Valentines Day Special OS by — NIVU — Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Hai friends…..
I’m Nivu. It’s Valentine’ s week and hence I decided to write a One Shot on many of our favourite couple Shravan and sumo from ‘ Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ‘ . It is a small treat from Nivu to all SharMan fans…….

Sumo’s House :

Sumo was standing at one of the corner having a horrified look on her cute little face. ” see what you have done….. Do you even know the price of this….??” Yelled mami at her. Sumo knew that it was Preeti who has broken the vase but Sumo CNT stand anyone scolding her little sister like that…….

Sumo always wondered why she was the only one always at the receiving end. Mani has been continosly throwing her tantrums at her. But today Sumo was really furstated. She went to her small room….. Picked her bag stuffed with some clothes , books and pocket money which was given by nanu to her…….. . She walked away running as fast as her legs could carry crying all the way……

Shravan ‘s House :

” Why have you scored such less marks…..?? You really can never grow up Shravan….!!.Just get out of my sight this moment ”
A voice Yellingly came towards Shravan . He was used to those cruel words and beatings from his father Ramnath . But today he really wanted to go out….. Somewhere far away where he can find a helping hand…… He suddenly took his bag stuffed it with a few clothes and books with along with the pocket money and walked away……

At Park :

Shravan sat on the right edge of a bench sobbin but he could find a girl who covered her beautiful face and weeping heavily. He moved slowly and sat beside her….

Shravu : ” Hey pretty girl…… Why r u crying so badly….??”

Sumo : ” Please can you go to other bench….!! I really need to be alone….!!”

Shravu :” No….. I can’t leave a beautiful girl like you crying on this valentine’s eve….!!’

Sumo : ” Are you trying to flirt wit me….??”

Shravu : ” Yaa sure….!! Pretty girl…..!! And I’m Shravan by the way….!!”

Sumo : ” I’m Sumo…… Why were you crying…??”

Shravan : ” I was kicked out by my father this morning for getting low grades. They keep on comparing with my cousins….!! I’m fed up with tht…..!! Why were you crying….??’

Sumo : ” I was fired by my Mami for breaking a porcelain vase…..!! ”

Suddenly there was a huge burst of crackers all over the sky. Shravan asked Sumo if she would be his valentine…. SUMO nodded in an affirmation and both of them left from the park to celebrate the Valentine’s day……!!

So how was the One Shot friends…..??
I agree that there are many grammatical mistakes but please adjust as I’m travelling and posting it……..!!
Please don’t forget to drop down your lovely comments…… That would mean a lot to me….!!

NIVU saying bye 4 now…..
Keep smiling and please comment……

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  1. Nivu99

    I knw it is nt proprely written bt do drop down ur comments to let me knw

  2. Nivu99

    I knw it is nt proprely written bt do drop down ur comments to let me knw as hw u liked the ff

  3. hey nivu nice os. short & sweet.
    its really good one…
    so keep writing.

    1. Nivu99

      Tqs a lot dear 4 ur comment

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awww such a sweet and cute os and hey I know u nivu u r pardes mein hain mera dil fan right I am a silent reader of written updates of that show since I watch that sometimes and I saw ur comments there ?
    I m so happy to know that u r also a Shraman fan ?

    1. Nivu99

      awww…. ftrajo…..I too read u r comments in bigg boss page and ghulam… I really like all your comments…
      I’m a big fan of SharMan….. Tq soooo mch for your comment……
      luv u loads….

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Oh really thank u so much ? I m a big fan of bigg boss and Ghulaam also that’s why I comment on those pages

  5. Nikita

    Hey niv! I hope I can call you that.
    The OS was reallly sweet
    I loved it.. please do write more!

    1. Nivu99

      Tq Nishita 4 ur sweeeeet comment…
      Ill do write more soon dear….
      luv u loads

  6. Nivu99

    Tq Nishita 4 ur sweeeeet comment…
    Ill do write more soon dear….
    luv u loads

  7. awww how sweet!! it was really cute❤?

  8. Nivu99

    tq dear

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Cute one ???

    1. Nivu99

      Tq 4 the comment fatima

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