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i din c only that i m actually uplading wrong mail id..
sorry to all..
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sorry again..
Omg! first of all thnku for so much of love..
i got already much from twinj fans..
but din know would get similarly from swasan,raglak,MaNan fans too..
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and to all twinj fans..
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Secne-1:Maheshwari mansion

ragsan,kunj and nandini are sitting in hall..
Rag-no bhai..i want to go to shopping…
nandu tu tho bol na yar plz..
K-aree yar..if u want to go..then go no worry..but i wont cm..
i dont want to becm collie got it..
San-ky fine..dont start again..
but can u plz say me..y are u guys fighting like this and y suddenly shopping…?
RAg-vo actually sanky bhai..tommo v have party..
so..and more over their s nothing more such ggod to wear..
and i very well know u wont allow me and nandu to go alone..
and u tho wont cm so..
San-fine i ll cm ..
nandu u too purchase something good..

but our poor nandini is lost somewere else..
guess where?obvio in Manik…

rag-no bahi wait…
nandu u love him na
Rag-hes so handsom na
Nandu-cute too
San-what?(nandu comes to sences)
omg..! my girl is so much ..hahaahaha
sanky bhai..start the prepartaions..ur jaan has selected a bride grrom..
han na nandu…
Nandu-ragu i wont spare u..
sje chases ragu…
and run all over the house…

K-bhai did u hear that..
S-s..i did kunj..
K-i shd find the guy..
S-no dont…i ll handle this issue..
K-even i m her bhai..oky…so let me…
S-kunj..already u are doing so much for me..
not more..
btwn u remember one thing..that after party v must take ragini to.
K-s..i remember..infact shes more excited then v both..
S-she ll gain back her powers soon..
S-dont woory..i know u r tensed..but she ll find her soul mate soon..
coz only after meeting her soulmate she ll gain her powers..
S-kunj..truust me..she ll nvr give her verginity to anyone..i ll c to it..
that our sister is protected in all way..
kunj hugs sanskar..

I dont know how to thank u..
S-i know u can pay the bid
K-say how..
S-by saving me from human food..
K-s..s…vamp dont have human food..
fine u go…i ll make any excuse or rather think of
sanky cmes closer to kunj
K-(moves back..)rape karne ka irrada tho nahi hai na..?

Secne-2:Swara’s PG..
manik and twinkle were in her room just to talk

S-manik bhai…i wont lev u today
M-are are..u r my darling na..then how can u do so..
S-no i m not…
T-han swra mar..aur mar
M-oyee..twinkle ki bacchiii u wait let me first cmpil with swra then i ll talk to u..
all 3 are running in room…
swara behind manik ..
and twinkle behind swra..encouraging her to hit manik more..
all 3 get tired and sit down..
look at each other and burst out in laughter..
manik hugs both..
and says plz yar swra man ja na..

(guys laksh entry ll be here after 2 episodes the u can enjoy raglak secnes…and from next episode many swsan and manan secnes…just wait till all r introd with each other…
n yeah i m skipping this shopping part and i dont like dragging the things…)

(guys i m inntroducing some random members just think that these are just few clg mates)

riya-hii rita..
whom r u waiting for?
Rita-obvio to watch maniks darling..
dint u c thats the hot happening news of clg..all girls are just waiting to c her..
Rita-what do u think
Riya-lets just wait n c whos this…darling..

nandu-yar wht do u think..
R-c nandu i know u have a secrete crush on manik..infact all girls have it..
the only difference is..
they run back of hm and u c him..from far and enjoy..
its nice that u shared with me abt manik’s feeling yesterday..
i made dasuu plans v ll execute it soon..oky now chill and enjoy..
N-y is this crowd but..
R-i think to c maniks darling..
Swara and manik comes in..
Manik introduce swara he alwys calls her he does that to infrnt of all..
every one..r just staring themm..
coz the grt manik is with swara
(guys shuuuuuusssssdont say any one oky..
only v know that swara is his sister in reality)

Riya-c na she is sticking to him..
now c wt i do..

