Vaikuntha ko prasthan 3 (siya ke ram) (last shot)


The epi starts with Ram saying Hanuman, you’ll remain on the earth till my name remains here, n this is my order. Hanuman joins hands.. Ram next tells Jambavan that he’ll also remain on the earth, n I’ll marry ur daughter in next birth..

Rama said to His family priest: “A sacred fire should be carried ahead on the path by twice-born brahmanas, as well as the brilliant white umbrella used in the vajapeya sacrifice.” Then Vasishtha arranged for all the necessary things required by rule for the great departure. Lord Rama put on fine silk garments and wore rings of kusha grass on both hands. Then He recited Vedic mantras as He walked to the Sarayu River. No one said a single thing, nor did they do anything as they tread that joyless path. They left their homes as the does the shining sun.

On Rama’s right side was the goddess of fortune Lakshmi holding a lotus flower. On his left side was the earth goddess Bhumi. And before Him was His power for destruction. Different kinds of arrows, long and excellent bows, and other weapons all walked along in human forms. The Vedas in the form of brahmanas, the goddess Gayatri who protects everyone, as well as the pranava omkara and the mantra vashat devotedly followed Rama. Great sages and all the brahmanas followed Rama, who was the open doorway to heaven. The palace women, children, elderly, maids and servants all followed Him. Also the women of Bharata’s and Shatrughna’s palaces followed that procession led by the sacred fire. All those great souls and their wives and sons gathered together on that great journey led by the sacred fire in order to follow the wise Rama. All the ministers, servants and their children, relatives, followers and animals joyfully followed Rama. All the happy and prosperous citizens followed behind Rama while absorbed in thoughts of His qualities. In that procession men, women, relatives, birds and beasts who were all Rama’s followers were joyful and free from sin. All the hale and hearty monkeys were freshly bathed and overjoyed. They chattered noisily as they followed Rama. There was no one in that crowd who was sad or embarrassed. United together as they were, they looked jolly and amazing. Whatever people of the countryside came to see Rama leaving also joined the procession. The bears, monkeys, rakshasas, and residents of the city of Ayodhya all followed attentively behind Rama with the highest devotion. Whatever unseen beings were left in the city also joined the procession in order to go to heaven. Whatever moving or nonmoving beings saw Rama passing also began followed behind Him. One could not find even the tiniest living thing in Ayodhya. All living creatures were following Rama.

After travelling one and a half yojanas toward the west, Rama saw the holy waters of the Sarayu River. Approaching the river which was full of whirlpools, King Rama and the citizens came to a certain place on the bank. At that time, Lord Brahma, the grandsire of the world, accompanied by all the gods, sages and great souls, went to where Rama had come in order to ascend to heaven. He arrived surrounded by millions of gleaming aerial vehicles. The whole sky was lit up with brilliant light as if it were made of sparkling light. Those self-effulgent beings who were residents of the heavenly planets by dint of their pious activities were illuminating the sky with their effulgence. A favorable breeze was blowing that was fragrant and pleasurable. The gods were showering down flowers in huge amounts. Hundreds of drums sounded and gandharvas and apsaras were gathered in crowds.

Rama placed His two feet in the Sarayu River. Then Lord Brahma spoke from the sky: “O Vishnu, please come! Bless You! O Rama, it is our good fortunate that You have arrived. O strong-armed one, accompanied by Your godly brothers, assume Your own transcendental form. Enter into the form which you choose. Either manifest Yourself as Vishnu, or else enter directly into the eternal spiritual sky. You are the shelter of the world. No one knows You in truth except Your internal potency who is Your consort, the broad-eyed Sita. You are inconceivable, the greatest being who is imperishable and ageless. As such, enter whatever form You want.”

Upon hearing Lord Brahma’s words, Rama reflected for a while, then accompanied by His brothers, He entered His own Vaishnava potency. Thereafter the gods headed by Indra and Agni, as well as the sadhyas and Maruts worshipped the Lord in His form as Vishnu. Also the hosts of divine sages, gandharvas, apsaras, Garuda, nagas, yakshas, daityas, danavas, and rakshasas were there. The gods praised the Lord, saying: “By Your presence all our desires are fulfilled and we are prosperous and delighted. All our sins are gone. All glories to You!”

Then the splendorous Vishnu said to Lord Brahma: “O observer of good vows, I give to You this world with its multitudes of people. All these people have followed Me out of love. These glorious people are My devotees. Because they have given up their lives for My sake, I must be merciful to them.” Upon hearing what Lord Vishnu said, Lord Brahma said: “All these people who have come will go to the planets called Santanaka. Whatever animals were thinking of You will give up their lives with devotion and reside in the Santanaka planets. The Santanaka planets are invested with all spiritual qualities and are beyond Brahmaloka, My own abode.”

The monkeys and bears who were all engendered by the gods all took births similar to their respective progenitors. They all entered into their parents, while Sugriva entered into the orb of the sun. While beholding all the gods, those bears and monkeys achieved forms like their parents. After Lord Brahma had spoken, everyone went to the holy place of Gopratara on the banks of the Sarayu River and bathed as tears streamed from their eyes in ecstasy. Whoever dunked themselves in the water gave up their lives happily. As the human beings gave up their bodies, they boarded aerial vehicles. Millions of birds and beasts entered the waters of the Sarayu River, then achieved divine bodies and ascended to the threefold spiritual world. With their effulgent bodies they were as splendorous as demigods. When both moving and nonmoving beings had bathed in the waters of the Sarayu River, they ascended to the spiritual world. In that way, whatever bear, monkey or rakshasa bathed in the
Saryu river, ascended to swarglok ??..

Ram assumed his Vishnu form, with sita as Lakshmi and lakshman as sheshnaag ?..



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