu..
i m going to drop her na so..
San-oky..u drop her and cm to me..
i need to discuss something important..

Secne-3:On Road
K-yar ragu..u r ready na..?
R-han bhai..but i m scared..wt if..
K-(cups her face)nvr think like that just stay in ctrl believe ur self..
if ever u mind gets distracted remeber ur dearest one..
but plz never let others mind rule urs their..
and dont worry sanky ll also b their..
he said he has sent his trust worty people their to protect u..
as he cant enter their..
R-s..i know only the people who have their soulmates can enter their..
K-exactly..even i m not aware of my soulmate so even i acnt..
i m such a bad bro na?
that when his sisters respect can be at stake he cant even enetr their to help her and protect her..
R-ufff..plz dont sayso..
u know my reality n i know urs..
ur our next god..
u know na..
u may be a half dead person..
u r not a vamp totaly nor any other but ur a human having special powers..
whr in our world v call them half dead persons..
but how can u say my bro that hes not best..
knowing my reality that i m a dayan..he accepted me..
i have been punishd for the sin of my mom dad..
my dad was a vamp he msde extermaterl relation with a bad vamp..
who actually was a vamp before but due to curse she was turned to lizard by our god..
and their sin it was but i was born n now i m n a society,..
K-suhh! nvr ever say like this oky..
u r my chudail..this senti dialogues dont suite u…
so plz…
R-oky..i think my time has cm..bye..
(both hug each other and ragu enetr a palce )
(this suspence to be continued later…keep thinking abt it..)

kunj is driving his car..when a girl comes and gets hit..
who was on her cycle..
shes none other than..twinkle,…
T-u duffer ..u chepstr..u damboo…u crap..u blind…cant u c..and drive
akeli ladki dekhi nayi ki challu..
K-look i m sorry…
T-uff i know u r jelous of girls…as they can get to were good dresses but y did u make me fall..
cheap man..n top on that my dress..
k-ohh hello me n jelous..n that too with u…
in ur dreams baby…
t-baby…hwww u r calling me baby…
hmmm u r same man who helpd me clg…
u were tho good cultrd ..
i think ur drunk
n top on that drink n drive..
(kunj smells his own mouth in confusion)
k-ooo heloo..i dont drink water only..n u r saying me drinking n that to wine…
T-han..c i m sure u have drunk…
u r blundering something something..
n by the way which human dont drink water
(twinkle tho hamari teri twikle..full of drama..chk out wt she did next)
twinkle cms forward..cups his face..
look mr handsome…i know u r hot..dashing..sizzling..but that doesnt tum meri beauty pr hath dalo..
K-(full to confusion)izzat pe hath dalna suna tha..yeah beauty par hath kya hota hai..
T-awww..tu tum meri izzat par hath daloge?
k-abb chuppp..
fingr on lips..
k-behri hai?
(tinkle does as he says)
tabse dekraha hun..bak bak babkbak..
thab se dek raha hun..
mere mom dad ne itna accha nam diya hai..
kunj…n u
mera pura namkaran kar diya..
wait kisi chudail ne shapp tho nahi diya..
ki jaaooo tum din bahr chapad chapad karo…
no no ..chudail toh meri behen hai..
vo kabhi kisi ko asa nahi karegi..

twinkle doesnt speak..

K-are abb bol na meri maa.

this is what twinkle wanted..just as she got a chance she started like a bullet train..
n kunj still in lest keeps his hand on her mouth..
k-bas meri maa bas..dont u have break for ur bullet stop it..

just then twinkle watches..
some persons eyeing her..
she just suddenly hugs kunj..
T-hug me back duffer..few mans are eyeing
K-hmm oky…
he hugs her tight…

and suddenly she sees that all went so she levs him and says tq…
and takes her cycle..
K-oo..miss bak bak..
T-twinkle…twinkle kappor…
K-nice meeting u..
well number tho dwti jaa..
T-hmm..shall i write it on ur palm..
kunj happily gives his palm..
she writes in it..winks and goes…
kunj is still wawing her bye..
he c’s his palm..
and drops his jaws…

“Udnann band aro..kunj..
u may get my number but in ur dreams”

K-(smiles brightly..)
(tohimself)-wait..wt was that..?a girl hugged me..?
but how..
is she my soul mate..
i shd talk to bhai..abt it..

Secne-4 : Lonely place..
ragini enters..the place..
she slowly starts moving..
she sees many other persons who are vamp actually eyeing her..
“Ragini..comeone..u can do it..its not that difficult..u must protest for ur dignity…
trust ur bhai..kunj bhai sanky bhai ajj bachalena..
are y m i worring..all u must do is..believe in ur self..just one dance na..
infront of prince..
i ll do it..
and go ..
then my first level ll be cleared..
then for 1 month no more janjat..”

she was then main hall..
she dances on dewanni mastanni..
many evil vamp try to oblug her but she carefully and very cleverly pits them..

and hence she protects her dignity..
she happily comes out of that and starts jumping like a kid..

this was all noticed by a person..s..he was laksh…
L-so mr Laksh kappor..
here is ur girl..
(very soon u ll notice raglak cute secnes)

A girl is tied with rope on her hands and legs..
and bought to a lonely place her mouth is also wrapped up with cloth..


precap-swasan marriage and maniks revenge on nandini..


oky..oky..i know now many questions wandering in ur head..but dont scratch it more..
u l know y and how..
and after swasn marriage u ll enjoy manan secnes..
as i already said to manan fans..
u ll for now watch their secnes but individual..
but soonwatch them as couple too..

and to other fans..
plz wait for some time guys..
let all couple settle themselves then the episode ll go smoothly..
settle means..
they shd know each other..
now twinj know each other..
soon swsan also ll know and infact their marriage ll also happen..
then comes ragalk and Manan together..
i ll settle their scores with in 3 episodes..
plz stay tuned and have patience..
and trust ur frnd..
their ll be no injustice to other couples..

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