from vaikunth to Bhoomi to do our uddhar


Vaikunthum vitthu vaikkam vanda deivagam.
Lord ram his life is a message and that life makes him God. Sita and Ram did not lose their conscience after what happened neither their trust in humanity or dharm. How many of us can stay like that take our daily soaps for instance what do we see a person has a past so his actions are justified. How foolish can we get it is that person who must stand tall in his virtue in times of darkness. Not any angry and heartless young man who has his emotions hidden deep down. And this hate to love stories it sometimes based on sympathy I mean like u know that the person has a past and like u develop a soft corner. Relation can not and should not be built on sympathy. If u are watch such serials its ur decision but this is my opinion but I have not followed any Indian soap except dahleez to know the height of foolishness they take educated audience just for trps. But what I saw in Lord ram made me want this message to reach u guys.

First of all for those who read my analysis here I am sorry for an abrupt end but have not stopped analysis but I am doing in indiaforums
Just thought of posting this here as am free today. P.S my analysis will not include the Lanka melodrama which CV’s seem to love. But can’t deny that the akshay Kumar part was fantastic and it highlighted juvenile justice.

I guess we had ram scene only for two days in this week. Again taking me to indian soaps sorry for this what do we say revenge but what Ramji does is dharm establishment. Do both mean the same not really if injustice happened with u and u stopping it once and forever is dharm and personal vengeance destroying a person and u believe ur beloved one soul will get peace is revenge. What actually pandavas did can be called revenge but not without a greater good in it. So very thin line between the two but what is called revenge the joy is shortlived and what is called dharm it did the worlds uddhar in both epics.
What does hanuman say yesterday he has seen Sita. Ram is assured now he is her faith. What we have in relation is called trust and what we have in God is called faith and what Sita had was steadfast faith for ram was Narayan himself. He has been addressing her as Janak nandhini Sita since her haran what does it mean yes she was the janaki who could be gauri with a ram and Kali with a ravan. What was Janak nandhini Sita the one who would not deter from dharm for she was janaki.
And ram his patience ??? he is God in all sense who is compassionate to all of us despite out wrong doing. He prays to samudra Dev but patience beyond a level is foolishness but our daily soap Bahus are mahaans learn that even God has set a limit but the Bahus are unbearable.
Prayer is the strongest tool we can possess and which we can never be denied. Never let go of it for it will guide u and lead u in this journey called life. And ram does it he gets direction and the arrow he says it has to go somewhere and he says the same in swayamwar his dharm has not changed and neither has the rules. So before bending rules we need to apply it. We saw an illusion of Sita created by ravan to stop ram but what he fails to understand is Sita Is Rams strength not weakness. Ram trusts vibhishan because he believes that everybody can’t be ravan again it is trust in humanity. Lakshman Is fast and furious it is because he has seen a ravan and his brother was kind but he never wanted that to be exploited let him be wrong or right warning his brother was his duty. And that is undefined love. Hanuman and Bharat are similar a sevak in all respect they trust the Lord. Hanuman did what ram said found Sita but he did not do just that burned Lanka too. God wants us to think too not that we can blame him everything. Take responsibility for yourself. And Sita protecting hanuman she called him putr and that’s her duty. Sita does not trust hanuman blindly she questions how did u lift ram and laxman and that’s how it must be for faith is not born from trust but from doubt.
What is ravan doing kicking out vibhishan. He is not doing for shoorpanakha but for his ego. A woman is not submitting to him but he fails to realize, submission peace is the price of this and not force. Kaikesi failed as a mother here she was ambitious but couldn’t teach her son to respect relations. Before knowledge comes values and integrity and that’s what makes a laxman follow ram, a Bharat to emulate him. He can’t hear or bear the truth and when he has kicked out a Vishnu Bakth now it’s time for the truth to dawn.
Her choodamani which Sita have to ram that was the last sign of gauri and it is Kali the merciless daughter of nature Who resides in Lanka.
Skr ignored the sugriv part but how many of us are like sugriv praying during difficulties and forget after we get what we need. Laxman gets angry and sugriv appeases him and comes out to help. Clearly shows that the Lord would not encourage any derilication of duty. It would be an angry laxman who would come not the compassionate ram.
My next analysis would be when Skr will be showing the agnipariksha of Sita in about few months
Jai Shri ram

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