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Akash comes to the prison and sees Chameli. He is shocked to see her and remembers their past, so is Chameli amazed to see him. Akash calls her Nandini while she says that Nandini died and this is Chameli. Akash how this happened and when did you became a mother. Chameli says that you told me not to come but I was anxious to come Mumbai. She says that I became someone else and never thought that you would never meet me but look at the game of this fate. Akash says that after all of this you didn’t even call me. Chameli says that I couldn’t talk to you and you were the first man to touch and couldn’t tell you.
She says that all I prayed was that Rani didn’t get the same life as mine. Meethi apologizes to Rani and says that I can explain. Chameli says to Akash that I trusted Meethi but she

also failed and I don’t know to what is going to happen to her. Akash says to Chameeli that nothing will happen to Rani as Meethi went to save her. Akash explains her situation and asks her of where the place is. Chameli says that I know the place but not the name. Chameli says that I am locked in here and so what can I do, Akash tells her to not to worry as he can get a lawyer and bail her out.
Chameli tells her to do whatever it is but quickly and he runs from the place. Meethi explains to Rani the story and says that both I and Chameli wanted to save you. She asks Rani for forgiveness and the girls tell her to forgive Meethi as well. Rani comes and hugs Meethi .
Damini is going from the place when she sees Meethi in the car and realizes that she is in trouble and decides to follow her. Akash signs the bail paper and gets Chameli free. The car arrives at the place and the sheikh is also there. Damini is also comes to the location while Ratna Bai goes to talk to the Sheikh. Damini comes at the back of the car and opens it up. Meethi is surprised to see her and they want to leave while the deal is made and Ratna Bai counts the money. Damini gets in the car and starts it and Ratna Bai starts to shoot.
They children flee from the car and the chase begins. The sheikh leaves while Ratna Bai stops them at are willing to shoot them. She takes the shot when Damini blocks Meethi and gets shot in the arm. Damini says that she is fine and is seated in car and wants to leave. Ratna Bai wants to shoot again but the gun is out of ammo. Rani calls Meethi her mother and she tells the children to get in car and they flee from the place. Ratana Bai falls and hits her head and they manage to escape. Rani hugs Meethi as they drive away.
Meethi tells Damini to hold as they get to the hospital which is soon. Mukta tells Nani about what Meethi has done and she says that it is not good and tells them to remember what she says. Nani asks Vishnu of what he is doing and says that what are we going to eat now as there is nothing to eat now. She says that should we eat Meethi’s victory now while Mukta says that we couldn’t focus on the house hold items from a past few days and we can get them soon. She leaves when Nani says that who is going to pay, Vishnu open his wallet but is empty while Nani keeps on accusing them.
Mukta tells her to stop while Vishnu says that Nani is right as now I have nothing and no way of earning money. Vishnu leaves the room in disappointment; Mukta says to Nani that there was no need to say any of this while Nani says that she has said nothing wrong. Damini is treated at the hospital when the doctors tell Meethi that there is nothing to worry about.
Damini says to Meethi to go as they could chase us here. Meethi says that I don’t want to go but Damini forces her to go. Meethi is going with the girls when Naini comes and says that she is very happy as they saved the life of many girls and all the woman pray for you. Meehti says that she could understand and says it was with the help of the lord. Naina gives the belongings of Chameli to Meethi for Rani and she promises to give it to her. Naina leaves while Meethi says that you can call me if you need help. Meethi drops the bag and finds a photo of Chameli and Akash and wonders the reason for it.

Precap: A policeman comes with Akash and Chameeli and tells the officer about Chameeli’s bail. Meethi is also there with the girls and Chameeli runs to Rani as she calls her. Aksah helps Chameeli as she stumbles while Meethi watches from the seat.

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