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Rizvi cannot understand from where Asgar gets this much money. Mumtaz Begum talks well about her son. Leave all this and go check if everything is ready. We have to start the mehendi ritual now. You have called Ansari ji along with his whole family. They must be on their way. He goes to check the preps. Meethi comes there. She asks her to join them in their happiness. All the ladies are happy about it except Saba. Zubeida gives Meethi a new suit to wear. We all will be happy to see you wearing this. Nusrat wants you to wear this. Meethi is hesitant but agrees. Mumtaz Begum tells Zubeida to give her some new jewellery too. Zubeida takes Meethi with her.

Akash comes to meet Damini. She is shocked to see him here. She asks him a lot many questions in one go. You said you will stay in Jammu till you find

Meethi. He is sure about the fact that Meethi is alive. She knows it too but he had promised her that he will return with Meethi only. Why did you come alone? Is it that you too think that Meethi will never be found now? He tells her not to say so. I can give up on anything but not on this. Meethi is my life. I have come back thinking that she might come back here. I will search for here while police is looking for her there. I am in touch with them through phone. She is angry at him. Is this the only relation left between you and Meethi? I understand now that you don’t want us to find Meethi. I was mad that I trusted you again. You don’t want to find Meethi so that you can remarry and have a child of your own. I have understood you perfectly. You must be happy now that you are free now. This is why you let her go. He tries to explain but she is in no mood to listen. Thank you for coming till Jammu. She blesses him that he will definitely get a baby but also curses that she will never let Meethi go back to him again. Poor Akash stands there sadly wondering how to tell her that Meethi never shared her pain with me or I wouldn’t have let her go from here.

Meethi gets ready. She looks at her bare forehead and recalls a past instance where Akash had filled her forehead with vermilion. She looks at the safety pins and hurts herself. She puts blood on her forehead. Saba has seen her filling her forehead and comes to reprimand her for the same. You have decided that you will make sure that everyone gets to know you are an Indian. We are mad to have given shelter to you. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t put it for a few days. Clean it. Meethi declines. I cannot clean it. Saba tells her to clean it or they will all be in trouble if Ansari ji sees it. Meethi yet again declines. Saba tries to do it but Zubeida stops her. You have created a drama. Zubeida says she is doing what’s written in her religion. Why are you snatching her freedom to follow her religion? Saba is scared of Ansari but Zubeida is sure Allah will find a way to save them. She sends Saba from there. She apologizes to Meethi. Saba is good at heart. Meethi calls her bhabhi and apologizes to her for all this. I lost my mangalsutra in that river but I cannot remove this mark now. It is called inauspicious. Zubeida knows it. She thinks of an idea and changes Meethi’s hairdo. Meethi is pleased to see this. Zubeida tells her that she respects their tradition but here they cover their heads with their dupatta. Meethi covers her head. Zubeida compliments her on her beauty.

All the guests have arrived. Mehendi is being put on Nusrat’s hands. Meethi comes downstairs. Mumtaz Begum asks her to join the ladies. Meethi offers to help Zubeida. Zubeida compliments Nusrat. She is looking very beautiful. Meethi agrees with her but she can sense sadness in her face too. Zubeida nods. She is sad that she will be going away from all of us. Meethi gets sad too. Zubeida tells her that her husband is coming. He will not get time to change for the event. Meethi understands that he is the elder son of this house. Zubeida nods. His name is Asgar. Meethi can deduce that she loves him very much. Zubeida feels shy. She goes to keep something in her room.

Meethi joins the other ladies. Saba dances on Mehendi hai Rachne Wali. Even Zubeida joins her. Everyone looks on happily. Ashfaque too dances with them. Meethi sees Akash dancing with them too. She looks at him sadly. He comes to where she is sitting and wipes her tears. She smiles finally and hugs him. She opens her eyes and is taken aback to see that it was just her dream. She looks at the blood mark on her finger and looks at Ashfaque. She gets up and heads to another corner while wiping her tears. Mumtaz Begum is dancing too. Someone (Asgar) is shown to be making an entry in the house. The ladies hug happily. Meethi is rushing upstairs when she collides with Asgar (Fida’s so called husband). They both look at each other in shock and Asgar recalls the train journey. How did she reach here? Has she recognized him? meethi looks at him doubtfully / confused.

Precap: Zubeida introduces Asgar to Meethi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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