Uttaran 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 9th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Tapasya/Divya hugging in the store. Tapasya sees Jogi coming towards the store and is shocked… Divya turns around and sees him too.
Tapasya wants to go away but Divya stops her… Tapasya takes her hand away and leaves. Divya keeps crying.
Jogi comes and asks Divya if your shopping is done?
Tapasya says “I Love You Papa” to Jogi’s back and goes out of the store.
Jogi asks Divya what’s wrong, why’s she crying?
Mukta comes and tells him she got emotional while shopping for the marriage… and she made me cry too.
Jogi smiles and says I got scared.
Mukta says, let’s go and have some coffee then we’ll do shopping.
All of them leave the store.
Tapasya waves bye to Divya from upstairs.

Tapasya comes and sits inside her car and cries a lot. She says, I will come back home… I won’t ever go away from you again, I will sleep in your lap, but before all that, I have to prove to Papa that I’m his good girl. I will finish the purpose I came back for… after that I will come back to all of you. Thank you Mukta, beta.

Icha blesses Vishnu and she calls Meethi downstairs. She tells Vishnu the others have gone for Meethi’s shopping, they will be back soon. Surbhi comes and Icha introduces them.
Vishnu says, I’m meeting you for the first time, but it doesn’t feel like we’re strangers.
Surbhi goes away to get something for them.
Icha says, you’re just like Kanha… you work so hard otherwise who gets promoted so quickly?
Vishnu says you’re right… it’s only because of Kanha that I’ve come this far this quickly… he has given you lots of happiness, now it’s my turn.
Icha says, to be honest, I am really lucky.
Vishnu says, I’m the lucky one to get a family like you.
He says, if I am able to give Meethi even half as much as she got with you guys, I will consider myself lucky. I don’t have anything to give her.
Icha says, we don’t see wealth in a boy, we see his character… and what you’ve given to Meethi, no wealth could buy.
Meethi comes downstairs.
Icha says, she’s my lovely daughter… please look after her.
Vishnu has a flashback of his mother showing Icha’s photo to him and telling him to properly remember her face because she’s responsible for me being a widow, for ruining our lives.
Icha brings him back to the present…
Vishnu says, just looking at the love between you two, I miss my mother.
Icha says, you can call me Maa… then she tells Meethi to look after him… he has seen a lot of loneliness in his life… keep him happy.
Vishnu thinks, I will look after all of you really well, this whole family… Kanha, Kanha’s wife, you and your daughter. You killed my father… my mother became a widow because of you… now you wait and see how I pay back your debt with interest. Sasu maa, prepare for the storm that’s about to hit Meethi’s life!

Tapasya crying in her room remembering her meeting with Divya.
Amla comes and sees her crying. She asks what’s wrong? Why are you crying?
Tapasya says no…
Amla says, has anyone said anything to you??
Tapasya says, no one said anything to me, I’m only missing my mother… my mom and dad, I’m missing the days spent with them… but look at my luck, I’m so far away from my family even being so close to them.
Amla says, you’re lucky that you’ve got loved ones, I don’t have any loved ones in this world… I do have a husband, but my luck… even he is not my own. She asks, why don’t you go and meet them?
Tapasya says, I will definitely go, but I have something important to do before that.
Then she asks where Chanda Didi is.
Amla says, she has gone crazy… she went to the temple in the morning and late night she went out saying she is going for ‘keertan’… don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Jogi comes and Vishnu touches Jogi/Divya’s feet.
Kanha teases Meethi that Jeeju has already made everyone his fan.
Damini wants to bring tea, but Jogi says Mukta made me drink coffee in the mall, I will eat food with Vishnu now.
Damini/Divya go in the kitchen.
Jogi sits down and says, there’s a saying in our village… that at a marriage and a funeral, the whole family gets together.
Mukta comes in and Vishnu gets tense.
Meethi also makes faces.
Vishnu remembers Meethi telling him about Mukta asking questions about his friends – esp. Akash Chatterjee.
Mukta gives Jogi a brochure for holidays and says you left it in the car.
Jogi asks Meethi if she has seen Switzerland before?
Meethi says, no I haven’t ever been abroad, but I’ve heard a lot about the place… that it’s beautiful.
Jogi says, that’s why I’ve decided that you guys will go to Switzerland for your honeymoon… Meethi gets super-excited, but Vishnu starts thinking.
Jogi asks Vishnu, that he will need his passport.

Tapasya looking for the ‘tape’ in Chanda’s room in complete darkness. She says, I have to find that tape. I’ve already lost a lot of time.
Tej comes and turns the light on… and asks if she’s looking for the tape?
Tapasya says, it’s none of your business.
Tej says, what will you take to go out of my life.
Tapasya says, just let me get my hands on that tape first.
Tej says, Chanda may be really angry with me, but she won’t betray me.
Tapasya says, the right time will tell you who’s trying to help you and who’s betraying you…
(Amla listening to all this from outside the room).
Tapasya says, you’re right, one shouldn’t go in someone else’s room at night… (implying that Tej is also in Chanda’s room).
Tej goes out and Amla comes in with a glass of milk and asks why are you not scared of Tej?
Tapasya says no.
Amla says, what were you looking for? I heard what you were saying.
Then she asks Tapasya to help her for tomorrow’s pooja.

Vishnu says, why are you spending so much money? We can go somewhere in India.
Jogi says, we can do at least this much for our grand-daughter.
Vishnu says, I don’t have a passport.
Kanha says, doesn’t matter, I will get your passport made… I would just need your ID card.
Vishnu says, me and Meethi can go to Kashmir instead… it looks just like Switzerland… and we can save a lot of money that way.
Jogi says, it’s our Mukta’s order, we cannot disobey her… you have to go.
Vishnu gets tense.
Mukta says, please go Jeeju, Switzerland is a beautiful place.

Episode ends.

Precap: Some pooja going on in Bundela house. Veer sitting in front of the fire. He sees Icha’s shadow behind the fire walking towards him. It’s like he’s regaining his memory again. He says “Icha?”.

Update Credit to: crisps21

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