Manmarziyan – Valentines Day (Episode 1)


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“Those we love don’t go away,They walk beside us every day,Unseen,unheard,but always near,Still loved,still missed and very dear ”

” Valentines Day ” is a story based on love,separation and reunion of a couple – Arjun and Radhika.

Hope u like it.please forgive me if you find any mistakes.


Episode 1.


A house is shown where mala is playing hide and seek with her grand daughter Piya.But Mala couldn’t find Piya.Mala calls Radhika and she is shown coming to the hall.
Radhu: kya hua maa.
Mala: chotti patha nahi Piya kaha chuppa hai.
Radhu: don’t worry maa, I will find her.
Radhu saw Piya ,she was sitting behind the sofa.Radhu comes to Piya and says Piya…
Piya: mamma..
Radhu: chalo .
Radhu comes with Piya to mala.

Mala : Piya beta chalo ab breakfast khalo.Mala makes her eat the breakfast.

A flat is shown where Sam and Neil were having breakfast.
Neil:Sammy hamma India jaana hogo.
Sam:kyum Neil
Neil: I got transfer.
Sam:Neil are u joking ?
Neil: no Sammy.
( After one week )


Neil and Sam reached Mumbai and they shifted to Neil’s apartment.
Neil’s mom: Sam Radhika aur arjun kya haal hai.
Sam:kya bolu mom .ek misunderstanding ki wajas se wo apna ristha thoda.
Mom: Piya is with whom
Sam: with Radhu.because of Piya they are not yet divorced.

Arjun had some clash with his company and he resigned from his job and he decided to come back to India
Neil tells Sam that Arjun is coming back to India
Sam : Neil listen I have a super idea.
Neil : what
Sam: Neil listen to me we should offer jobs to both Arjun and Radhika.
Neil:then what.
Sam:If both of them accept the job it will easy for us to unite them.
Neil:good idea.
Neil and Sam went to meet both Piyali and Samrat and discusses Sam’s idea with them. They were happy in offering jobs to both arjun and Radhika.

Neil and Sam calls Arjun and Radhika and offers them job in Bird Song.
Radhika tells her parents that Sam offered her a job in Birdsong .but Dilip and Mala were not willing to send Radhika and piya to Mumbai.Radhu said that she want to do this job as she want to be independent and want to do piyas upbringing in a good manner.she didn’t want to become a burden on them.
Dadaji also supports radhu.he says that they should support radhika.on dadajis saying Dilip and Mala agrees with Radhus decision.Radhu calls Sam and tells her that She is accepting her offer.
Arjun arrives at Mumbai airport from there he went to meet nandu. Nandu and her husband were so happy in meeting him.arjun tells nandu
that Neil offered him a job in Birdsong.Nandini asked him to accept the job. Atul also asked him to accept the job.From there he went to his house.
Arjun calls Neil and tells him that he is ready to work for BirdSong.

After two days Radhika along with Piya and mala arrives at Mumbai.From there they went Radhus flat which she bought when she was with arjun.
The next day
At Radhus flat her mom gives her some sweets and wish her all the best.Piya also wishes her all the best and kissed radhu on her cheek and radhu kissed her back.
On the other hand Nandini gives prasaad to arjun and wishes him all the best.

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Credit to: Irena

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