well remember me?sorry for being late guys but litrally was too buzy..within my collage..being a technical student i need to participate within technical fest and all..and make few plus points coz they are one which ll help me in fetching a good carrier and top on that the field i choosed for my self is also a bit trendy and many are within it..
but always the best one cms forward and i want to be within the bestest so…
hope u guys understand and sorry again for being late..well enough of my bak bak..
lets move to the episode now..


time has passed quickly..
many things have changed by then..

nandu has fallen for manik more and more and manik has been sucessful in doing it..

raglak are staying almost together and aways buzy in thier romance..

when few things were good for these..
few things were not good too..

manik and laksh were always being worried for their sister..
han han..
not swara guys its twinkle..
twinkle has compltly changed now..
she left the house and moved away from her family..
but yup thats true a incident has changed her compltly..
she just dumps a letter to her brothers..
without giving any clue about her werebouts..
stating that shes fine..
exactly on 5th of each month she dumps the letter to them..

wanna know the incident?here u go then..

UV made twinkle unconsious by giving her the chochlate that had made her numb and unconsious…
he took her to a place and tried to force himself on her..
and kunj being her soulmate had tracked her with help of shanky..
though shanky helped him with his powers kunj din let shanky to know who was kkunjs soulmate..
and shanky being his best frnd trusted him and helped him..
soon kunj after cming to know about her rushed to save her..
Uv had almost been sucessful in saving her..
Uv had alredy torn her clothes and was staring her lustfully laughing on his evvil plans and just then our kunj entered and saved her..
though UV was beat black and blue Kunj was guilty of himsself for not smming to the place earlier..

this incident changed al the lifes..
kunj further took her to his home..
and covered her and when she got consious told her everything..
twinkle broke in arms of kunj..and decided to go far from everyne..
though kunj opposed her for the idea..later on accepted it..
by telling that he ll cm with her..

within swasan too many things changed…
sanskar had completely fallen for swara but the guilt of that missunderstanding had not left him..
still he cursed himself..
for thinking manik and swara as gf-bf where as in reality they were brther sisters..
when one side sanskar had fallen for her the other side swara had grown immence hatred for shanky in her heart..
one side he started loving her from core of the heart and the other side she started hatting him from core of the heart..
shanky had also tried the most typically way too..
which is said to be the first step of love..
but had been unsucessful in it too…
the guy who never lost even a single deal or bet lost his heart to her..
when he had swara had bet on books ..
he purpusly lost the bet for her..

next episode-Raglak and Manan secnes..

and after that episode i ll start the episodes asusual with all couples…
sorry for small update..
amy be next one by sunday..
pray for that all my events go sucessfull…


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