Uttaran 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 7th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Meethi saying in front of the whole family that Mukta doesn’t want her to get married.
Everyone is shocked. Divya asks her what’s she saying?
Mukta comes up to Meethi and says, please Meethi… whatever you’re thinking is not right.
Meethi says, oh really? OK Mukta, I agree that whatever I’m thinking is not true… then why don’t you tell everyone what the truth is?
Mukta stays quiet.
Meethi says, what are you hiding from everyone?? That you’re also in love with Vishnu?
Damini/Nani/Jogi/Divya all shocked.
Mukta says, it’s true Meethi… it’s nothing like that.
Meethi asks then what’s the problem?

Vishnu looking in his cupboard and thinks what Mukta was looking for? He finds the box that Mukta found.
He thinks I hope Mukta didn’t find anything.
He has a flashback of putting his passport in this box.
He thinks, if she got hold of my passport today, my whole purpose would have gone to waste. I would have to hide this box somewhere safe. He hides it in a drawer and locks it.
He says, by now Meethi would have created havoc in the house. At least now, that Mukta won’t come near me or show any interest in me.

Meethi asks Mukta what interest do you have in Vishnu?
Jogi thinks, the same blame now? The same history being repeated. What does fate want from us?
Divya says, Mukta won’t do anything like this… she loves you… we all trust her.
Meethi says, she’s breaking everyone’s trust.
Damini asks her to keep quiet.
Meethi says, why should I keep quiet? I was quiet for so many days… but now she has crossed all the limits. Ask her why she was in Vishnu’s room even when the door was closed?
When she saw me, she made an excuse that she wanted to leave a note for him… she wakes up at 6 am and goes to the temple to meet Vishnu and gets all awkward when she sees me. She reads his greeting cards without telling me… she wants to now everything Vishnu does, what friends does he have. She wants to know everything about him. Ask her.
Jogi comes to Mukta and says, if my grand-daughter has made a mistake, then I will take responsibility for that.
Nani thinks, the same thing will happen that happened with Tappu. I will have to stop all this.
Jogi asks Mukta whether Meethi is right.
Mukta cries and says, no Barey Papa, Meethi is misunderstanding everything.
Meethi says, okay, I agree I’m misunderstanding… then why don’t we remove my misunderstanding? Why do you go to meet Vishnu every day?
Mukta thinks, how can I say everything… I don’t want to spoil everyone’s happines. I can’t tell them my suspicions yet. Whatever I say now will be misunderstood. I have to remain quiet.
Meethi says, her being quiet says a lot Barey Papa.
You know what Mukta?? Years ago what your mother Tapasya did to my mother Icha, the same thing you’re repeating with me today… you want to snatch my Vishnu away from me.
Damini yells at Meethi and asks her to stay quiet. Tells her you’re crossing all limits now. You’re saying anything without knowing the truth. You have no manners how to talk in front of the elders?
Nani yells, ENOUGH!! This girl has talked a lot. Now I will talk, not Mukta.
Damini pleads with Nani to stay quiet. I don’t want history to repeat itself after so many years. I take responsibility for Meethi. I will make her understand.
Nani says, what will you make her understand? You’re the one who instigated her, that’s why she’s trying to put mud on Tappu’s name today…
She says to Meethi, what Tappu did for the people of this house, to understand that… your mind, your age and your height is very small. What your mother never did, you did today!! Talked to Jogi eye-to-eye. Is this respect for the elders? You want to know the truth? Then the truth is, there’s no need for Mukta to go after a boy who rings bells in the temple… I will find a boy suitable for her.
There’s a huge difference between your likes and Mukta’s likes… do you know why?? Would you be able to hear the truth?? Because Mukta has Thakur blood in her veins, and you have a servant’s blood.
Jogi asks Nani to be quiet.
Nani says, I apologise Jogi beta… my tongue is bitter… let’s go from here Mukta… because again today the court will be set in this house and the one in the witness box would be this house’s daughter.
She holds Mukta’s hands and takes her upstairs.
Meethi cries and goes away from there too.
Jogi says, Divya is the same thing going to happen in our house again? I won’t let it happen.
Divya cries and says, Meethi is misunderstanding… it cannot happen.
Jogi says, but why was our Mukta quiet? I have to talk to Mukta. These distances cannot be in this house anymore.

Jogi comes up to Mukta’s room. Mukta is on her bed sitting and thinking. Jogi sits next to her. He says, I want to talk to you… why were you so quiet outside?? Whatever was said there, wasn’t a small thing.
Mukta says, whatever was said there wasn’t the truth.
Jogi says, I trust you… but what happened years ago, I saw a reflection of that in what was said. So I wanted to know why Meethi said all that? Would you still stay quiet and not say anything? What should I understand from you being quiet? Mukta, please I request you never to embarrass me.
Mukta says, trust me Barey Papa, I won’t embarrass you. I want to see Meethi happy. I want to see her being married to a good human being… and I’m not intersted in Vishnu at all.
Meethi comes in the room… Jogi signals Mukta to talk to her and leaves the room.
Mukta says to Meethi, I am really sorry Meethi if you felt bad. I only want your happiness… please trust me, I am not interested in Vishnu at all. Please trust me.
Meethi turns around and says, why are you saying all this now?? You were so quiet downstairs… why are you saying all this alone in the room? I haven’t forgotten what you did at Aman’s time… I remember everything. You call yourself my friend?? Then you can do a little bit for your friend… just stay away from me and Vishnu. You can do at least this much for your friend?
Mukta nods her head and Meethi leaves the room.
Mukta opens her diary and reads the page that says “Gopal, Father, Diary”. She thinks, how can I stay quiet without finding out the truth?? Whatever Meethi thinks about me, how can I not do anything? Meethi is Icha Ma’s daughter, my sister… I will have to find out the truth about this man. If he’s Vishnu, then who is Akash?

Vishnu looking at a photo and crying. It’s Avinash’s photo and Vishnu has a flashback of him as a boy lighting his father’s pyre. Pandit makes him light it. His mother talks to him and tells him that Icha Veer Singh Bundela took away all colours from my life, ruined your life, took away your father from you. If you’re my son, then promise me that you won’t kill her or her family… but make them suffer their whole life… no fire, no death, no end… only tears… promise me.
The kid says, I promise you mom… I promise you… I, Akash, promise you that I will make Icha Veer Singh Bundela and her family suffer for killing my father… she will have to go through the same pain that my mother had to go through.
A flashback of Icha killing Avinash is shown and Vishnu falls to his knees yelling “Baba” and crying.
He says, Icha Veer Singh Bundela, I will ruin you.

Episode ends.

Precap: Divya meets Tapasya in a saree shop. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham song in the background. Divya is all crying and emotional. Tapasya is happy to see her. Both cry and hug each other.

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