rita purpously drops juice on swras dress..
T-shit yar swra..ur dress bhai had bought it with so much love..
S-its oky twinki let me clean it..else it ll result in sprain..
nandini who watches this gets angry..
goes takes a glass of juice and throes it on rita.
Rita-what the hell..nandini.. is hell..
i saw that u made the drink fall on her knowingly..
T-ohh so this is the matter..
then wait..
S-are its oky..i think it was by mistake..y ll any one do it purpusly..
R-aww…ur so innicent..dmy dear…
but she did it as ur maniks GF..
and this madam is jelous of u..
T-excuse me girls..(all this while twinkel went and bought a jug full of juice)
and phatak..
s..the whole juice was on rita..
T-this one for spoling ths dress and bachhu..
dont try to mess wiith me..
u dont know me..
i have being removed from 8 schools in childhood…and changed 2 clgs already
just coz of my antics..
n by messing with me u have made an enemy..
now just wait and watch..

the whole environment which was silent till now..
burst into laughter..
S-i m sorry from twinks side..
Ragini-u dont need to b..
vase twinkle..i would love to be ur frnd..u r just super yar..
u know i play similar pranks but on bhai..
and i want to in clg..but our nandu mam nvr allows so frnds..
vese u r name..
N-nandini Mheshwari..
Ragu-Ragini sarna..
T-oo..myself Twinkle Kapoor..
and shes my swara.
are where did she go..?
just then she gets msg..
“twinki ki bachhi i m angry on u..and say manik bhai i m going to pg..bye..”

T-uffooo shes angry now


precap- Twinj secnes and Swasan Marriage drama


hope u liked the episode..sorry for raglak fans..
let all couples know each other then u ll enjoy even more..
sorry for creating so many mystry..but my main motive is that only..
hope u had a happy stay..
do cmmt n let me know if u liked it or no or if u want any changes…


to contact me – [email protected]
feel free to contact me

Credit to: crazy

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    the vamps name ..i know 1 is manik .. and abt others i can’t understand …waiting for ur rply..
    With love ur fan.??

    1. For now
      Manik n sanskar r vamp that’s it

  3. kavipriya venkatraman

    And i must say ur story is beautiful..mai i know what r u doing…????

  4. Crazy di beautifully written….ctd soon

    1. Tq dear

  5. epi was awesome as always
    sanskar is next vamp
    and please reveal the truth of ragini fast

    1. Yup u ll know abt her too very soon

  6. yaar crazy
    Ragini n Sanskar r next vamps…
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    1. Hehehe u na my nsughty mind
      Wt u guys may get think I know it from b4 handed so some times changes r required

  7. I am little bit confused… Manik, sanskar n ragini r vamps right ?

    1. For now manik n sanky r vamp
      Ragini z vamp r not ll b out n next episodes

  8. hey epi was just mind blowing . but crazy I’m little bit confused aboit who is vamp & who’s not so pls tell me is I’m write or not
    manik, kunj, sanskar, ragini r vamp is I’m write. ok let see next.

    PRECAP is uummaahhh.just loved it .
    I think sanskar will gonna marry swara as because sanskar & all others r misunderstanding swara and manik r gf& bf & that’s d reason sanskar gonna marry with swara for nandu as she love manik…..
    I just Guess’s it

    1. I know there r many confusions
      Chillax u ll know abt them soon
      But for now manik n sanky r vamp

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    1. After swsan marriage u ll get manan scenes

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    1. U ll know abt it soon just stay tuned

  16. Superb dear. ……what a different concept nd idea and the way u r executing it is mind blowing…… hope u were present before me I would have awarded u with the award of BEST INNOVATIVE IDEA’S AWARD…..

    1. Means a lot

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    1. Hehehe Judy hope u enjoyed n I m able to entertain u
      Tim San kush toh mai kush

  18. Its a lil confusing for me.. Manik n r sanskaar r vampires.. So apt 😀
    Less confusing than last time though..
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    Love MaNan..
    And nandu kunj ki behen hai ya sanskaar ki?? Confused with this.. And ragini kiski sis hai??
    Going superb. .

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