Hey guys… this is my first one shot… I have thought of this sometime ago and wanted to share it with you all… the episode 19 of my ff “over a cup of coffee” will be uploaded shortly… sorry for the inconvenience caused.



It was as usual a very busy day at work. Our campaign was gradually getting bigger and busier with time.Not a moment’s rest. I thought as I was walking towards another obese woman, she was a middle aged girl… not yet married.. And kept ranting about how her health never allowed her marriage to take place..
I was listening to her rantings for quite sometime now.
I was explaining her about how her diet should be… I was tired explaining this to almost all the patients that I got…
life was not so boring and colorless before… i sighed after explaining her… and I went back towards my dorm…
On the way I picked a cup of coffee from the Coffee maker.. It was raining heavily… I stood in front of the glass wall… And noticed people running here and there.. It was an unexpected rain.
My thoughts were disturbed by the loud bang on my door.
I walked towards the door and peeped out..I did not find anyone there but like the past 7 years… I found a beautiful rose, a postcard and a small gift.
I always wondered who it would be… but I never knew.. As the person sent it cleverly leaving no clue.. 7 years,Every day, Every morning, I would find them outside my door.
Getting these became a part of my life.
The loud ringtone turned my attention towards my phone.
“Hello!….Connaught Place??…Hmm..ok… ya.. I am fine…Bye”
It was my best friend Shaina…She called to inform that our next day’s campaign is at Connaught Place.

Connaught Place, by the name itself made me very nostalgic. It was years since I had been there.
All the memories flooded into my brain.

Presently, my life comprises of 3 people..Shaina,Suhana and I.
Suhana is my daughter. The only reason I am alive. I never let her go out of my sight. She is the only thing that I have that belonged to HIM.

I started packing my stuffs and checked out of my dorm. Driving through the streets to Suhana’s school… I was afraid that my past may come in front of me… These 7 years it had haunted me enough.
As I drove up to the main gate.. In Front of the school building… a security ran up towards me with an umbrella and held it up.
I walked through the corridors towards her class.
I had already called up her principal to inform her about my sudden trip to Connaught Place. We would be staying there for a while.
Suhana comes out of the class herself as her teacher knew of me coming.
I picked her up and drove off. It was raining more heavily.

The shops were crowded with people who were standing beneath their shades to prevent themselves from getting drenched.
I drove off towards the railway.
I had been staying in Mumbai for the past 7 years and never moved out of it and now I am on my way to Delhi. It’s like back to pavilion.

My daughter was surprised yet happy..she was sick. It was the flu. I was constantly checking on her. As we got up on the train, it brought me back so many memories.
It was that very express where WE first met..


“Sona! Sona!”
My friends cheered as my turn came for antakshari.. I loved the game..all the passengers in our boogie were participating.. I began to sing:

“Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai

Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere”

I was a better singer then…my song was interrupted by a handsome young man…

“Hey!! Could I join you guys??”
I turned myself to face him and stared at him… his eyes… they stole my heart at the first sight. I was lost in him.

“You sing well..” he said taking his place next to me. I smiled.

After sometime it was his turn and he sang..

“Takte rehte tujhko sanjh savere
Nanion mein Haye
Nanion mein Haye

Takte rehte tujhko sanjh savere
Nanion mein basya jaise
Nanin yeh tere

Nanion mein basya jaise
Nanin yeh tere

Tere mast mast do naian
Mere Dil ka le gaye chain
Mere Dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do naian

Tere mast mast do naian
Mere Dil ka le gaye chain
Mere Dil ka le gaye chain
Tere mast mast do naian”

His deep voice… so romantic to hear… i was mesmerized…
The journey came to an end… And we parted ways… it was then I realized I had forgotten to take ask him his name.

****************end of flashback******************

Tears ran down my cheeks.My daughter rubbed my tears off.. And enquired..
“Mamma,why are you crying??”
I said nothing and looked out through the window.. We had almost reached Delhi.
Life was not the same as before… yet the roads and the tall buildings were the same…
“Vaia…Connaught Place jaoge??”I enquired.
I got up on the rickshaw with Suhana. Whatever the distance may be, I loved riding the rickshaw through the old Delhi roads…
I was brought up here in the Delhi.. Each and every corner and roads were very well known to me..
As the rickshaw cycled its way through the roads… I closed my eyes feeling the breeze.. As we entered into Connaught Place… memories flooded into my mind…


It was raining heavily… And I was returning from college… I was wearing a beautiful white salwar suit. As my home was nearby.. I decided the walk all the way.. I always carried my umbrella for this reason. Listening to my favourite “barso re” in my mp3 player loudly.. I walked along the road when suddenly a car came splashing the dirty water upon my dress..

