The Valentine’s day – Raglak os by deesh

“How can I help you? You have been standing here for a long time.” Her crystal clear voice brought me to reality. I continued looking at her, which I was doing from the time I had come here. “Will you marry me?” I asked her, directly looking into her eyes. She looked at me, unaffected by my question. She continued looking at me before she burst into laughter. Mahn!! She is beautiful. She is different too. If any other girl would have been in her place, she would have created a huge scene. Her strands of hair were covering her face, which created a huge urge in me to clear them. She stopped laughing as her smart brain sensed that what I was up to. She adjusted her hair. “Will. You. Marry. Me?” I asked her again stressing each word from the core of my heart. She looked at me again. ” I know that it’s hard to answer a stranger. Let me introduce myself. I am lakshya. A bike racer.” I said. “Hmm. I am…” “You are Dr. Ragini.” Before she could proceed, I interrupted her. ” So you are in love with me” she said. ” I am not sure whether is this love, but I am sure that I need you in my life. Beside me forever.” I said. ” I fear that you are not a racer.” She told me. “What makes you think like that?” I asked her. “Well. I have never seen a racer who has a clean shaven face and who speaks too cheesy like you.” She replied. “I am one unique piece you know.” I said.Even I don’t know from when did I learn to speak cheesy dialogues. “It’s getting late and I have to go. I can’t waste my time unlike some people.” She said as she started to move. ” What about my question?” I asked her. She stopped and turned. “Love is not my cup of tea” she said. “My girl! Love is not any beverage. It is an amazing emotion and I will make you feel it.” I said as I flashed my charming smile. “Let’s see” she said as she walked away. I smiled as I saw her black cascade wavering behind her as she left from there.


Kashmir. The paradise on earth. It was February and it was freezing here. I had come here as a part of our biking trip here. Ladakh is usually the biker’s Paradise, but since we already experienced that, we decided to come here. The other parts of kashmir are usually free from heavy snowfall in February except the northern Kashmir. Since we wanted to explore this lovely place, we came here without our bikes. The landscape was breath taking. The snow capped mountains, hovering snow flakes in the air and the cool wind… Everything was just perfect. I was busy admiring this, when my eyes caught the sight of a bus moving slowly with difficulty, as the roads were covered with snow. More than the bus, my eyes caught the sight of HER. She was peeping outside the window with her hands stretched out. The snow flakes covered her pale skin. She looked flushed due to the extreme cold. Her pink cheeks were covered with snow. She rubbed her pink hands against her already pink cheeks. Damn! How I wished to caress them. Some of the snow flakes were entangled in the strands of her black, wavy hair which was flying in air. She was enjoying the snow and howling in joy. My eyes were glued to those innocent, child like face of hers till the bus crossed me and disappeared around the corner. My brain was constantly remembering her each and every action. I felt attracted to her at that second just like how a piece of iron gets attracted to a magnet. I thought that it may be an attraction at that time. But I was wrong. I spent sleepless nights from then. Those sleepless nights came to a screeching halt when I met her after 6 months here. I never thought that I would meet her here. I had come here to meet someone else but I met her instead. That day, I may be attracted by her external beauty. But today when I was checking out her, I know that she is beautiful inside out. I came to know that she is a neuro surgeon and performs 2 to 3 surgeries a day. From the way she handles everything, I came to know that she is practical and mature. Though, she knew that I was checking out her for a long time, she didn’t over react. Now, I know that she is the one for me. She will be with me in my messed up life. She is MY GIRL.

Phew! That was a hard day. Having completed a complicated surgery made me feel exhausted. I changed and washed my face. I looked at the time. It was 10:00 a.m. He would be waiting for me. Gosh!! He is making me dependent and wait for him within a week of our first meeting. Though he appears a cheesy and flirty guy, he is genuine at heart. It has been a week since he started visiting me here regularly. The one thing which I adore is that he doesn’t force me to accept. In this one week, he had been a good company to a loner like me. He gives me equal space. Though I like him as a person, I am not able to accept or reject him that easily. It is difficult to come to a conclusion within a short span of time. Yesterday, when I was about to leave , he called my name to make me stop. I thought he could have held my hand to make me stop. I didn’t know why did I expect that but if any other guy would have been in his place, he would have held my hand. Just as I thought that, he said, “I will hold your hand only when you ask me to. Then, I will never leave your hand. Your hand will be placed on mine forever.” Hearing these words of his, my heart skipped a beat. This guy just spreads happiness around me. His presence makes me feel good. But still, I am not able to decide. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I smiled as I remembered his cheesy talks. I headed down eagerly to see his charming smile. Gosh! This guy can woo any girl with his flirtatious talks and smile!!

“Are you ready?” I asked her. She looked at me with null expression. She had asked me why am I being this good and waiting for her reply for more than a month. She told me that I don’t know how to woo girls. That touched my ego and here I am, ready to woo my girl.

Waiting for a punnagai..
Siri di…

( Waiting for your sweet smile,
Just flash that smile..)

As I sang these she raised her eyebrows. I twirled her in air and she burst out into laughter.

