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Ansari reads out the name from the passport – Fida Rasool Aslam. Meethi finally recalls Fida whom she had met in the train. Ashfaque is confused while Khalid nods at him in a reassuring manner. Zubeida tells Meethi calling her FIda that all the misunderstandings are clear now. Ansari confirms that the documents are real. I still have one doubt. Why did you all took so much time to tell her name? Where is she from? What is your relation with her? Asgar points out that the passport contains all the necessary info. Mumtaz Begum is thankful to Asgar. Rizvi ji asks Ansari to sit with them to discuss about the further rituals. He agrees.

Saba tells Meethi that she should be thankful to her brother. Asgar tells Saba to be with Fida (Meethi) all the time. Make sure Ansari doesn’t try to talk to her.

She nods. Asgar assures Meethi that nothing will happen to her till he is here. You are our country’s guest as well. Meethi thanks him on Saba’s insistence.

Saba tells Meethi that no one realised when their brother took Meethi’s place at home. He takes care of all of us very nicely.

Ashfaque asks his brother how he arranged these false documents so easily. Asgar talks about his responsibility of being an elder son of the house. Dad has welcomed Meethi so we have to protect her or we would all have been trapped. Ashfaque is still curious about his brother’s work. How could you get them so easily? Asgar tells him to focus on the fact that the work is done. He nods. He goes away as his mom calls out for him.

Asgar looks at Meethi. A guy (Shoaib) comes to ask him why he helped an Indian. Asgar says we have to become friends with enemies at times for our own reasons. I am thinking about my ultimate goal (while eyeing Meethi). This girl will help us out in our mission. We always need Fidayin for our mission and Fida name suits a Fidayin best. He tells Shoaib to go from here. He will keep him informed about their future plans. You wont discuss about Fida with anyone. We have got her with luck. Shoiab nods and takes leave.

At night, Asgar is passing by when he stops to look at Meethi. Ansari comes to talk to him and he too has his eyes on Meethi only. Fida is a good name. You were not ready to tell her name earlier and then you got all the valid documents for her. You did well! Asgar says they have no wrong intentions. Ansari reasons that it has been proved that she is a Pakistani and she has mixed well with your family. There is no scope for doubt. Meethi looks up and he does Salaam to her. She replies in a similar manner. Ansari excuses himself.

All the guests leave. All the family members stand together for a family photo. They even ask Meethi to join them. She is hesitant but then joins as they insist. Nusrat is not at all smiling. Meethi stands next to Asgar but Ashfaque switches places with him as he doesn’t want his brother to stand with this problem (Meethi). photographer clicks many photos and even clicks a pic of only Ashfaque and Meethi.

Akash and Meethi’s photo falls down because of the wind. The frame gets broken. Akash rushes to pick it. His finger gets hurt yet he immediately picks it up and removes his photo from another photo frame to replace it with this one. Maiyya is worried for him as blood is coming out of his finger. He says that it is considered inauspicious when a frame breaks.

Zubeida brings milk for Meethi. She has given a room to Meethi for which she is very much thankful to her. I was unable to trust you in the beginning but then your husband helped me without my asking for it. Zubeida is thankful to God for giving him a husband like him. I have got two daughters but he never said anything to me. any other guy would have married someone else but he never looks at any other woman. Meethi asks about her daughters. Zubeida agrees to make her meet them tomorrow. Asgar reprimands Zubeida for keeping her in some room. You could have made her stay in this room. We could have shifted somewhere else. You haven’t done anything correct till date. She gets upset and he laughs saying that he was kidding. I only want you to take good care of our guest. Meethi praises the room and Zubeida. He wishes her goodnight and the couple leaves from there. Meethi muses about life. I was going away from my dear ones and here I found some new close ones. She picks up a diary on the study table and sits down to write something.

Life’s journey is so weird. I had never thought that life will bring me here. It doesn’t feel that I am in another country. Everyone loves me so much yet I am missing my country, my home, my family members, Anni (wonder how she is). She must be crying, not eating anything or medicines. I had decided to go away from my home and Akash but it is of no use. It has become next to impossible to live without them. I will even hug Nani if she comes in front of me. I had thought to end my relation with Akash so that he is able to move on in life. But without him life is so tough. I miss him so much. Tears have rolled down her cheek. I miss your very much Akask. Everywhere, every second I miss you! Do you miss me too? I don’t know!

Meethi hears someone singing Mere Haath Mein. She goes out to see. Ashfaque is singing it. She comes to where he is and looks at him. He has closed his eyes while he is singing. Meethi recalls her past happy moments with Akash. Ashfaque opens his eyes and is scared to see Meethi there. When will I be free from you? You go out anywhere anytime? Are you scared of anything or not? She is in tears again and he calms down. He doesn’t like it when someone cries so apologizes. He leaves his handkerchief on the railing for her. she wipes her tears with her hands and is about to go when the handkerchief falls at her feet because of the wind. She picks it up and looks around for him but he is gone already.

Precap: Asgar tells Meethi to go and sleep as it is quite late. She begins to go when her taviz falls down. He asks her about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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