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Ratna Bai is teaching the girls while they are laughing at her. Naina comes and introduces the new instructor as Salma(Meethi). Naina says that this woman is a big dance teacher and Ratna Bai says that I am grateful for you and will give the money of your demand. Salma says that she doesn’t dances for money but money dances for her and came for the betterment of children. Ratna Bai says that when she was young, she used to dance great. Salma says that introduce me to the children as I have to teach them and Ratna Bai does.
Rani is not looking at Salma and so she comes at her. Salma says that let me have a look at her and Ratna Bai forces her to look at Salma. She looks at Meethi (Salma) and remembers to what Ratna Bai said to her earlier about. Akash says to Mukta that I should have let Meethi

alone and decides to go. Akash says that he’ll go and will call her if he needs help, Mukta leaves saying that Meethi will need you.
Salma is trying to teach the girls how to dance and says to Rani that why aren’t you dancing. Rani refuses and Ratna Bai comes to hits her but Salma stops her and says that she is a girl and love will do. She takes Rani aside and tells her about the plan and says that if you don’t cooperate I will fail. Rani says that to herself that I should do it for the other girls. Ratna Bai is also impressed and thanks Salma who starts to teach the children. Ratna Bai gets a call and tells Salma to stop the dance making Meethi (Salma) nervous. Akash comes looking for Rani and Meethi.
Salma asks of what happened and Ratna Bai says that the Sheik is coming to take the girls today so there is no time. She tells Naina to take the stuff of the girls and gives her further instructions and also tells her to get rid of this instructor. Ratna Bai leaves as she gets a call from Papu.
Naina says to Meethi that what are you going to do now. Meethi asks that if there is another way and Naina says that there is, we can use the window. They want to leave but Rani stops and says that I don’t want to leave as you are liar. Rani says that Ratna Bai told me that Chameli is alive and so I won’t leave with you. Akash comes in looking for Meethi and Rani and ends up showing the photos to Ratna Bai who is also there.
Ratna Bai quickly realizes the Salma and says to Akash that I have seen them. Akash says that this is my family and wants to know of them quickly. She misguides him and Akash gets trapped at gun point. Meethi tells to Rani that I will explain all of this later when Ratna Bai comes with a gun pointed at one of the girl. Ratna slaps Naina and says that no one betrays me and points a gun at Meethi. Ratna Bai warns her and then points the gun at the girls and Meethi agrees to follow her. Ratna Bai says that you will also go with the girls.
All the girls are taken while Rani blames Meethi for it. Akash warns the man that if anything happened to his wife and daughter then they will know of him. The man mocks him and says that Sheik will take care you and laughs. Akash takes the gun as he is laughing. He beats all the man. Ratna bai takes all the girls in the bus. Akaash comes calling Meethi, he finds a lady lying with a bruise on her forehead. He asks about Meethi and Raani. The lady says Ratna bai took them, only the special people know about it. Akaash asks would Chameli know. The lady says she must, as she was her special person.
The police lady tells Chameli someone has come to meet her. She comes to Akaash. Akaash asks Nandini?, in shock.

PRECAP: The lady gives Meethi Chameli’s things, and tells her this is Raani’s mother’s. Meethi is shocked to see a photo of Akaash and Chameli in the things.

Update Credit to: Sona

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