Valentine Week FS ~ Last shot( Valentine’s day) by Kruti

Hey Guys….Here’s d last part of the fs….I know this had to be posted earlier…..nd I am really sorry I coudn’t post it.

Thank u everyone for all those lovely comments….I couldn’t reply to them I am sorry for that as well.

This part is seriously yukkkkk….And I know this even before writing it coz I have no idea what I am going to write further….Nd for d first time I wouldn’t mind even if you guys dont comment….Here’s d last part

The fictional parts r written b/w 3 stars(***) These stars indicate the begin nd end of fictional part

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14th February 2013, Thursday

Just like all previous years…Valentines day was declared as a holiday for high school giving a reason of Staff meeting with the chairman.

So it was obvious for all of them to do some jugad(solution)

Mahi nd Chinki went to Twinkle’s home in order to complete a project that never existed. After doing some serious acting of completing the project they made excuse of forgetting some materials of the project at Mahi’s place…..nd told Twinkle’s mom that they would complete d rest of the project at Mahi’s place.

After walking down for a while they reached a park which was a bit far from Twinkle’s home(precautionary measures….no one should see them). Mahi nd Chinki left Twinj alone nd informed them they would return back in an hour.


Twinj sat together on a park bench.

K- so….any plans for today??

T- Nope….I am sitting here with d cutest boyfriend….expecting for maybe something…or nothing….and if not both….I still have u

Kunj had a small grin on his face nd the two shared a cute eyelock. A few moments later Kunj handed her a small box and a greeting to Twinkle and walked away saying he would return in a few moments.

Twinkle opened d greeting it was a white and red shaded one with numerous hearts nd flowers….the card said

This Is for you on this special day
You opened up my heart showed me the way
I love to the heights….more than words can say
To my beautiful love
Happy Valentine’s day ♡

Twinkle had a wide grin on her face as she read those lines.She unwrapped the gift box to see what it had….It had a metal coloured chain with a heart pendent….It looked pretty

“U liked it???” Kunj questioned holding an ice-creams in his hand

T- Loved it….so cute it is

K-(smiled) So in the past week we shared our love over a rose, a coffee, chocolates, miniature teddies, promises, a hug…..nd d most memorable Kiss….So amongst all the cute things….Ice cream is left over

The two shared their love over an ice cream on Valentine’s day
Kuch log mil jate hai zindagi ke rah mein
Jinse kabhi kismaat ke sitare nahi milte
Beech mod pe yeh keh kar chod jate hai
Ki kabhi naadiyon ke do kinare nahi milte
( Credits of d shayari: Meri shayari queen urf Survi♡)

Love in reality is never that fictional story we always desire to have. It doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. Nd probably the real life Twinj of this story hadn’t realised this.

Every story has that villan named ‘MISUNDERSTANDING’ which creates a storm….nd the relation that survies this storm are the true ones….Nd this hold good for even relationship of friendship.

All I want to say is
Never Leave True relations for a few faults
Nobody is Perfect
Nobody is correct at the end
is always greater than perfection

To all the people in love out there reading this I just want to say

Relationships arn’t for getting things They’re for giving things Never fall in love to make yourself happy but fall in love to make the person you fall in love with happy

And all the single ppl searching for their love….Zindagi ek safar hai….yahan aaj nahi toh kal hai
(Survi not bad maine bhi kuch likh liya)

Ok aaj LOVE ka bohat prawachan hogaya….I wont ask for your views or comments coz I know it was boring.

Nd my ff will be posted at d earliest possible

Loads of Love

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  1. Sohi

    It was cute

  2. Baby

    ohh……srsly kruti di it was cute……..☺
    loved it was adorable……..♥
    a love stry bt m sad dat in real there os a misunderstandiing between dese two…….
    lods of love………☺♥

  3. ???❤❤️❤️❤️❤️loved ur words❤

  4. Cute episode kruti I loved it a lot

  5. awsm..cute

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

  7. SidMin

    Awesome your story +Survi’s shayari…. enjoyed it ..
    Each word was true MISUNDERSTANDINGS the biggest villen of both friendship and Love ….
    Love you keep writing ❤❤❤

  8. Presha

    Hey kruti awesome nd the shayaris were mibd blowing

  9. Simiyy

    Hey Di
    It was an amazing story
    Loads of love

  10. Chiku

    Awww!! Soo cute. Lovely ?

  11. SidMin23

    It was cute and extremely happy that sidhant is doing movie with aditi and sanjaya dutt it will release on 4 August

  12. SiyappaQUEEN

    Kruti meri jaan. Tu janti hai I love you from core. I can’t even describe how much I loves you. I love your writings too. And coming to this episode i have already told it was a master piece. Each and every words ne dil ko chua mere. True zindgai mein pyar sab ko milta hai. Aur misunderstanding bahut hi choti cheez hai lekin bade se bade riste ko kharab kar deti hai. And we toh already suffered from that. I loved each and every words yaar….????????????????????????????????
    And you know na it will be my last comment on your writing so wanted to tell….

    Jab tumse mile to ek percent bhi idea nahi tha ki you will become that much important cum close to me…

    Tumse jab hamari baat hui thi Humse tumhari pechan na thi
    Ek waqt kabhi aisa aayega sayad wo raat bhi iss baat se aanjan thi…

    Love you and writings to the core. And teri try its??????. Infact I loved it..

    A song for you..
    Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi yunhi nahi dil lubhata koi….

    Tumse jab hamari baat hui thi Humse tumhari pechan na thi
    Ek waqt kabhi aisa aayega sayad wo raat bhi iss baat se aanjan thi…

    Bye. Be happy. Keep writing.
    Love you so much. And Solly for late comment.

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome update dear!!! Moreover super ending!!!!

  14. Shalini15

    Kruti it was awesome amazing fabulous superb episode. Loved whole story. It was real but interesting. Loved it so much. Nd you are right real life love story nd fiction love stories are very different but one thing is same in both that is trust, respect nd support in everything nd everywhere for each other. Nd also each story has its own destiny some successful nd some has only pain. Even I too had written an OS on real love story but it was complete love story with complications nd difficulties .

    Well loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? Hope you will post another real story ?????????.

    Post your ff too. Lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Awesome fabulous fantastic excellent amazing episode kruti dear…….Post ur FF soon…
    .Loveee uuuuuu

  16. Affaa

    Hai itna cute love Story… Uff my cheeks it’s aching I can’t smile any more… All it was golden day of ur life… Hold all that tightly never leave them only that pieces of memories will bring smile on ur face when u don’t even to show a fack smile… And u bought ur beautiful memories through writeing it’s just speechless… Everyone will not get such beautiful memories… U leaved that days.. We felt that days… Make everyday of ur life memorable… Love you Baby…

  17. Ramya

    Awwwww.awesome kruti
    U nailed IT
    U ecpained it perfectly it’s amazing dear superb d way u told
    N I’m happy to know dat ur frnds dat two love birds r still in relationship n I hope n wish dey always remain happy
    Love u keep smiling

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