Valmiki ramayan

hey bro and sis,i m back after a long time,my exams and mairrage at my house kept me busy so i ws unavailable,i purchased valmiki ramayan(gita press) 3 days back but i am not confirmed if i get valmiki ramayan only

it seems funny but as i wanted to read about death of sita sisters but i can’t understand whr it s written,someone on fb told sisters died suhagan acc to val mikiramayan,thy took samadhi and died peacefully in sleep,sorrounded by their husbands and sons,soon followed by the 4 brothers
some facts i read in valmiki ramayan,plz confirm if i correctly purchased the valmiki ramayan

plz comment and read its a request
1.Shanta is mentioned as daughter of rompad swayamvar,ram,lakshman came to see dhanush and ram broke it pushpavatika scene
4.before that few persons who desired sita,sorrounded mithila,janak did tapasya for 1 year and got sena and won the war,killed shankasya king and gave it to kushadhwaj
5.lakshman slept during exile ,no nidra devi story
6.after parityag,lakshman went to sarayu and was taken by indra dev to heaven
7.after that ram wanted to make bharat as king but he refused and adviced lav kush to be made kings sent to mathura,shatrughn ,he coronated his sons as kings and accompanied his brothers to
sarayu war of lav kush with 4 brothers,at ashwamedh yagya,they sang ramayan and ram recognised them
10.ram was about when he left with vishwamitra
11.rishyasring came with shanta for putreshthi yagy
12.khir was given to kaushalya ,then to sumitra then to kaikeyi and then again to sumitra by dasharath
i had just started reated so haven’t read much,plz tell any shlok which highlights death of sisters

tell if my points are correct

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  1. Astra

    So, if it is the book from gita press there is no need to doubt.. it’s the correct book only. But, i don’t know about the points u said…
    In tulasidasa ramayana the story ends with Rama’s coronation after killing ravan.

    In valmiki ramayan the first 6 kandans upto yudha kanda explains about all the story…
    And the last one is uttara kanda in which ram sending to sita maa to forest again…
    I don’t know about it completely.. but the thing is, if u bought the book from original gita press of gorakpur then 99% it’s correct..!!

    Bcz, even i read several books from that publications..

  2. Aman

    Ram was about 16 when he went with vishwamitra acc to valmiki Ramayan

  3. Aman

    Plz read and tell if u read valmiki ramayan

  4. Aman

    How is my dp???

    1. Jayani

      It’s asum as usual nd d edits u make for ur dps r lyk d best in d world?

  5. but some points did not mentioned in orginal ramayan…………..
    in present day there are many version of valmiki ramayan……….i found your some point in another version of valmiiki ramyan………….

    1. Aman

      Joy bro, plz ask persons like sanju sis or janaki sis on IF, i tried but can’t receive response, I hv to get a book in which death of sisters is mentioned, but only if you can, no force, sorry for the trouble

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