wanna kill me right?par kya karun yar..
these exams mera peccha hi nahi chodte..
pata nahi kab picha chutega..
cant gurantee u when i ll be back with the next update..
but yeah as promised i m here with a special episode for RAGLAK fans….!

ragini enters d same place where she had met her soul mate..
as she desended she saw the heaven on earth..

secne view-
white and red roses and orchids and dafodils…
spread all over the ground…
dim lightings..haging all round..
there far near the strem their was a boat floting n the river stream…
it was clearly seen that on the boat was the date setup..
a table set up..
but their was only one single chair..

as and how she was sdmiring the secnic beauty..
she felt..a anglic voice comming from a distance..
she had a imence smile…
u know a millon dollar smile like…on her face..
coz she had recgnized d voice.. was the voice of her soulmate..

abeee oyee…dont think..hes singing..r giving a speech r something like that..
this ff is of crazy..matlab me..
n u guys only said na..
my ideas can never b taught off..
so dimak pe zor dena band karo n further pado..
vase ryming accha tha na?
sorry for bak bak…i know u r not intrested in it..
dont worry i wont bore u..but u guys know na..i like irritating u guys…coz i know ur eagerness..
adat se majbuur..
oky lets c wts her soul mate was murmuring that our ragu got a million dollar smile on her face..
L-Ek awaaz hai joh mere kano mein goonjti rehti hai … ek chehra hai joh meri aankhon ke samne baar baar aa jata hai … mere dil ka sukoon thi woh
(There is one voice that keeps echoing in my ears … there is one face that keeps coming in front of me every time … she was the peace of my heart)
pata hai kon thi vo?

(guys note shes only hearing his voice..not cing him..hes hidden by me…

L-apne peeche deko..(c back)
Ragu turns n she can c a huge mirror..
which reflected her face obvio…

tho guess wt she did?
obvio blushed..yar..!
dont worry mera ff itna bhi unique nahi hai..that i change comman things..heheheh!
lets continue now..

L-pata hai iske anne se mere zindagi mein kya huva?
(do u know after she entered into my life..wt all happened?)

R-kya huva..?(what happened?)

L-Dil ko zubaan, aankhon ko sapne mil gaye … aashiqui mein, zindagi ko mainne mil gaye..Yeh zindagi chal toh rahi thi … par tumhare aane se maine jeena shuru kiya
(The heart got a language, the eyes got dreams … in love, life got its meaning…This life was going on … but I started living since you came)

R-(blushed..but dint had words to say..but still continued)
pata hai..ek ladka hai..jisne mein beintahan mohobat kar bati hun..
uske ishq se bani hoon main … pehle zinda thi … ab jee rahi hoon main..(i dont know exact version f english of these lines)


R-han..janna nahi chahoge kon hai vo?(s…dont u wanna know whos that?)

L-janna tho chahata hun..par..
puchunga nahi..(i too wanna know but i wont ask u)

(by now laksh had come n front..
and ragu and he was moving..towards each other)

L-bass ese hi..
shayad muze vo pata hai issliye..

by now both are facing each other..
both r not crying..
like typical serial people..
abee yar its my ff..
na must be hatke..
so they are just having smiling faces..
i still dont get y people cry..during happiness…

they both hug each other..
laksh bends down..on his knees..
takes out a ring..
and places in front of her..

L-will u allow me to spend the remaing life with u..
i want love me..
to love my sisters my brother..
to give them motherly love..
i want u..
to spend ur oldy days with me..
u know when v might becm old..i want our grand children’s children also to take us as exaple of love ..
will u give me that pleasure
so miss Ragini Sarna would u love to becm mrs laksh
do u want the transformation from Ms ragini to Mrs laksh..
opps sorry Lucky!!

ragini makes him stand..
and continues…i would love this change of transformation..!

so how was it..
tried my best…
#Damboo u r cheepy lines which u used me once to propose are used here..!
itna udd mat after reading it..
i still did changes…
so zameen pe vapas ajja u dummy head!

hope u liked it guys…!
now extremly sorry for Swasn Manan and Twinj fans..
as not even a single secne of theirs…
but dont worry some surprise waiting for u..
but for that u must have patience..

n my dear swasan fans..
do read this OS of me on fb..
Its posted on #Swasan-HeavenlyCouple
As Swasan-Devine Love



  1. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    wow!! very “hatke” update. i also dont understand why people cry when they r happy, lol…
    loved this update.

  2. ananya

    Hey dear it was just amazing.. Lived the condo n that too crazy style..
    But a very small request plz kuch twinj scenes b add kro plz..

  3. bulbul

    Hey crazy di loved it so so much yr and missed you so much I everyday opens tu and scrolls that if your ff is their or not but today I was so so much happy when I was reading I jumped in happinessy cousins were staring me like hell and I don’t know at the will think of me but leave it and plzz now post everyday and ask puh di to post her ff

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.