I walked hastily towards the was stuck up in the traffic..and knocked on the window..
And saw HIM. I was surprised yet angry..

“Haan ji boliye..aap ko kahin dekha”
“Haan ji matlab??? Dekhkar chala nei sakte?? Meri dress kharab kardi…”
“Koi problem nahi.. Agar wash nei kar sakte he.. Tu bej dena mere pass.. Mein wash kar dongi.. Dixit mansion mein rehti hoon”

I rolled my eyes.. And as the signal turned.. His car too drove off..
*************** end of flashback********************

Dixit mansion… I thought. We had a rivalry with the Dixit family since a very long time..I never enquired why..

It started to drizzle.. I could feel the rain on my face… I wanted to dance… But I was too old to do so..

“Vaia.. Please put the hood… she is having fever..” I said smiling.

And as I looked up towards my right I saw that Hotel…”THE PARK”
It was where that incident happened..


“Papa… I will be back early… Please allow me to go.. All my friends are going… “ i said pleading my dad,Mr.Bijoy Bose.
He smiled at me… And allowed..
I got dressed beautifully and left with my friends.
THE PARK. We reached and enjoyed so much. I got drunk.. I didn’t know how I was gulping down drinks.. That too alcohol.. I thought of Coke and drank it on.. It was a bet afterall and I don’t lose.
I was so drunk that I could walk balanced… and then next thing I remember was was waking up on the bed, next to HIM.
I was shocked… I kicked him hard.
“Ouch.. Raat mein toh aap billi jaisi thi..aur ab sherni ban gayi…”
“How the hell am I here…???” I was enraged.
He smiled and said.. “I don’t remember… even I was drunk… but you did not kick me then..”
I glared at him.
“I swear I don’t know..”
I ran out angrily.
I had promised dad I would return early..I was upset.. That day I heard a lot from my dad… but my friend, Nishta , she came to my rescue.. And said I was with her.. As i fell ill all of a sudden.. My phone was dead so it was being charged.. So we could not inform.
My parents got concerned hearing about my illness..

*************end of flashback*******************

The roads were bumpy as before. I noticed the pani puri stall. My most favourite stall in the town. This brought in the most horrid memory…

****************flash back*************************

“Uncle, ek pani puri dena… jyada theeka honi chahiye..”

I was startled when I felt a hand upon my shoulder.. And turned..

“Excuse me!! Hum itne baar mile… par naam nahi jante ek dusre ki…. Aur…Uss din pochna vhul gayi.. Dress toh apne veja nahi…”

“Sonakshi.. Naam toh suna hi hoga.. Aur dress.. O toh apki patni ke liye rak di…”

“Hmm.. Iski matlab aap ko hi apka dress wash karni paregi… Dev hoon mein..” he said.. His eyes twinkling…

“Kya kaha apne??” i said shocked…

“Aap ke liye hum 3 se 4 baar mile hain.. Par mere liye.. In mahino mein hazaar baar…pyar jo ho gaye aapse..”

My eyes widened… and I tried to call him out…
but he left… later suddenly through a flashmob he proposed…

I blushed… and ran home.. I was shy..

I knew dad would get to know of all this.. I stayed in that lane… and everyone knew me..
I was tensed sitting in my room as I heard my dad walking in
He screamed…
Sona was what they called me lovingly… Sonakshi clearly meant.. He was angry..
At the very sight of me… he threw an object in his hand towards me.. I was hurt and bleeding..

“What am I hearing about you?? Am I working hard and earning money to teach you for hearing all this????”

I looked down standing quiet. Tears welled up in my eyes…
My silence angered Dad. I restored back to my room.
The whole evening I could hear my family fighting over the issue.

I was upset… and pulled out a paper..
“I never wanted to hurt you,dad… I don’t have any relation with him… when you guys would be reading this I would have gone far far away…”

I left home… i used to work as a columnist in a magazine.. And had earned some amount enough to start life elsewhere…

I went far away to Chennai.. Deep into a village.. I worked hard and managed my studies…
I became a nutritionist… by my ownself… with my hard earned money…

I realised i was pregnant… i was shocked… But managed myself with the news… i wanted to bring the baby into the world.. for it was the only thing I had to be called a family… that was where i met Shaina… she helped me through the years…

*******************end of flashback****************

My thoughts broke out with a jerk… the rickshaw was hit by another one behind… and I looked around to see where I was..
And saw.. The Dixit mansion in my left and Bose Mansion in my right ..