Kanavillai heart beat

( You stole my heart beat
Not my dreams)

Adada naan kavignan,
Unai paarthu kettu pona kavignan..

( O goodness! I am a poet,
I became a poet after seeing you!)

Honest aa naa pesavaa?
Illa idhu podhuma?

( Shall I speak honestly?
Or is this enough? )
She continued laughing as I sang and danced around her.

O my darling!!
Naanga coming,
Pudhu pudhu kanakkelam pending!!

( O my darling!
I am coming,
New scores have to be settled)

She narrowed her eyes at me. I was enjoying her each and every reaction for my words. I smiled at her.

Chorus aa naa kekkava?
Yes aa yes aa no va yes aa?

( Shall I ask u in chorus?
Yes or no or yes?)
I sang these as I narrowed my eyes in a pleading way. She smirked at me in return.

Marry me!!
Flirt with me,
Get high with me!!

( Hey gorgeous!!
Marry me!!)

I sat on my knees and stretched my hands in air as I sang these. She laughed at my antics. ” Uff! You sing well. But you too cheesy lyrics man!” She said. ” Can I ask u a question for the last time? If you don’t mind?” I asked her. She looked at me curiously. Before I could proceed, her phone rang. “Sorry Lakshya, I have to go now. It is a complicated case.” She told me sadly. ” Don’t worry, gorgeous, duty first!! It’s OK. Come, I will drop you.” I told her. As she sat on the pillion, I started my bike. I knew I would miss her badly.

Two years. It has been two years since I saw him. Two years since I realised my deep love for him. My heart aches that I couldn’t realise that when he was with me. His absence for two years in my life made me realise the value of him. I missed him terribly. A tear drop rolled down my cheeks. But a new hope rose inside me after meeting one of his friend last month. He told me that their biking team got trapped in Tibet as they lost their license and the government suspected them to be spies. He added that he couldn’t go to that trip due to his marriage. He said that the case is going on and he is trying his level best to release them soon. I breathed in relief that he will be with me soon. I felt bad for his condition. I should have asked him when he told ‘ last time’. I rubbed my hands due to the extreme cold. Here I am, in kashmir, for a medical camp. In fact, northern Kashmir. I remembered him saying once that he saw me here in this place for the first time two years ago. I closed my eyes, letting my tears down. “Missing me, gorgeous?” A husky voice broke my trance.

These two years have been horrible for me without her. I missed her so bad. I felt my messes up life even more messed up without her. I wanted to say to her on that day that I would be going for a trip. But due to circumstances, I couldn’t. I knew that I would miss her for a month. But never did I know that all these would happen. Thanks to my friend, who helped us come out soon. I came to know that she has come here for a camp. I saw her weeping. I felt bad to see her in that condition. As soon as she heard my voice, she turned. She looked at me with teary eyes. Her teary orbs made mine teary. She stood numb. With null expression. ” Why did you leave me?” Her cracky voice made my heart bleed. Seeing her after a long time stirred my emotions and I sat on my knees letting my tears down. “Will you marry me?” These words escaped in the form of a mere whisper. Damn!! What did I do? She would have thought that I am a despo. But that sudden burst of emotions made me say those. I looked at her. ” Hold my hand. ” She said. For a minute, I couldn’t understand. “Dumbo, hold my hand!” She shouted. Then it hit me. I smiled through my tears as I held her hand. I brushed my lips against her hand. ” I will not leave your hand forever!” I told her. “You are the same cheesy biker till now, except for the beard. I don’t like this beard. I liked the clean shaven racer”. She said. “Well. Someone doesn’t like that”. I mocked. “But I love that and I love you!” She said as she hugged me. I reciprocated. Her presence is making me feel good. I hugged her more tighter and pecked her forehead. She smiled at me. It has been three years since I met her here. On Valentine’s day, 3 years back, I met her here amidst the snow. 3 years later, on the same Valentine’s day, we are here together. Life is beautiful with her. She placed her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around her. The towering mountains, the snowy wind and the cold weather. This Valentine’s day is just perfect!!

Guys deesh here. This is my second raglak os. Since last os was a sad one, I attempted a happy ending os. I know that this is a simple story. Bear with me guys. Hope u liked it. Sorry for not replying to your comments in the few shots. Will reply soon. Thank you guys. Happy Valentine’s day!!

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  1. Wowwww
    It’s amazing

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      Thanks a lot abi. Glad that u liked it ?

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    Omg it’s too good…
    That poetic lines….semma…
    Loved it to the core…awesome…

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      Hey darshu, neenga tamizh aa ?? Glad that u liked it buddy. He he… The credit goes to karky for writing this cute lyrics. I just used it here dear. Thank u so so much darshu ?

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        Yes…am tamizh…?

    2. Deesh

      Wow! So friends??

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  4. Awesome…

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  5. Outstanding os dear and thanks a lot for Raglak story

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  6. Wow its awesome…..just loved it…. happy Valentine’s Day…

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  7. Awesome super cute love story

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  8. Amazing

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  9. IQRA222

    It was awesome and lovel6 deesh bhaiyaa

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      1. IQRA222

        I am so so big wall sorry

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      Iqra yaar, don’t be sorry for small things like this. I know that my name is confusing for many..

