Uttaran 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 8th October 2013 Written Update

Damini, Tappu are preparing to welcome a new member in their family. Mukta is sitting there with them. Nani comes and asks them to stop all these preparations now and start marriage preparations. Tappu laughs and says he is so small and you’re telling about marriage preparations. Nani says, I am talking about Mukta’s marriage. Meethi is younger than her, and already got married twice. Tappu says her parents are there for that. Thakur comes and tells Mukta about the lawyer coming to court today. They leave to go to meet him.

Meethi is working in kitchen and wondering who saw her taking care of Akash. Kaka comes and asks where she is lost. He then asks if there is anything between her and Akash. Meethi asks him if it was him who saw her last night. Kaka says, I got up in night to drink

water and saw you. He asks Meethi if Vishnu knows about it. Meethi says no and asks him not to tell him either. Kaka says, it’s trust and love that keep marriage alive. He leaves. Meethi thinks Vishnu loves Mukta so much and she will have to do something to bring them together.

Mukta and Thakur reach the court. The lawyer just leaves from there. Mukta runs behind his car to stop him, but in vain. Vishnu is passing from there, and he sees Mukta running on the road. Mukta is about to fall down, but Vishnu catches her on the last moment. Mukta hugs him and cries to help her to save her father. She then realizes that she is hugging him. She steps back. Vishnu tells her how she was running in traffic.. what if she had an accident. Mukta says, what even if I had an accident.. like you care. She reminds him that another day is passed and leaves from there.

Meethi is putting Vishnu’s clothes in the closet. She finds Vishnu and Mukta’s photo. She decides to put clothes when Vishnu is at home.

Mukta comes back to Thakur. She cries and hugs him. She asks why it always happens with her that whomever she needs the most, they leave.

Vishnu returns home. He is in his room. Meethi comes to put clothes in the closet. Vishnu says he will do it. Meethi says, you can put them on the right place, but I can at least put them in the closet. Vishnu allows her. Meethi purposely drops a folder and Mukta-Vishnu’s photo down. Vishnu runs and picks it up. Meethi says to him, you had said that you left your past back. Vishnu doesn’t say anything. Meethi too reminds him that the days are passing very quick.

Meethi is putting some photos on the wall. Akash returns home. He pretends to be talking on the phone and says, I love you too.. I miss you too. He goes to Meethi and continues talking, I love you more than your husband and all that. Meethi tries to leave from there, but Akash keeps blocking her way. She asks him why he is blocking her way and tells him that there is another family living here. Akash says, I agree that I don’t have a family, but a member who used to be part of my family is no more with me.. then what can I do? He reminds her that he is owner of this house as well. Meethi tells him to wait a minute there as she goes to get something. Akash says to himself, I can wait my entire life for you.

Meethi returns and starts moving furniture. Akash asks her, what are you doing? Meethi says, you will find out soon. She then draws a line and tells Akash that one side is his and other side is her and her husband’s. Akash says, I know I shouldn’t have betrayed you.. shouldn’t have loved you, but our destinies have already come together.. and no one can change their destiny. No one can separate them, not even this line. He tries to cross it, but stops at the last moment. He says, I will respect your decision and will never cross this line, but strength of my love will bring you on my side within 48 hours. Good night, Mrs. Kashyap. He leaves.

Precap: Meethi finds from Thakur that Mukta has gone to Aatishgadh to find some proofs that can help them to save Rathore. Meethi calls Vishnu and says that she needs help from him to go to Aatishgadh. After the call, Meethi says to herself if Vishnu and Mukta spend some time together alone, then Vishnu may realize his feelings.

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