I stopped the rickshaw and got down… Slowly taking my steps towards my home… tears rolled off…

Suddenly.. I heard some faint calls…
“Dr. Sonal…”
I turned to face him.
Dr. Sonal was the name the world had known me in… after leaving home.. That was my identity.
“What you doing here??”
“Nice house… kiske ghar hain ye??”
“Ye.. Ye toh Bose Mansion hain… ??”
“Does anybody live here??”
“Nei.. Yaar… that is a long story…”
“Arey… Inki badi beti gussa krke ghar chodh ke chali gayi..tabse.. Accha chodiye na…ye sab baad mein.. Aap chaliye…”
“ coming… you go..”

I touched the rusted name plate.. That hung loose.. I pulled the door open.. My daughter following me behind.. Memories of my happy days flooded into my mind and tears rolled out..

“Excuse me.. Who are you??” said a familiar voice…and I turned to look..

Those eyes.. That face.. He is still the same…
He had a boy holding his hands..

“Sonakshi???” he enquired.
“Dr.Sonal…” I said hesitating.

“Really..?? Jooth bol nei sakte toh koshish kyun krte hoon… aunty uncle tumhe bahut dhoondne ki koshish ki thi… uski baad ye log sab Kolkata wapas chali gayi… tum unki pyari beti jo thi… yeh kaun hai??”

“Aapse matlab??”
I walked away.. Pretending not to care..

“Shadi karliya??”

“I am a single mom”

“Ow.. Brave girl..pati chodh di..”

“Mujhe follow karna chod toh.. Warna tumhari patni ko bol dungi..”

“Haan jarur.. Apne aape se hi bol na… kyun ki main tumhari intezaar mein betaraha…Aur ye.. Meri vai ki beta hain..humesha mujhe e bora samjha”

I walked off… Without any words.. I decided to leave for Kolkata once the campaign got over…

Dev had been watching me all throughout the campaign… It was the fourth day…
He walked over…
“Suniye.. Behenji… Aap Ki family kisi deal ki silsile Delhi aayi hain… aur abhi ghar par hi hain… agar mil na..–”

“Chup reh sakti hain??”

He was looking too cute when quiet..
And after work… I walked over to my house..
Hesitating to enter..

“Jaiye jaiye aap ka hi toh ghar hain… Mera dil mujhe kabhi galat nahi kehte…” Dev said…

I walked inside.. And knocked over my door..
Suhana stood close to me.

My family stood in front of me as my mom,Mrs.Asha Bose opened the door.
All were shocked and surprised.
Everyone hugged me tight.
And their eyes fall upon Suhana…

“your grand daughter..” i said hesitantly..
My parents looked on.. And I told them.. About that night in the pub.. How i was spiked and drunk… I never wanted such to happen… But my friends betrayed me.. Even though we never had any relation.. We got into one.. Without any…. I couldn’t talk any further. Tears rolled down… And i dragged Suhana along with me… and started walking towards the door…

“I did not want to hurt you…dad” i said as i was leaving… my dad held my hands…
“Did i ever said no to anything you wanted??”
I looked down…
“That i was angry… I thought you loved him.. But never told me… i was angry you did not share your feelings with me .. If you would have… I would have gotten you married to him…it was only after you leave… He came and told me everything…
I looked for you everywhere… But in vain… where did you go??? Did—-”

“Papa… I am sorry…” I hugged him back saying..

After 7 years.. This was the happiest day in my life..
The next day, Dad and Ishwari aunty spoke about my marriage with Dev… And also cleared the confusion about Suhana.. I had realised that over the years…the rivalry had sweetened into friendship… because of Dev…

It was grand ceremony. Probably this is why I was never interested in marrying I thought.

As Neha,Riya and Nikki took me all the way to Devs’ room.. I was feeling shy and blushed all the way.
As I entered… I was tired and slept off..


Dev is seen entering and smiles seeing Sona sleeping. He keeps his hand upon her head and pecks her.. Then goes to kiss Suhana a good night kiss.. And comes back and sleeps off.


I was sure I would no longer receive those anonymous gifts… after all now I am married..
But to my astonishment… The gifts were right at my door the next day…

And I looked around.. And saw Dev smiling..
And it took me less than a fraction of second to realise.. That… HE was my VALENTINE…

I ran up and hugged him tight.. While Suhana chukles..


So that’s the end of my OS.. i had initially written it in bengali… under the title.. “Golpota tomar amar” meaning “the story is of us” which i would be shortly posting in my facebook…

Yet i thought… About my readers and decided to type it into english for you all… Hope you guys enjoyed it.. And I hope it was not boring…

Please do let me know how much you all have liked it.. Thanks again.. ?

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