Uttaran 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 6th March 2014 Written Update

Maiyya sends Ambika to the bathroom to try out the kit and confirm that she is going to become a grand mom. Ambika starts heading to the bathroom while Maiyya asks Meethi to explain how this pregnancy kit works. Meethi explains it to her though a little conscious because of the men. Inside Ambika is wondering what to do. The result will be negative as I am not pregnant after which MIL and her sons will throw me out of this house.

Mukku looks at Vishnu who is busy in his work. She asks him about his work. His reports are ready. They only need to be signed by the boss. She is impressed by his work. She drops the report on floor and he gets up with a start to see this. She kisses him on the cheek and he is speechless. She looks around to make sure no one saw it and then asks him to check the report

and bring it in her cabin. I will sign it. She cleans his face with her hand before going. He smiles sweetly as he touches his cheek.

Sankrant is pacing anxiously as they all wait for Ambika to come out of the bathroom. Maiyya finally calls out for her to come out. Ambika gets irritated. This test takes time. She picks up a pink lipstick and puts marks on the kit. I will have to make sure that I have to say it only to my dumb husband. Meethi shouldn’t come closer. My husband will agree to whatever I say.

Vishnu comes in Mukku’s cabin with files and finds Yuvi already sitting there. He has come to take her signatures on the report. She compliments his fastidiousness. Yuvi asks Mukku to check it once. She trusts Vishnu who has cross checked the report. Yuvi gets up and goes to Vishnu. Don’t take me wrong but anyone can make mistakes as we are all humans. He takes the report from Mukku to check it. He finds a blank entry which shocks Vishnu. I checked it twice and there was no blank entry. Mukku asks him correct it and get another printout. He is still amazed at how could this be but then agrees. He apologizes to them and goes to correct his mistake. Yuvi tells Mukku not to trust him like this. I know he is your husband but leave that relation at home. Vishnu has still not left the room and hears their convo. How would it have looked if we would have presented this report in our meeting which is due in 15 minutes? Keep you work and relationships separate. He might be your boss at home but you are the boss here. You are responsible for everything. Please be careful next time. Mukku glances at Vishnu’s direction and he too turns to look at her. yuvi is happy.

Meethi prays that Ambika is not lying to her husband about this. No woman should use this lie atleast. Maiyya takes a step forward when Ambika opens the door. She specifically calls for Sankrant to come to her. He asks her to come outside as everyone is waiting but Akash suggests him to keep some things between a husband and a wife only. Sankrant goes. She shows the false marks on the kit and he believes her. He runs to tell them that the test is positive and is overjoyed by the news of becoming a father. Maiyya doesn’t look too happy and Meethi doesn’t look too sure about it but smiles for Sankrant’s sake. Ambika goes back inside the bathroom and throws the kit in the bin.

Mukku goes to Vishnu’s desk. Let us go and have lunch. He is still trying to figure out how it happened. She tells him it is ok to make mistakes while he firmly tells her that he dint do any mistake. He shows her his file. Nothing is missing in here then how can two figures be missing in my final report. She reasons that now that you have submitted the correct report then don’t take it seriously. Small mistakes happen. He stays put. There is no mistake. You can go I am not hungry. She points out that this is office not their home and we are humans who make mistakes. Yuvi watches them from a distance. Vishnu gets irritated by her continuously pointing at mistakes. Why are you talking like Yuvaan Sir? I just showed you that I dint make any mistake. Don’t you have this much trust on me? I am telling you I dint leave out any entry. She asks him if he thinks someone changes his reports here in office. He doesn’t know about it. It might be but I dint make any mistake. He walks away from there in a huff while Yuvi smiles an evil smile. I deleted those figures. This all is bound to happen as I will have to play such games to separate my Mukku from Vishnu.

Maiyya is sure Ambika is not pregnant. This is all her plan to keep me quiet. Now I cannot say anything for the next 3-4 months. Meethi asks her to trust her a little. She tested in front of all of us and it was positive. Maiyya doesn’t trust that kit. If this was true then why did she not agree to come to the doc with her? meethi asks her to calm down. I too have a doubt on her but we will have to be very careful in what we do. We need time to think about what we have to do. Leave all this I will show you the pictures of our picnic. Maiyya doesn’t feel like. I am damn sure she did something in the forest that’s why you were lost. I cannot be misguided. Akash comes there and she immediately changes her tone. The photos are very nice. I should go now or my son will think that I am misguiding you. She leaves from there. Akash looks at Meethi. Why was Maiyya here? Meethi tells him that she came to talk to her DIL. Can she not? he points out that this has never happened before. She says people change. Some people come closer while close ones go far. He is scared of this only. Hope those who should be near don’t go far. She holds his hand in hers. You don’t have to be scared as nothing like that will happen. One thing will never change and that is my love for you. It will increase with the passage of time.

She shows him the pictures. She notices a picture where the signboard is indicating to the left. She recalls how Akash told her that all the signage’s were pointing to the right then why she took left; Maiyya pointing fingers at Ambika for what happened with her in the forest. She points it out to him. he says the arrow was pointing to the right when we walked past it. She asks him about it. This means someone changed the direction of the arrow. He is sure she doubts Ambika for it. She has no reason to doubt anyone else. He says there might be other tourists there who would have changed it for some fun. She counters that there was no other tourist there as far as she knows. Plus Maiyya isn’t too smart to study the map of echo point and would come there to change it. He cannot understand why she is unable to understand that Maiyya is not only instigating her against Ambika but also creating problems between them. She is not so foolish that she will blindly follow anybody. I have my own mind and I can see what’s happening. Rathore comes to knock on their door when Meethi is telling Akash that she is sure Ambika is behind all of it. There is a reason behind it as well. I have seen yours and Ambika’s engagement pics in her bag in picnic. Not only me but Rathore uncle and Mukku have seen it too. She tells him that Ambika is doing all this. Trust me please try to understand. The distances between us are because of Ambika, not Maiyya. She will ruin all of us one by one. She stops as she notices Rathore standing outside their room. Akash too turns to look in the direction of the door. rathore remarks that maybe he came at the wrong time. I should go. Akash stops him. You have come at the right time. Now you only make her understand that she shouldn’t support Maiyya. She is only trying to make Meethi hate Ambika. Meethi is not ready to listen to anyone else. Meethi declines. I told you Maiyya is not instigating me. plus for the first time she isn’t doing anything wrong. Rathore asks Meethi why Akash would talk about his mom like this. She has done something like that only in the past because of which it is tough to trust her. you remember when she had come with you seek apology I had asked you back then as well and I am asking you again. Can you really trust her? She says you too are misunderstanding her. she isn’t doing anything wrong this time try to understand. Ok, tell me one thing how long have you known Ambika. How many times have you met her? Only once! Ambika has won your heart in just one meeting do you realise its meaning? Rathore feels bad. She has a very clever mind. She shows him the same photo in the laptop. This proves that Ambika is to be blamed for what happened with her in the picnic. Rathore says I wasn’t talking about Ambika but Ekadish ji. Anyways this is your personal matter. I should not say anything. He leaves from there. Akash is upset with Meethi. Realise it before its too late. Why are you not trying to understand the truth? You might lose your relations if you continue to think / talk like this one day. Epi ends on Meethi’s face.

Precap: Meethi tells Ambika that her game is over. You have cheated us all by lying about your pregnancy. You have tried to kill me thrice. You have tried to kill Akash too but now your game is over. But this one proof (mobile) will bring out your real face in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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