Thankyou so so so very much for ur comments and support..
ase he voilent rehna..
guys i really dont know y ff is getting uploaded only in Swaragini section and not in Tashan E Ishq ,kase hai yariyan section..

achha sab chadooo and lets move to our episode…
if u guys need regular recap plz do say..
and dont hesitate in telling any chnanges if u wish to c..and if i m doing any injustice with the couples…
feel free to even shout at me..
and yeah start bearing my torchur now..
bak bak starts..heheheh!


A boy is shown driving the bike…
(HD bike-new model….awww the pleasure of riding it…phewwww its just awsom..did u guys ever ride it?)

all girls are eyes on him…
and few of them also in jelous…
guess whos the guy…

lets c…
he removes his helmet..shakes his hair..
takes a bottle of water and pours it on his hair..and again shakes it..
wears his goggles…
He is wearing denim and black V neck shirt..

(imagine him..kya masst chika hai na..
did u guys guess him?
ufffooooo hes MAnik guys…)

A girl from back calls him..
manik turns and says”yeah”

girl comes infront bends on her knees….and proposes him..
“Tumhare ishq se bani hoon main … pehle zinda thi … ab jee rahi hoon main”
(I am made from your love … first I was alive … now I am living)

M-better try next time !

there was some one else too who watched this…
guess who?
dont worry it u ll get it soon…

M-(to himself)-urrr these humans..i just hate them…god knows y they do such drasti things…any way mein kise human human ke rahan hun…meri toh khod ki behne human hai..
uff…but these clg girls…i just hate them..
thankgod she said all these rubbish things..being far
manik beta tu zyada soch raha hai..

(so the very first vamp is here…congrats as many had said that manik is an vamp)

Nandini is ready and waiting in loby…
kunj and ragini comes their…
K-sorry princess…yeah chudail ne tyar hone mein deer kar dii..(sorry princess..this chudail’s made me late)
N-its oky kunj bhai…
R-aww…look whos taunting on was u who were
K-who were what han..
u know nandu what this chudail has done today..?
K-she jumped on me….shukar mana meri kamar nahi tuti…
abhi toh meri shadi bhi nahi huvi hai yar..
(thankgod…my back din brk..and by the way still my marriage is also not over..)
kuvar nahi bet na hai..
N-hahaha…aww…kyun ragu?y do u alwys trouble my innocent bhai…
R-innocent?kon yeah…
N-okyoky…cm lets lev..
K-yeah..coz if v becm late then her makeup ll be waste and no boy will fall for her..and more over everyone one ll c her real face..
ki she is chudail…
K-achha achha sorry…cm now..i must also go for meeting..


L-oky so u both are ready na?
i have talked to manik..
twinkle ll stay with him in the flat..
and shona u must stay in hostel..
coz ur clg is cmpulsry resedential..
T-par kyun bahi..?
S-no twiki…that clg is my dream clg..i ll tolrate it for few more years u dont worry..and stay with maku(shona calls him manik as maku..only shona calls him so)
T-fine..but weekends u must meet us…
L-challo now car is waiting for u both..move now..
first they ll drop swra and then twinkle u r going directly to clg..

(lets move a bit faster..guys as i dont like dragging and as alwys crazy’s crazy crazy twist waiting…to confuse u)

driver levs..swra to her hostel..
twinkle and swra hugs each other says all the best..
and swra leads to her hostel and twinkle levs to her clg..

T-aree bhiyaa bhaiyaa…wait..
Twinkle gets down..
and helps a old lady cross the road..
kunj nandu,and rago notices this…
Nandu-its so good na!
their are still few people on earth who have humanity..
its indeed good to c that..human have humanity…
i m impressed
R-even v are human only..not vamps..bhai..
lets go..v both want to reach clg today only..
K-oh hh yeah yaeh…

as they reach clg..
guess what..
kunj dashed a girl..
guess the girl..
uffooo..its obvio na..its twinkle..
K-are i dont know her so i called her humanity
R-bhai seriously..
N-cm lets help her.

d-babyg,,,,r u fine..?
let me chall chote sab!
T-aree twinkle is sharni..
so no need i ll manage…
D-but its bleeding..wait i ll cALL..
t-offff…instaed of making me stand he went to call bahi..
Kunj gives his hand to her…as support to get up..
with a jerk he pulls her..
and she lands on kunjs chest..
nandu ragu and all r watching this…
K-(to himself)iss ladki mein koi jadu hai..yar…she attracting me…her twinkling eyes..ufff..

just then manik comes running..and hugs twinkle…making the twinj hug and eye lock brak..

nandini is also on verg on she never excepted manik to hug any girl..

