Vaikuntha ko prasthan 2 (siya ke ram)

Recap-Lakshman n Urmila leave fr vaikuntha by drowning in the sarayu river..

The epi starts with ram thinking about yama’s words. He has already coronated luv n Kush. He orders the messengers to go to shatrughan n others n tell them that the tym to leave the earth had arrived. On the order of Lord Rama, messengers of speedy prowess were sent. They quickly left for Madhupuri without stopping along the way. After three days and nights they reached Madhupuri. Then they related everything in detail to Shatrughna, namely, Rama’s promise to personified time, Lakshmana’s abandonment, the coronation of Rama’s two sons, the arrival of the citizens, Rama’s orders to build a charming city named Kushavati on the slopes of Vindhya Mountains for Kusha, Lava’s residing in the charming city of Shravasti, Rama’s and Bharata’s depopulation of Ayodhya and Their efforts to return to the spiritual world. In this way the messengers informed the great soul Shatrughna of everything, saying: “O king, please hurry! Then they were silent.

When Shatrughna heard about the horrible destruction of His family, He summoned the citizens and His family priest Kañcana and told them everthing. He decided that He would also give up His body with His brothers. Therefore He installed His two sons as kings. Subahu became king of Madhupuri and Shatrughati became king of the outlying areas. Shatrughna divided the army of Madhupuri between His two sons and bestowed wealth upon them. After installing Subahu over Madhupuri and Shatrughati over the outlying regions, Shatrughna left for Ayodhya in a chariot.

When He reached Ayodhya, He saw the great soul Rama blazing like a fire. He was dressed in fine clothes and was accompanied by immortal sages. After offering respects to Rama with a controlled mind and joined palms, He spoke to Rama with due consideration for His rightful duty: “O delight of the Raghu Dynasty, I have coronated My two sons and come. O king, know that I am determined to accompany You. O hero, do not say anthing else or give Me any other instruction. I especially do not want that one like Me should have to refuse Your order.”

Upon understanding Shatrughna’s firm resolution, Lord Rama said to Him: “All right!” At the end of this conversation monkeys of vanar sena, as well as multitudes of bears and rakshasas, arrived in great numbers. They all arrived being led by Sugriva. Eager to see Lord Rama, they came with the intention of going to heaven. Knowing that Rama was about to depart, all those sons of gods, sons of sages and sons of gandharvas had come.

All the monkeys and rakshasas offered their respects to Rama and said: “O king, deciding to go with You, we have come. O Rama, if You go without us, we will be slain by You as if by Yama’s rod of chastisment.” Meanwhile, the mighty Sugriva also offered respects to Rama in accordance with custom and informed Him of his own ambition: “O king, having installed Angada as king, I have come. You should know that I have decided to accompany You.”

Upon hearing Sugriva’s statement and considering him a friend, Rama replied: “My dear friend Sugriva, I could not go to the world of the gods or to the spiritual world without you!” Thereafter Rama smiled and agreed to the request of the monkeys and rakshasas.

Precap-ram tells Hanuman that till his name exists, Hanuman will exist.

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