Uttaran 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 8th July 2013 Written Update

Meethi is trying hard to control her tears. Akash shouts (from the grips of the constables) – If you want freedom from me then tell these people to kill me. If I stay alive then I will come back. Say you love me. They take him away with force while Meethi cries silently. Piya o re piya plays. She turns to see all the constables beating him badly and gasps in shock. She recalls Damini asking her for a promise from her. You will get over your past for forever. You will forget Akash and his memories for forever. She turns back torn as the piercing Piyaaaa plays. The police inspector locks him back inside his cell.

Agarth is counting the beads meditating with his eyes closed. Nirbhay comes there and seeing him thus is all the more irked. He calls out to his dad asking for an explanation but Agarth

continues praying. My sister was pregnant yet you hid this from me. You will have to answer me today. Just then Gomti calls out to him – I will answer it. She walks inside with Pavitra in tow. Bhaiya was right in hiding the truth. One question on a woman’s character and she is ruined for life. It was jiji’s (Ekadish’s) revenge and the bait turned out to be Surabhi. If she brings this kid in this world then her life will be equivalent to jiji’s life. She too will thrust her kid in a life of hatred and revenge. Bhaiya dint want her to have the fate as hers. Nirbhay is still unable to understand it. What was the need to send Akash I would have got Kanha here my way. Gomti comments that he still doesn’t understand his dad fully. He killed two birds with one stone. One, he aimed at jiji who cheated us. He sent back Akash to get Meethi back. When that Iccha’s daughter will roam in front of her she will seethe in anger from inside. Two, once Meethi is back then the doors of that house will automatically open for Surabhi. Nirbhay shares his doubts. What if Kanha doesn’t take Surabhi back even if Meethi comes back in this haveli? What if he doesn’t acknowledge the child?
Agarth opens his eyes to answer it. He puts the beads aside and gets up. We will open our one hand but the other will be closed in a fist. We will stop Akash and Meethi outside the haveli’s entrance only. They will be allowed inside only if Surabhi is welcomed back in that Thakur House. If not, then they must stay outside this house for their life. Nirbhay finally gets it (lol the dad is so cunning and his kid is….no comments 😛 ). Now I understand the whole game. You have made me really happy now. Agarth leaves from there chanting Shiva’s name while Nirbhay waits to see the whole thing as it looks extremely interesting.

Akash is in the cell. Mujhme tu plays as he recalls the various incidents where Meethi had told him that she wants to be free from him. Like how she got him arrested; how she had shouted wanting to forget him forever; the word love doesn’t suit him et all; Akash being beaten by the constables; Meethi’s comment – we both need to be released, you from jail and I from you; her handing out the divorce papers for him to sign.

The inspector comments (to Akash), you’re lucky. Come you got bail. The constable opens his cell. Akash wonders who got him bailed and questions the same to the constable who in turn signals him towards the person.
That person speaks from the dark alley (we all know its Rathore – Akash hit his sensitive nerve that day 🙂 …..m liking you again Mr. Rathore 😉 ). He says, you have been bailed now but remember this – who came to get you bailed you don’t have to do anything with it.

Meethi is in her room holding the divorce papers in her hands. Akash’s words echo in her mind when all the constables were trying to hold Akash. Why are you not looking at me Meethi? Look at me! I know you cant because you cannot see me in pain…because you love me! If you want freedom from me then tell these people to kill me. If I stay alive then I will come back. Say you love me.
She goes to stand by the window side when she notices someone walking in their garden (through the curtains). She is taken aback – Akash! She speaks with herself. Why am I seeing him everywhere? What has happened to me? He would be in jail right now. She turns to go but stops. Akash too notices her now. piya o re piya plays as she realises she isn’t imagining him this time. She goes from there and looks at him from the balcony. She comes down and stands facing him.

She asks him about getting bail. He comments that God sends someone to help you when you are in love. She shouts back frustrated. What’s with all this drama about love? He tells her that he isn’t doing any drama. This is my true love for you. She doesn’t believe him. its all a sham nothing else. There is no love for you in my eyes cant you see? Its only hatred in my eyes…for you. He asks her till when will she hide her emotions. There is only love in your eyes…for me. She goes inside telling him to wait for a minute. Akash prays to god to lend him strength so that he doesn’t falters in his path. Meethi comes back with something in her hand. She shows the broken mangalsutra to him. Look at this. You had made me wear this only right? But I freed myself from this fake relation. Ya devi chant plays as Akash looks at it.


Akash looks at her hand. If you freed yourself from this relation then why are you still holding the mangalsutra in your fist guarding it closely? (Valid point my lord!) Meethi looks away as Piya O Re Piya begins to play. I got my answer – this is a proof of your love. You tried a lot to erase all my memories from your heart but you couldn’t…..because you love me. Tadeva lagnam chant plays while he continues. If everything is over between us then why were you crying when the constables were beating me? Why did you raise your hand in a gesture to stop them? (He noticed so much whole getting beaten :O ). For every time I was hit you were pained. You cannot deny it. Do you still need any more proof of your love for me?
She retorts I hate you. Can you not understand this? I wont forgive you ever for cheating me. Do anything Mr. Akash Chatterjee but the doors of my heart are closed for you forever. She is about to go when he holds her hand asking for a minute. He lets go of it. Listen to me once. You want my sign on divorce papers right? You too put a deal in front me. I will sign them but on one condition. I will sign wherever you say. She doesn’t want to listen to him forget agreeing to it. He begs her to listen to him at least. She comments that if he is trying to do a favour on her then it isn’t needed. You cheated me. I want to remind you that your complaint is already registered in the police station. The decision will anyways be in my favour. He agrees with her. But adds that the decision might take months or years whereas he can solve it for her in mere 23 days. I need only 23 days to sign those papers. You loved with me in Aatishgarh for 23 days after marriage. Piya plays. In those 23 days you took out all the poison from me. You won my hatred with your love and I fell in love with you. Your love changed me completely. I too want 23 days. I will stay with you in your own home and prove to you that there is immense love behind this anger of yours. If not, then on the 24th day I myself will sign the papers and leave from here for forever. I wont turn back ever. I will be out from your life for forever. Only 23 days!
She tells him that she cant even think of staying with him under one roof for 23 seconds forget 23 days. He stays put with his decision. If you want me to sign then you will have to give those 23 days to me or I wont sign. Kanha asks him how he dare come here. They both turn to look at him. He walks up to Akash. Meethi’s brother is still alive Mr. Akash Chatterjee. Akash folds his hands before him. kanha bhaiya listen to me once. I only need 23 days to prove that I have changed for real. If I cannot win back your love in these days then I will go back. Give me my 23 days please. Ends on Meethi’s face!

Precap: Akash begs for one chance. Tappu (with Jogi in tow) says, why should we be giving and for what? This drama (of love) will be over in 2 days. You never spoke the truth earlier; neither are speaking today nor will ever say it. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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