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Chameli is shocked to hear to what happened to Rani and says to Meethi that how can Ratna Bai take her after left her I your hands. Meethi apologizes and says that she couldn’t do anything though she tried a lot. Chameli says that she told you and that Ratna Bia knew her life and now will destroy the life of my daughter. Meethi tries to calm her down and explains what happened, Chameli says that Ratna Bai is very dangerous and begs Meethi to save her daughter. Meethi asks of what they should do, they want to tell the police but Chameli says that Ratna bai will know. Meethi confirms that she will find Rani and she is her daughter as well.
Outside the station Mukta explains that story to Akash and the reason to why they did it. Ratna Bai is with the girls including Rani. She taunts Rani who says

that someone will come for her, Ratna Bai says that if anyone comes to you then they will die. Rani gets scared and decides to follow Ratna.
Akash comes in the police station and wants to go in. The police man stops him while Akash explains that his wife is inside and he has to go as well. The inspector says that he must have gone with his wife and if not then you must wait, we will ask the prisoner and then you will be allowed to come. They tell him to go and sit ouside when Akash calls Meethi and so does Chameli hear it. Meethi says that it was my husband while Chameli says that it was a familiar voice. Meethi says that it can’t be as you have never met him.
The topic gets changed as they get to talk about Meethi and she says that she will find Rani. Chameli says that Ratna Bai will try to kill you while Meethi says that even if I die it won’t matter as long as Rani will be safe. As soon as Meethi is about to leave Chameli gives her the number of her friend Naina who will help them. Rani gets an idea when the Naina is busy and hides her phone.
Another girl wants to go to her home when Naina says that we can’t as there is no place for us to go. Rani comes and says that my white friend will come and save us all. A man comes and tells Naina to send the girls down quickly, Naina tells him to leave. Rani comes outside the room and remembers the Meethi’s number and calls it when Naina comes snatches the phone from her and says that don’t do this as your mother tried this as well. Rani is still affirmative and says that she will come to her aid.
Naina asks that if this was the same number you were dialing and then calls Meethi herself. Meethi comes and Mukta asks her how Chameli is. Meethi says that when you hear that you daughter went to the same place from which you tried to keep her from how will a mother be. Akash says that Mukta has told him everything and he knows that Chameli is Rani’s mother. Meethi says that we know that but we don’t know of who the father is an why he left his daughter. Akash says that he doesn’t know any of this but he knows that Rani is his daughter. They get into a conversation and Akash says that I am with you. Meethi says that if you wanted to save Rani you would have done it earlier. Meethi says that I am a mother and will use all my strength to save my daughter and that is alone.
The girls are being taught to dance when Rani gets an idea and she pulls the carpet and the instructor falls. Ratna Bai comes in and says that what is going on, the instructor says that the carpet just slipped and she asks Naina of where she found such a cartoon. She tells Naina to take this woman and bring another instructor. Rani is still laughing and Ratna Bai asks if she did it, Rani Declines but Ratna Bai says that you are just like your mother. Rani says that not to say a word for her mother or she will hurt him, in their argument Rani says that my mother is dead while Ratna Bai says that why did you believe when you didn’t go to the funeral.
Rani says that her white friend told her that and she never lies. Ratna Bai says that you mother sold you to the white friend and gave your mother a huge amount for you. Ratnau Bai also tells Rani to ask Naina if she wants to and Rani believes her. She says that you are now adopted by the people and Rani remembers when she was told by Akash to be called her daughter. Rani asks Ratna Bai of where her mother is and she says that she is in jail. Rani wants to meet Chameli and asks Ratna Bai to make her meet Chameli and she will do anything. Ratna Bai gives her word and says that she doesn’t lie like her friend.
Meethi comes to the place dressed up as an instructor; Naina comes out and meets her. Ratna Bai is trying to teach the girls though they are laughing at her. Naina comes with the new instructor Salma. Ratna Bai is very happy to see her.

Precap: Ratna Bai goes and meets Akash who shows her the photos of Rani and Meethi as his wife and daughter. Ratna Bai points a gun at Meethi and the girls and Meethi decides to do as told, Ratna tells her to go with the girls

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