Vacation to Fiji ( No pairs only Sdch ) Shot 1

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Author Note

So if you want see how fiji looks just go to my Time line I will post pics. OK. U can see there.

I’m also in this shots to guide you guys.

Let’s start

Kanchi, prasha, garv, veer, riya. They all r best friends. Kabir gave permission for holding. They made plan to go to Fiji. They all packed their lugguage and went to airport board plane. Three days after they land in Nadi International Airport. They went out . It was night they gets worried where to go becz they dnt knw about this country. But no fear when ashu is here. So I entered in the frame and I told them that it’s night we have to stay in raffles gateway of fiji which was opposite of airport.

They checked in the hotel. Girls in same room and boys stay on other room. Kabir gets another room. They all freshen up and have there dinner and slept.

In the morning they all freshen up and went to cafe for breakfast. They asked me where to go.Riya checked the india time and gets shocked to see there night and here day. So I explained them that Fiji has 6 hrs difference from India. If there is night so here is day.

Sanchi asked about fiji. So I explained them that as India is ur country and fiji is mine. As u have Mumbai,Delhi, bananas .we have nadi, lautoka, ba, Tavua, rakiraki, Sigatoka and Suva. In each city we have villages. We have two main islands and that is Viti Levu and Vanua levu. These cities r in viti levu and vanua levu we have lots of islands.

I asked them where to want to visit first. Veer told Nadi Temple .We left to Nadi Temple. They prayed and we went back to raffles gate way of fiji.

Kabir -Ashu dear is here any picnic spot. Like garden or anything.

I told him yes we have sleeping giant garden in Sabeto hills. Sabeto village is in nadi. They gets happy. I told them to wear shorts.Wear caps, a canvas. Sanchi packed picnic stuffs. We went by bus. It is so far .we reached there in some hrs.Driver parked the bus. We walk down. And finally reached sleeping giant Garden it was so beautiful.

We were looking at garden and ria saw a big man sleeping on ground. She screams all asked her wat happened. She pointed to him all gets shocked to see him. I was laughing. They thought I became mad. Pragya said Abe o ashu hamari jaan nikal gyi and u r laughing. I told them this is not a man but this is only grass which is made to man. Remember we came to see garden. This is the garden. He is sleeping giant. They gets realived.

We again walked again. Veer shouts seeing another giant sitting. I again explaied this is same difference he was sleeping but here he is sitting. Kabir slowly slaps veer and said idiot.

We went near waterfall. It is so beautiful. But the thing was road was ended and only we can go other side by zip line. Because we were in the hills girls gets scared to go otherside by zipline. So one by one boys takes girl with them.

Garv -ashu this place is so beautiful. Any tourist cums.

I told him that yes all tourist cums here. I asked them did you watched Table no 21, 3G and warning movie. Those movies is made in Fiji.

Pragya -ashu where we going now

Ashu – Mud pool and Hot Springs.

Isha -wowwww

We again went by zipline. We finally reached there. Kabir was looking at mud pool when slowly from behind veer pushed Kabir in mud pool. Sanchi pushed veer. Pragya pushed sanchi. Isha pushed pragya. Garv pushed Isha only ria was left so she jumped by her self. Oh i was also left. I was looking at them. They were throwing mud on eachother. They were enjoying playing.

After sometime they came out of pool. They asked me where to clean our selves. I pointed to other pool which was called hot springs or termal pool. It was hot so I also went with them. They clean themselves .They enjoy in pool. We came out. We were thirty and starving. So we sat on the ground ate our food drank a lot of water. They again jumped in mud pool. This time they didn’t leave me. They took me with them. I was happy with them. Infact my readers was also happy becz they r also enjoying reading.

We again went to termal pool. We again went to mud pool and again termal pool. This time it was our last in termal pool. We were so much I tired by walking and climbing by zipline. We returned our hotel at the night. We went to freshen up and we met in dinning.

Sanchi -Ashu today was so fun. We have enjoyed alot.

Kabir -yes ashu

Veer -I will miss this place. I will never forget this sleeping giant garden. I wish in reality we came here.

Riya – So ashu wats plan for tomorrow

Isha – yeah ashu

Garv -u guys stop ur bak bak let’s her speak.

Ashu -thank you garv. So guys Tommorrow we will check out from here and we will go to Denerau Island. There is a resort and waterpark. We will enjoy there

Kabir -Which city

Ashu – Here Nadi. This place has many hotels, resorts and islands. We will stay there for one week becz it’s an island. And lots of places r there. First we will visit all places in denerau island. Then we will decide which city will we go.

We ate our dinner and went to our room and slept. We were so tired but they were excited for tomorrow.

To be continued. ……..

So this was first part. I knw it’s boring so sorry for that. And DON’T FORGET TO SEE THE PICS ON MY WALL. U WILL UNDERSTAND ALL THIS PART.

bye take care
Keep smiling


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  1. Amazing dear

  2. Riyarocks

    Ashu…..u know what, b4 reading ur update, I first took a look at the pics on ur page, & by this I could easily understand abt what location u r describing……… coming to the plot………oops, coming to Fiji, I just couldn’t control my laugh at the sleeping giant garden & the mud pool………wow……..just too good……….luv u sweetieeeee & eagerly waiting for our trip to Denerau island…..haha……..bye….tc…….

  3. Thanks for sight seeing of fizi

  4. Aafiya

    Wow! It was like I was there with Ashu ☺

  5. It was amazing….and Anonymousaa is reading ur ffs n she wants to comment but TU is not publising it…..

  6. Prakruti

    Different concept. Enjoyed reading it. Keep writing sweetie. Loved it.

  7. Priyanshipp

    Sorry ashu for not commenting on ur lasts posts. I’m reading them . Without reading my food doesn’t digests. Actually I’m running short of time that’s why I’m not giving comments on any articles. I will give whenever I’m free . Hope u understand. Luv u dear. Keep writing bcoz I love ur ffs. When u were not posting i only know how my days went. Takecare

    1. Priyanshipp

      Nd yaa I love this os. I got to many things about fizi. Don’t go on likes nd unlikes. U keep writing …. this was so fun. I felt I was too present there.

  8. Ashu yaar you are rock………so so beautiful story yaar……I love it so so much………but I think agar kanchi or praveer pair hota to superb hota but I like their friendship so so sweet……..

  9. RuCh23

    Amazing Ashu ??? it’s very different from all other stories. And the way you described the places……I felt like I was there too ???

  10. Khamoshi

    Dear Ashnita.. i am really very sorry as i missed read ur articles.. fortunately i got this to read..i am busy this days with some work.. but will try to read all ur stories dear. Coming back to this article… it was amazing.. i felt like i travelled fiji without comjng to fiji.. i would love to come to your country dear.. and whenever i come to ur country..u have to take me everywhere just like kabir and gang ??? i loved it..lots of love dear

  11. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi.. os is super duper finally tune hamein chuttiyan de hi di… wrna lagta tha hme ghumana bhul hi gye.. i m late kyunki itna ghumne k baad thak to jaungi naa..??ok bye ab so jati hun.. kal phir ghumne jana h???.. bye lovv u tc gud ni8

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