  10. Superb… Song pakka… Cute love story

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    Amazing dear

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    Loved was amazing… each line u wrote in the story was superb…

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  13. Lovely and a gud one!! Em.. A unique way of description?

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  14. Awesome…..

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  15. its amazing…Happy Valentine’s day

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  16. wow!!!.thats awesome dear loved it ….guess what azhagiye my favourite song it suited the situation very well and i really loved it…tc

    1. Deesh

      Naimi Darling! Sorry for not replying you buddy. Dad has my laptop and now am replying from mobile. Same pinch!! Even it is my fav song yaar. But till yesterday. Because after vaan/ meimirupa released it made me mad buddy. So azhagiye is my a second fav now ? Thank u so much my dearest Naimi. Loads of love ?

  17. Sally_blr

    Awwww this was so cute. I never knew my deeshu can write OS also and that too such beautiful one. Loved it and love you a lot. Take care and concentrate on your studies also.

    1. Deesh

      Sisso. Frankly speaking, u inspired me to write os. All credit goes to u sisso. Thank u so much sisso as I have learnt many things from u. How do u manage to come with stories of different concepts every time sisso? For one os, my brain is jammed. Gosh. Hats off to you. Thank u so much sisso. Glad that u liked this sisso. Am happy. Love u ?. Yeah I will.

  18. It was amazing yar…loved it

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    Amazing dear friend

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  20. Superb shot

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  21. Asra

    Ohh my deeshu sweety… u dear…..what a amazing os dear…..loved it alot…..Andha lyrics ne than ealuthunaya…..Adha paduchathu ku Apram na rmba periya fan ayiden dear…..Andha poem kaga oru big teddy hug from my side…..ohh my sweety kashmir really paradise dear….

    kavinganey un kaviyai kandu
    kaviya kavinganum kalanguvan…..
    love u lot deeshu sweety….xam nalla panu….practical lam yeapadi pana….tkcr my dear….

    1. Asra

      Sry dear China thapu nadanthirchu…..
      kaviya illa kaaviya….
      kavinganey un kaviyai kandu
      kaaviya kavinganum kalanguvan…..

    2. Deesh

      Asru sisso, na super aa paniruken. Thank u!! ? Andha lyrics na ezhudhala ? madhan karky ezhudhunadhu. Neenga vera sisso, na navadhu ipdi LA ezhudhradhavadhu ??? thank u so much. Love u ??

  22. Jazzy

    wah wah partner sukar ha u didn’t keep sad endng otherwise i would have murdered u already the meenakumari gave a emotional story thank god teri nahi ha

    1. Sally_blr

      who’s meenakumari?

      1. Fairy

        Hehehheehe we hve nly one meenakumari here in TELLY UPDATE ??? n everyone knows whose she!!???

    2. Deesh

      Meenakumari?? Sorry jammy, I could not understand. Fairy dear, yours too. Thank u so much partner. Yaar, mein apni ma baap ki ek lauti beti hu… Thank god meine happy ending banwa diya. Or else… ??

      1. Jazzy

        meenakumari is one and only the great sally the most emotional writer here aur koon ho sakta ha

    3. Deesh

      Ha ha partner, back to mocking session he he… ???? good job jammy ??

    4. Deesh

      You are right partner, with her new os she made us emotional again… We have to plan something yaar partner ??

      1. Jazzy

        yes plan something bigg yaar socho socho

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      Ha partner u are right. I have one plan… But yaha nahi… Baad me bataungi… Sally sisso be ready!! ??

  23. A.xx

    Aww so cute ,,loved it xx

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    Marvellous os dr reallllyyyyy…….it’s sooooo beautiful n lovelyyy?????it’s reallly very very veryyyy sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet deesh reallly????thnku soooo very much for writng such an amaznggggg fabulous story ..???? u r my sweetest writer n ur each story proves dat… LOVELY QUEEN love u choo muchhh…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweetheart??????tc..lotz of love n hugzzz??

    1. Deesh

      Cutiepie!!! How are u dear?? How did u do ur exams?? Hope u did well. I missed u so much. Thank god u came back. Thank u soooooo much cutie. You are so sweeeettt!! Love u more!! A bear wala hug ????

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        Awww!!!dr even i missed u so so soo muchhh ???xamz went well dr…m good wt about u sweetypie?..umaaah..? keep smilng??

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  25. superb…!!loved it a lottt…!!

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  26. Fabulous OS dear, loved it

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      Thank you so much dear. Glad that u liked it ?

  27. Cool awesome os..

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  28. Asw

    Yaar sorry for late response ? it’s amazing which movie from that poet dr ? Laksh is so cute & flirty ? keep going

  29. Awww that was so cute dr romba nalla irunthuthu short and sweet story….rendu perum romba love panraga……Ragini avanaiye nenaichu avanukaga wait pannurathu semmaiya irunthuthu soooooo cuteeeeeee

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