Hope u all din forget my ff..
hehehe..any way lets move to episode nw..
n yup guys posted Twinj Love Strategy and Swasan ff by crazy..
do read n plz be voilent yar..
show ur love by commenting..else i feel like u guys r bored with the story track..
lets move to episode now..

Sw-now i ll this SM ll win the challange..
i very well know that 5 books among them r not got here..
i know laksh bhai..baought those books for me specialy..
n as much as my calculation 2 among those 5..can be got..
but other 3 no chance…

guys SM tho SM hai..Sm ki biwi bhi subn allah!
kya dialogue hai..
waahhh..are guys kamse kam praise me..
jokes apart lets continue..

but in reality our shany was their only..
)self talk)it was good that i forgot my walet n which i got to know that my wife is cleaver enough..
but wait she said lucky..bought it
hmm so my dear Mrs Sm just wait and watch i do..
wait did i just call laksh as lucky…
no no no i cant..hes only laksh to me..whos a brother of my wife..
and nothing else..
shanky stop thinking nonsence..

other hand..
manik and nandini are moving towards a cafe..
M-so miss Maheshwari..which is ur fav cafe day ?
N-wood land cafe..
M-(to himself-shit man..thse humans and their antics..)
ohh i heard its really a good place..
din u go their any time?
M-naa…i dont.
N-then cm na lets go their..
M-what?(dont get shoked guys..vamps weakness z wood)
N-kya huva..y r u so shocked.?
M-no imean v shall go their some other day..but today shall go t my fav cafe..
N-no prob..
fine lets go then..

other hand far somewhere in a lonely place..
Uv had a smirk on his face..he looked at his right side and found twinkle..unconsious..
he had made her by giving her a choclate..after having it she became unconsious..

Uv-now ill marry that i can destory my enemy..coz i know miss twinkle that u have a super natural power..
once i make love with u..
u and me can rule and over power vamps..
and i ll make sure i do that..
from so many years i m back of u..
i made u my gf..
but u never allowed me to even touch u..
but today by hook r crook i ll make u mine..
and ur that blo*dy manik whos a vamp..
cant even save u..hes been saving u na from so many years but now he cant..
i have always maintained a good vide figer infront of him by not comming infront of him thouh..
urhhh now no one can stop me..
and laughs..

other hand kunj who was in his cabin feels a strange fear..
he douts something and calls shanky immediately..
after the call he sits with a thud..
and madly runs out..
in office all looks on n shock seeing this behavious of kunj..

y is Uv behind of twinkle?will kunj be able to save his twinkle?wt did shanky say to kunj that he ran like mad?

will shanky be able to get those books and will he be able to backfire the plan of his swara?

will Manik be sucessfull in trapping nandu r will he fall for her in this process?

sorry for short update but kya karun buzy thi but yet tried to make up the episode..
plz do comment…

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…eagerly waiting for next part….

  2. Soujanya

    Awesome….update soon

  3. Anandi

    I missed this ff…hope you are fine…happy writing…

    1. Crazy

      Yup ll try to be punctual with it…
      Btwn tq

  4. Fan

    Super epi crazy..waiting 4 the nxt part..

  5. Kruti

    Woww so many questions to b answered……eagerly waiting
    And thank u for d lovely epi

  6. wow ur crazy & making me crazier with these suspense

  7. Aftr so long tym u updated n dat too so small not fare…next one mk it big eager for next…small bt nice update

  8. Amazing epi

  9. U r tooooo awesome crazy… sorry i dint comment on pre episodes bt kya karun maine starting se till ? dis epi read today so… u r tooo goooood….

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