Uttaran 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th May 2013 Written Update

In the forest:

A snake comes near him while he is busy crying and Meethi is walking towards him. The snake bites him on his hand. He gets up in pain and feels dizzy. Meethi spots Akash in this state and wonders. He sees her coming back. The image is blurred but he gets slightly happy. Sad piya o re piya starts playing in the background as Vishnu loses consciousness and falls on the ground. Meethi watches shocked and shouts Vishnu.

She runs up to him shocked out of her wits. She asks him to open his eyes. I wont let anything happen to you. She shouts for help but no one is around. She wonders what to do now. She is crying and runs on road asking the cars to stop and help her. But no one stops. She runs back to him. She tries to wake him up, turns him around to face her.
She sees the mark

on his hand and the snake passing by from there. She thinks if it has bit him. She wont let anything happen to him. She notices the foam coming out of his mouth. She wonders what if the poison spreads in his body. I wont let anything happen to you. She tears her dupatta and ties it on his arm and starts taking the poison out.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya is getting restless in her room. Why is he taking so much time to return? The jungle is next to home only and now there would be wild animals too. Why hasn’t he called? Hope he isn’t in some trouble. Gomti comes asking her to join them to have food. Maiyya declines she will have it later. Gomti asks about Akash. Maiyya replies he will come. No need to worry about him. He will come after doing the last rites of Meethi only. You go have food and go to bed. Gomti nods in agreement and leaves from there. Maiyya thinks he will come after finishing her only. She glances at Avi’s photo.

In the forest:

Meethi is sucking out the poison from his hand and simultaneously trying to wake him up too. She coughs and feels dizziness but doesn’t give up. She has a fainting spell. She still continues to wake him up. Get up Vishnu. She too feels dizzy while trying to wake him up. Meethi loses consciousness.

Thakur House:

A dream sequence where a young Iccha is praying and small Kanha is ringing the bell for her. Damini wakes up with a start and calls out Ichki!
She hears bells ringing inside and runs inside calling Icchas’ name. Tappu is doing puja. Damini takes Iccha’s name but then realises it is baby ji. What are you doing here early morning? Tappu asks her the same question. You too went back to the aangan (courtyard) at night na.
Damini says I was feeling restless so came. Tappu says now it would again get peace. Damini asks her what she is doing here early morning. Tappu smiles. You have never seen me getting up early and praying like this na. You have never seen Tappu folding her hands in prayers or bending down her head in front of God. Today I felt it from inside. Iccha’s heart has prompted me to come in front of God and pray. She holds Damini’s hand. Today I have told God that I want to meet my daughter asap. I have to meet her. I wont give up hope now. Conch shell plays in the background as Damini looks at Tappu’s hand.

In the forest:

Next morning, both are lying unconscious some distance away from each other. Akash gets flashes of Meethi getting up on the bus, him getting bit by the snake, Meethi coming back towards him and shouting his name before he fell unconscious.
He wakes up. I wonder if it was a delusion that Meethi had come. He tries getting up and feels his head aching badly. He looks around and finds the dupatta tied to his arm. Sad version of O re Piya starts in the background as the realisation hits him that Meethi had indeed come. He frantically looks around to find her. He shouts her name and spots her lying unconscious. He is too stunned and immediately rushes to her. Foam is coming out of Meethi’s mouth and he cleans it. He tries to revive her, tries rubbing her hand but no use.
He thinks he must do something before the poison spreads in her whole body. Get up Meethi. I wont let anything happen to you. You have to get up.

Thakur House:

Damini is looking at the wedding album of Meethi. She has flashback of her wedding – pheras, Meethi’s vidaai and how she had hugges Iccha. She sees Mukta and Rathore’s photo. She recalls how Mukku was trying to tell them the real identity of Vishnu and they dint listen to her.

Kanha finds her crying for Meethi. He comes up to her. Ammo nani nothing will happen to Meethi. You need to have faith in the police. They are doing their best.
Damini asks him why Vishnu did this with her or with us. He won our hearts with his innocence / genuineness. He has cheated all of us. What enmity does he have with us? He knew neither us nor Thakur sahab had too much money then what was his motive. Why he had to do this?
Kanha says I too have some doubts in my mind. But I still have trust in my Maiyya and her choice. She can never be wrong in understanding a person. Think Ammo nani she has taught so many children and has changed the hearts of many of them too. I fail to understand how she could not understand Vishnu. There are some things about him which none of us can fathom. The only thing that hurts me is that Meethi was our responsibility and we couldn’t do anything for her.
Surabhi was listening to their convo from outside. She smirks. You will never be able to find out who came as Vishnu in your lives and what his motive was. Mother has gone now its the turn of her daughter to go. Start doing the preps to send her to heaven.

In the forest:

Akash picks up Meethi in his arms. He turns to go towards the road but finds Maiyya and stops shocked.


Twadev lagnam chant starts playing. Maiyya asks him what he is doing. He is taking her to get medicine. See, what you couldn’t do God has done. Even he is with me to give justice to my enemy. My enemy’s daughter and your wife is at the door of death. She is on her way to meet her mother.
Akash replies don’t forget she has saved your son’s life. Else it would have been me lying here instead of her. She has sacrificed her life for me. She dismisses him and his words.
He stays firm. She is your daughter-in-law who loves your son truly. I too love her. Not only with you but I will fight with everyone even the world for her just like Savitri had to save Satyavan’s life. No one can stop me.
She asks him if he will cheat his mother or forget the promise that he has given to her. He replies in affirmative. She gets distressed. He says because I realised that the path I was walking on was wrong. Look at this innocent girl she loves me from the depth of her heart. I am her husband. It is my duty to protect her. Maiyya says if she had brought him up to see this day.
He replies I made a mistake Maiyya. I couldn’t understand the promises that I had given to her. My hatred has failed in front of this innocent girl’s love. He looks at Meethi with love and then at his mother. I am alive today because of her. I wont let anything happen to her and no one can stop me now. She disappears (he was dreaming). He looks around and realises he was dreaming.


The same sad song plays in the background. He runs on road trying to stop the vehicles but no one stops to help him out. A lorry stops but the men feel it might turn a police case. They lie to him about the lorry being full. He sees it empty and shouts if they have no humanity left. The episode ends as he concernedly looks at an unconscious Meethi lying in his arms.

Precap: Gomti says to Maiyya that love is stronger than blood relations. Maiyya was already stressed out worrying and this angered her all the more. She picks up Gomti and throws her off the balcony. She holds her one hand and lets her hang on the air while Gomti cries for help. Maiyya is looking at her full of anger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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