Uttaran 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th October 2013 Written Update

Akash is pouring wine in the glass and steals a glance at Meethi who wipes her tears. Meethi and Vishnu notice the pair raising a toast to each other and then gulping it down. Kaisi paheli plays in the background. Akash keeps looking in Meethi’s direction all the while as he dances with the girl. Meethi is hurt and uncomfortable. Akash makes the girl drink wine with his hands. Vishnu notices the tears in Meethi’s eyes. Akash and the girl get real close and Meethi is disgusted at their proximity. Vishnu is watching everything quietly. The girl suggests Akash to go in the room but Akash asks her to finish the wine first. The girl insists so he agrees. Akash puts his hand around the girl’s shoulder and turns to wish goodnight to the other couple. The duo starts walking supporting each other but

loses consciousness and the bottle breaks on the floor. Meethi is shocked. That girl calls Akash a loser as he cannot handle a few drinks. She makes an exit. Meethi says (to Vishnu) I will go clean it. Meethi is walking towards Akash when Vishnu tells her not to do it. You go and rest in your room. I will clean this mess (while looking at Akash). She nods. She looks at Akash once again and then starts walking but stops again thinking of reaching out to Akash but leaves from there.

Tappu has brought food for Rathore. He thanks her for doing that every day. I am not able to do anything for anyone. Thakur Sahab is running around for me everywhere. She tells him there is a relation that’s why. He asks her about the relation but she avoids talking about it right now. This isn’t the right time to think all that. He agrees not to think that but you tell me what to think. How’s the baby (Kanha’s)? Have you seen him? She tells him she has but from far only. He is premature so doc’s aren’t letting us go near him. He remembers Mukta. Do you remember I had come before delivery and sat holding your hand? And then post delivery there she was beyond that deliver room behind that door. I thought I would go….but I dint get a chance. You know we dint turn out to be the best parents. She was always alone. We were never there for her. I was in another corner of the world oblivious to the fact I had a daughter and you in another…trying to do penitence. And she is alone now too. She cries all alone. Who will wipe her tears when no one knows anything? You do take care of her right? Give her all your love….for all the years we weren’t with her….and to Surabhi’s child too. He shouldn’t miss his mom. We can do this much right? She nods in approval.

Meethi is sitting in her room thinking about Akash and that girl and replaying the whole scene in her mind. She doesn’t know why Akash is hurting himself? Don’t know what state he would be in right now. I should go and check once. She gets up to go but stops at the door of the room where Vishnu is sleeping. She leaves finally. Akash is still lying in the same position.


She looks around to make sure if anyone is around. She then takes off his shoes and makes him lie down on the couch properly. She puts a duvet over him too. She puts his hand and rests it on him. She starts walking back but stops in her tracks as Akash holds her hand (in his sleep). Piya o re piya begins playing. He is talking in his sleep. Don’t leave me Meethi. I love you a lot. Don’t go! She has tears in her eyes. She turns and takes her hand off his nicely and keeps his hand back on his chest. Someone is shown hiding or something. She too feels someone’s presence. She thinks of checking but stops and instead heads for her room.

Tappu asks Jogi to have breakfast. He asks Mukta if she spoke with Meethi. How is she? Mukta replies that she is happy….with her husband. Rohini is dealing with the scrap dealer. She accidentally drops some papers on the floor. Mukta takes hold of a newspaper where the main headline reads – Advocate Rocky Sachdeva wins; another innocent freed! She asks Jogi is he read this article and shows him the paper. Tappu finds the name a little weird. Rohini explains the logic behind it. He stands firmly against the wrong people. His real name is Rakesh Sachdeva. Mukku gets the telephone directory and Jogi asks her to dial it. Jogi asks for an appointment but is told that the lawyer is busy for the next 6 months. He says I want to talk to him asap as it is very urgent. The ladies ask him what the lawyer said. He wonders why 6 months and how is this possible.


Akash wakes up with a heavy head in the morning. Meethi is standing right in front of him. A chant plays as the camera moves to her. He starts speaking to himself oblivious of the fact that Meethi is there only….don’t remember how much I drank. She adds….you wouldn’t also remember what level you stoop down to right? She puts a bottle of water in front of him. He says seems like a dream….seeing her first thing in the morning. She tells him to come out of his dreams. This isn’t morning but it is 1 pm already. He doesn’t care. Whatever time it is, you should be in front of me. She says whatever happened yester night shouldn’t happen again. He asks her why. Why do you care? Or do you? She says you think I will feel jealous this way…then you are wrong. I very well know you did a drama yesterday as you love me only. But yes, I have no place for that love in my life now. If you think I will be so jealous that I will leave everything and come to you then you are wrong. He says pain….so you don’t mind whatever I do? If that was the case then you should have let me sleep the way I fell asleep in the first go as I don’t think I slept the way I woke up in the morning. These shoes, jacket…why? She tells him it was all due to humanity. If you doubt my intentions then you can repeat what all you did yesterday. And trust me Akash, I wont do the same mistake of coming again remember that! Piya o re piya begins playing as they look at each other. She is the first one to go from there while he stands there and has pain written all over his face.

Precap: Meethi sees a pic of Vishnu and Mukta under the umbrella and an old withered rose. You too couldn’t come out your memories Vishnu…his heart is still beating for Mukku. Now I will have to find a solution to bring them both together. At Bundela House, Nani tells everyone to stop all these preps now. You must do preps for a wedding now. Mukku is there only listening to everything. Nani says, ram hi rakhey, Meethi is younger to her yet she has married twice.

Update Credit to: pooja

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