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Meethi sees the photo and wonders the reason of them being together. Rani calls her and wants to go, she agrees to go. Meethi calls Maiya and asks for Akash and says that Damini is has been shot and says to tell Akash when he comes. Akash wants to leave and goes with Chameli while Meethi is also there giving the report. Akash comes with Chameli and Rani calls for her. Chameli slips as she goes for Rani and Akash holds her up.
Chameli hugs Rani and asks how she is. Rani says to Chameli that why did you lie to me and I could have died if it weren’t for Meethi. She says to Chameli that Meethi is the best mother in the world when Akash comes and Hugs Meethi. He tells Meethi that they were coming for her. Meethi doesn’t say anything and Akash asks if everything is Okay.
Rani comes and says

to Akash that I missed you a lot while Akash says the name and says that this is all due to Meethi. Akash asks Meethi ti what is wrong and Meethi says that this is not the right and tells about Ani. Maiya says to Damini that Meethi is the cause while Damini says that Meethi is right and always were. She says that we should be proud while Maiyya is still against her, and says that we can use the money but don’t bring Rani to the house.
Damini says that some things can’t be done with money but with love. Maiyya says that if her husband was alive then he would have never allowed this. Damini says that she can understand her and says that let the children live their life. Malvika says that I tried everything but all in vain and thing what to do next. Rani wants to go but Chameli stops before entering the car, she tells Rani to go as she will be back. Rani tells Meethi to come with her but Chameli denies.
Akash comes and says to Chameli that come with us as Rani is saying. Chameli says that has to go when Akash holds her arm and stops her and says that Rani won’t like if you don’t come. Chameli says that she is Okay where she is and tells him to take care of Rani. Meethi goes and stops Chameli and asks that where are you going while Chameli says that I can’t come with you. Meethi says that I can’t lie to Rani anymore and will hate me for life.
Chameli says that you do not understand while Meethi says that we don’t have time as Ani is in the hospital. They are going in the car when Chameli says that look at the game of fate. Chameli says that before Meethi can find the truth I must leave while Meethi says that why the both of them are quite. Akash wants to tell all this to Meethi but stays quite as there are other worries. Rani is very happy and thinks that they will al stay together.
Meethi says to Chameli that you can stay with us and asks Akash. Akash looks at Chameli and she nods no, Akash says that there is a difference as we met the first but yocan do what you think is right. Meethi says that Akash lied to me and wonders why he is lying. Meethi comes to the hospital and Maiya is about to leave and asks where Rani is. Damini asks where Rani is and Meethi says that she is outside with Chameli.
Maiya is pissed at their work but stays quiet to the situation. Maiya leaves with Malivika while Meethi says to Damini that you soon will be discharged. Maiya comes home with anger and Rani and Chameli soon arrive with Meethi and Akash. Maiya is amazed to see Chameli and says to stop Nandini when she is about to step inside.

Precap: Maiya throws Rani outside and tells Chameli to leave. Chameli says to Maiya. that Rani is Akash’s blood and by abusing her you are abusing yourself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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