M-twinki u are
did u get hurt let me no v ll go to hospital..u cm..
T-chill chil..
bhai…i m absolutly fine..c..

by listening the word..bhai kunj gave a millinior dollar smile..
and nandu ki toh dimak mein laduuu hi laduuu..

M-any way…hows
T-yeah yeah yeah..u r darling is fine..
i left her to hostel and then i m here..

n here again a dhamaka on nandu..
which is watched by someone..

and hence there is full gosip of whos the darling of the charm of clg..


Manik is sitting with his frnds…
and waiting for his frnds had insisted him to meet her..

as she was passing by..she heard few gossips..
of whos the darling…of the most handsm and hot guy…of the clg…
he broke many hearts…
and some other says “will he get her in the welcm party of tommo”
someother says “he might get her as dance partner…”
twinkle just smiles and passes by..
just then she collides with A guys..
Guess who?
yup its kunj..he was in hurry so he was about to lev
T-thankyou..for the helping hand..
K-my pleasure..
Twinkle just moves off..even b4 kunj teling something..
K-y is this girl alwys in hurry..

Precap-few senti moments..

sorry sanskar no sanskar moments..
but dont worry i wont dissapint u all..
in next episdes their are many swsan moments only…and after that all ll c raglak secnes..


hope u enjoyed ur stay…do cmmnt!

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  1. Kunj is also a vampire ryt….I liked the plot n story…but it is a bit confusing…since most of them related and all….but I’m sure it will br clear with the passing of more episodes…:).

    1. Keep.supporting n stay tuned to know more ….

  2. Hi i am a silent reader. Your ff are really awesome. Is ragini vamp :-).
    Well just to be honest its match her. Ragini should be a vamp in your ff

    1. Tq for d support..kee supporting
      N is rgini a vamp r no ll b out soon

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  4. Hey crazy
    See I bussed it right
    N plzzz make kunj a vamp
    It was really Awesome

    1. Enjoying na?

  5. The episode was amazing. By the way, can you check your mails once? I had sent you a mail today.

    1. Hai dear just chkd it..I din receive any mail by the name Ria
      Plz rechk n resend d mail

      1. You won’t receive by’ll be by the name of Debosmita..that’s my official name.

    2. Sorry for the inconvience dear but in hurry I uploaded wrong mail I’d
      Extrnly sorry
      Heres my mail plz forward ur mail here

      [email protected]

      1. Ohh okay..

    1. Thankuuu

  6. nice update…
    so manik is a vamp. i think kunj is also a vamp.
    reveal the remaining vamps.

    1. Sure stay tund!

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  9. Wow Manik’s entry was superb dhamakedar entry… Twinj moments were cute… Poor nandu she doesn’t knw abt swara na I hope she gets to know it soon.. Is kunj the second vampire?… Anyways update the nxt epi soon n keep rocking crazy girl

    1. That’s wt d secret z …
      Anyway stay tuned to know more dear

  10. Thnx for keeping Manik as a vampire. The update was nice nd don’t worry ur ff is uploaded at kyy page. Waiting for ur next update.

    1. Glad u liked it !

      1. But I’m confused about 1 thing. Kunj nd Manik r vampire but their siblings r human. How’s that possible??? Plz clear it.

      2. That’s d twist stay tined to know

  11. Awww i am confused guys…. its ok…..i will clear it next part…nice part dr….

    1. Sorry for confusion BT addat se majboor
      I m week vrsd to it
      BT stay tuned u ll know soon

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    1. Its collection f my fab couples thou I had kept a voting pool dear..
      But don’t worry even if u don’t love them u ll enjoy MANAN N TWINJ scenes shortly..
      But to be frank I can’t do injustice to others..
      But assure u that u ll surly love manan scenes
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    Nice epi ?

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    see i gave u a name bak-bak queen/di (for your younger sis)

    1. Wow I loved the name han

  22. Very nice episode

  23. waiting for raglak scenes

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