Valentine tree OS raglak by princess

I was sleeping on my bed.I heard some tapping sound.I slowly opened my eyes.I saw someone sitting on my rolling chair.Person turned around. He was so bright like a star. But I could spot his purple eyes n his golden hair. He was revolving a stick in his hand with a half star sticked to it.I assume it’s a wand.

I was broken out of trance by the person voice.He said so finally woke up ms.Jones how long to wait for you.

Wait wait who the hell are you!? First of all how did you get into my room then how the hell do you know my name.

He said cool down ms.Jones.why are you screeching like was you who called me.what??I said.

So you don’t remember ,so let me remind me you were the one who wrote you want true love and hung it on love tree.

I travelled on memory lane.

One day as I was leaving from my friends party, I took a new route .I was so frustrated that friends teased me about not having a boyfriend.By thinking this,I took a wrong turn n there I saw a golden tree with silver branches n pearl fruits with heart shape diamonds hugging it with heart shaped rainbow over it .

There it was written want true love then take two half heart join it n hang it on tree.I took two half blue heart n joined it.I hung it on tree.I said oh love god if you are true thencome n show me my love.

Then I remember waking up on my bed,so i thought it was a it was true??

Yes it was true was not a dream.Then he whisphered some words glitters showered on eyes were blacking out.

Morning sun blazed through my window.I slowly opened my eyes. So it was all dream.meeting love god was a dream.Then I freshened up.I was sitting on my bed, then I noticed a note tucked on it.I took it n opened it.

Ms.Jones get ready for ur love quest. So it was not a dream.

I walked fast to my brothers room mine n my brothers room was connected by a door.there I saw some other boy standing with a towel on his waist. I shouted, he closed my mouth.He was close to me.He said shhh.I was locked on his jet black eyes.He was so cute.Then he left my mouth.I asked him who he was??how he was in my house?? He said oyee shut up this is not your house.this is my cousin home.I’m here from many days.I said you are lying nooo broooo.He again clamped my mouth. I stamped his foot he stumbled n we both fell on his bed.

Nenjorama oru kadhal thulirumpothu

Kanoram siru kaneer thuligal aeno

Kanalane en kanal unna kaithakkida nan nenachena

Kaneerla oru mai polave unnodi Sera thudichena.manasula poonkathu new pakkum thesaiyil vesum pothu

Namakkunu oru desam angu iruvarun serunrhu onna vazhvom….plays

I slowly stood from him.I asked him whether he was playing. I told him it was my house Then he showed me his pics from childhood n said my room.I dragged him n pushed door n showed him my things n said my room.Then only I understood our rooms were connected .but how??.

He went to his room after dressing up he came.he asked so the hell I know youthink?? I too don’t know. He then said no coming into my room okk.I said its half my room too. We both closed the door shut

One day when I got low mark in maths I three it in his room when my mom came. He made fun of me laughing then asked me whether I would come with him to his school party.I said no.

He said please I don’t have any girlfriend so pls my friends will make fun of me.pls.I said okk.I didn’t know it would change my life.he said in return I’ll teach you math okk.I nodded .

Next day I was getting ready I put on some neat dress n matching accessories.i went to his room.I saw him lying on sofa.I pulled him n we both fell down.he stared onto my eyes.

Marandhadhyu illai end idhayam unnai ninaika mupozhudhum

Karayavillai in idhayam kalangugirene yepozhudhum kaadhalinale ippozhudhum.

He stood uP n said let’go I was waiting for you n fell sleep.we went to party .

There we enjoyed a lot.we spent quality time.atlast we were almost kissing when someone interrupted us.we were embrassed.I might have fallen for him at first sight. But him…that day I was thinking about our almost kiss.

He tutored me.every time anyone would stare at other n we were like playing statue game.

I surely fell for him.I was in my room reading book when I heard a sound it was from next door.I opened door n saw him crying.I immediately reflexes were so fast.I hugged him n patted him.he slowly subsided.He said me about his mom who always misunderstood him n went away.I consoled him n let him sleep on my shoulders.He fell asleep slowly I morning I woke up due to banging of was from my room my mother was banging it.ragini if u don’t open then.I slowly pushed his hand.But his grip tightened. I slowly kissed him n he opened his eyes n stared me.He too slowly kissed me back.I heard knick.o pushed him n went to my room. Then I opened cheeks were flushing mother asked fever then sleep n went.I kissed him.I know I had feelings for him.

He came to my room n said so miss why did u kiss me in my I too handsome?? N lifted his brows.

My cheeks reddened. He pulled me across his hard chest n kissed me. He slowly released kiss nn said fair share miss.

I decided to propose him..

Boys POV I decided to propose her.I love her so is Valentine’s day.I’ll surely propose her.i heard sound of clicking knob,I thought it was her.but it was my aunts daughter.I knew she had a crush on me.she hugged me n said she loved me.I saw her looking through the door with tears filled n shut it.

I pushed my aunts daughter out of room. I knocked the door.I banged it till she opened.I told her its was not what she thinks,She gave me a paer n asked me to solve the problem. I was frustrated what??she said do was


The answer was I<3U.

I was overwhelmed.I said I love you too n hugged her.finally we found our valentine.ragini said i love you laksh ,laksh too said i love you ragini.both hugged each other.

Tree is shown with blue heart shining on branch. Below is board this tree appears only in 1500 yrs once n you are lucky to see this.

Happy valentines day guys so howzzz like d it .

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