Valentine week FS~ Shot 3 (Promise day…Hug day nd Kiss day) by Kruti

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The fictional parts r written b/w 3 stars(***) These stars indicate the begin nd end of fictional part

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11th February 2013, Monday
Promise day

***(The whole promise day Is a fiction…coz I dont remember what exactly had happened)

As d name say’s Promise day….a day to make some promises which are meant not to be broken…which are meant to ensure the
Couples that they stick to their promises and commitments that they make on this day.

And so did our Twinj make promises to eachother. A promise us not something that is needed to be told with the other person infront of us….The promise just needs to be made whole heartedly.

Twinj convayed their promises to eachother via letter’s….so lets read their promises

–Kunj’s Letter–

Forever is not today not tomorrow or a century that will come But a lifetime and I promise to love you forever….♡

Happiee Promise day


–Twinkle’s letter–

I cannot Promise that things will be perfect forever…But I promise to never leave them imperfect without even trying for once….

Happiee Promise day….♡

this is not a promise but a believe that I will love u more and more with each passing day…coz I know u will make me fall for u more and more with every passing day


12th February 2013, Tuesday
Hug Day

A day to spread the feeling of love friendship and care just with a simple action…..HUG.

The day was just celebrated over a few hugs that they shared with eachother.

13th February, Wednesday
Kiss Day

The adamant Kunj at anycost wanted a Kiss from Twinkle…though all the friends denied helping him he still was in search of a way to get his kiss…..nd the poor friends couldn’t see all this nd finally melted down nd decided to help him.

The whole day was wasted in making a plan…..but it was still a mystery whether Twinkle would agree upon giving a Kiss( obvio we were still in 9th…..and all this was too much….nd this thing I realise now)

Finally the school was dismissed at 4….the students who never turned up to the school van before the engine was ignited were the first ones to be inside the van today….and those people were none other than Uv, Mahi, Chinki….but today Cherry had come along with them to help them execute the plan.

Mahi and Chinki kept a watch on the people moving around the bus….while Uv and Cherry were busy puncturing two tyers with a blade.
Twinkle arrived after a few minutes…..She saw Chinki nd Mahi looking around tensed….She went to them

T- y so tensed

C- (just pointed the had towards the van)

Twinkle’s Jaw’s dropped down when she saw what was happening

M- Idiots(referring to Cherry nd Uv) do soon….how much time do u want

Uv-(sarcastically) O I completely forgot cutting the tube of a tyre with this miniature blade was d easiest work

M- Shut up….nd do ur work soon

Finally after a few minutes the 4 of them i.e Twinkle Mahi chinki nd Uv sat inside the bus
as though they dint know anything. When the driver came he found that two tyers were punctured and getting them repaired would delay the dropping of students….so they were sent into different vans which went in that route.

It was a full proof plan coz Kunj’s van was d only van which went to places nearby Twinkle’s home so many of the students were sent in that van.

Stage 1 cleared….now the work of the frnds was done and now the real question arises….will Twinkle readily give d kiss???

So finally they were in Kunj’s van. Kunj and twinkle sat beside eachother while Mahi chinki Rohan sat behind them. Everyone were busy in their own world no body bothered to look at anyone else.

K- How was your day

T- Not very bad

K- Hmmm….I hope u know what today is

T- Ya…today is Wednesday

Kunj gave an irritated look while the 3 ppl behind giggled. Twinkle had understood y all d tyre puncture drama was done…so she was wantingly acting innocent.

K- Do u atleast remember what have we been celebrating since a week

T- were we celebrating anything??( she turned around and questioned d others)

While all of them gave a dont know look.

K- stop acting…u are bad at it

T- Ya I know i need to get some training from u all

saying this she bursted out laughing

K- Twinkle Its Kiss day today

T- so…???

K- dont u think u can gift me something maybe as a return gift

T- U think u will get one??

K- ya ya…only in my dreams.

They sat in silence for d rest of the time. The bus was about to reach Twinkle’s stop so she had to move out….kunj stood up and made way for her….Just before Kunj could sit back She pecked his cheek and went away even before Kunj could realise what just happened

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I know d epi was Yukkk….coz i have writen it in too much hurry…..Ignore d errors as I couldn’t re- read it……Sorry for this boring update …..actually I could have written it in a better way but unfortunately couldn’t as I lacked time.

Nd many of u had 2 questions….Who am I amongst them was the first one….So I was Mahi….nd second one was are Twinj still in a relationship with eo….u will get its ans in d nxt shot.

Will post d nxt one soon

loads of love

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  1. Sameera

    Awwwwww yaar kruti sooo cute loved it yaar ????loved it so much school masti u are making me remember my school days ????…
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    The episode was funny yet cute

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    Hey Di
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    Loved it …. full on masti…. you guys rocked …. and I had all ready thought that you are Mahi only …..
    Love you post soon ????

  5. Presha

    Hey its awesome u made me remember one of my school incident

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi……

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….eagerly waiting for next part

  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and short kunj plan all this so that he could get kiss from twinkle and at last she kiss his check it was cute.

  9. Affaa

    Wow Fathi I need such a amazing friends yaar… And their love story ufff how can be so cute…. Seriously it’s awesome… My cheeks are aching bcoz I was smiling like mad… Wonderful…. Eagerly waiting for next s… Please do it ASAP… And my cute sweet world’s best sis happy Valentines Day… ??????????????

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    Awesome and cute episode

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    Kruti love the fiction part yaar. Tire puncture and all not bad. Twinkle to kiss kunj on cheeks leaving him shocked…☺?
    Loved it.
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    Awww!!! Soo cute. Lovely. Loved it. ??

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    ohhhhhh god kruti di even my mind was wanting to know who was u out of dese girls……☺
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    love u lods♥♥

  15. Shalini15

    Awww Kruti such a lovely nd cute story I wish I would there to see such a sweet moment. Well it was awesome mind blowing fabulous episode nd twinkle kisses kunj hayyyyeeeeeer I was smiling like a mad while reading whole epi. Loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pls try to post next asap
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