hai all..thanku for such a sweet support..
hope u guys enjoyed the lets move to the episode..
and guys plz spare me..
twinj fans know much bak bak i they are very familiour with my bak bak…
but other couple fans dont worry u ll get used to it..
c how much bak bak i did..lets move to episde now..

Iink to episodes intro

Episode 1


A big mansion is shown….
kappor villa written on it..
the camera moves to a room..
were two girls are sleeping no not peace fully..
actually both are pulling something..and strugling to get it..
lets move closer and c..
its a blanket ..
s they are chukling and sleeping but keeps on pulling the blanket..

just then they hear a voice..

look dear i m back wher r u..”

both girls slowly open the blanket which was covering their face..
its revealed out to be..
our Shona…Swara the charm of the house..
and Twinkle..the twinkling star of the house..
they both look at each ther and shout
“bhai is back…”
both run huriddly down and hug a man..
his back is shown..
he turns and says “oky oky….i know u r carving for me…but c i m lev yar..else i ll die due to less oxygen…”

he turns his face and gives both the girls choclates “silk”

(added this secne as i was badly remembring my bro..tho hes just my cousin v share special bond..aajhhhh missing u bahi…)

again they hug each other..
s the guy was Laksh..
T-bhai i dont want to go pzz..
S-s bhai v wannt to stay here with u..plzz.
L-but y?
S-when v have our home here whts need to stay far..?
L-look at ur brother..yar..he never says anything..
then y are uboth?
and u know in this matter i wont listen to any one..
L-no if and buts..
T&S-shows laksh their finger and asay “KATTI”
L-aww…my both princess and katti that too with me?
hmm..but u na i have many rivals..
if they ll hurt u then?
i cant risk ur lives…
T-Let them cm here…i ll kick their ass..and and
S-i ll put peper powder in their eyes…
t-and …
L-oky oky..jaaan math lo unki..
and i very well know ur antics…so u beter get ready..
now u both ll be joing ur collages…
Twinkle in eng..with ur bhai(hes manik guys ll intro him later)
and swra in medical..


a big mansion is shown…..
a guy is sitting in couch…and drinking coffee..
hes in black suite..raymnd watch(like SRK’s watch the same one han ditto dittoo)
and hes murmuring something to himself..
lets go close to him and c..wts this guys murmuring himslef so much..
the guy is Sanskar MAheshwari…
a kind caring brother and a huble frnd..but a spolit and irrogent brat to society..
he walk to a dressing table..
and finds a diary..
he says “sorry nandu..i m reading it again..” looking at the girl sleeping peace fully with teddy bear (soft toy)in her hands…
he walks to her..
cares her face and starts reading

“hello bhai…
i know v get less time to talk with each other..
so that is y i alwys right my dairy..and even named it as diary…
but i still din get all my wishes are fullfilled by bhai..i just love him …

my day in clg was super awsome..i agin met the guy..uff my first and last love of my life..
he still din pay attension to me..
many guys fall of for me..and c i fall for him..but he..never pays rid…not only for me but to any girl..
hes like a strom like a dizzy scary wind…
but he alwys sticks to his books.
i dont know how he stays with out talking to any girl…
i got to know that he ll not cm for a week to clg..
i ll miss my love now..challo this was the only secrete i wanted to share bye..goodnight…”

S-again..same chapter..again the secrete is of the same guy but still no name mentioned..
just i wish i get him in ur life..nandu..
he walks and kepps her diary to its place..
it strikes 8!
and alarm rings..
and then our sleeping beauty guts up and opens her eyes streching her hands in air,…
and finding her bahi right front of her..
she jumps on him and syas..
good morrrrninggg bahi.
S-gm jaan…challo now get readt and go carefuully oky..
ragini might be here with in an hour,,,and i m going to office have ur brekfst..without fail..
and if u need me..
N-i need u bhai..
S-i m alwys with u…oky,,now challo b a good girl and get ready else u ll be late..
he hugs her and levs…


a guy is shown sleeping peacefully..(acutally not sleeping but acting to sleep)

(he has not wore shirt…his paks are like OMG…
dont worry he has wore pant…)
he is none other than kunj..
a girl comes running to bed room..
and hugs him in sleeping positin…
and sya..
“bhai plz get up..”
K-chudil its just 8 plz let me sleep…
R-awww….(the girl is ragini)i m beauty with brain and this duffer calls me chudail..u know na how many boys are behind me..
but still my soul mate is not here…
K-any duffer only ll put some nut..
R-ur so bad..u know..
sanskar bhai loves nandu so much..and u..
u call me chudail..
he calls her jaan..
K-exactly..their a lot of difference btwn a jaan and a chudil..

shes fakes anger..
K-accha g..bhai se ghusaaa…?
he starts tickling her…and
stopna bahi…
and she sys plz get ready u shd drop me also..
K-oky..give me 15 min…


precap-who are vamps and who are not to be revealed in next episode..


so here completes the very first episode of my ff..
vamp diary…
hope u enjoyed ur stay and i din bore u tho..

roses throns…rotten tomatos accepted here..


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Credit to: crazy

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