Uttaran 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 4th July 2013 Written Update

Akash asks the nurse about Damini’s health. She assures him that she is fine. Your blood helped her in recovering. He goes after telling her to keep him informed in case they need more blood. Mukku was listening to their convo while hiding. She calls someone asking him to come asap (Rathore…not happy for your entry for the first time :/ ).

Pavitra, Gomti and Nirbhay tell Surabhi against keeping the kid. It would be better if you abort it. What relation do you have with them? There is no point keeping the kid as this whole wedding was a lie. Ekadish listens to it all from the stairs. Gomti adds that nothing will happen by being swayed with the emotions. It is very tough to raise a kid being a single mother. Pavitra supports her sister. The whole world will taunt you. Agarth supports her daughter

(for the first time a little gentler side). You don’t have to worry about anyone. Your father is with you. Bring this child in this world. It is my decision I want not further argument on this topic.
Ekadish supports her brother. We don’t have any right to kill the child before it takes birth. Aagrth looks at her angrily while she continues. This kid is a hope by which its dad melts and takes Surabhi back. You only asked my son to start afresh. Go get Meethi. You took this decision for my son’s happiness. Would you not take the same decision for your daughter? Don’t you want her husband to be with her? She puts Surabhi’s hand on her dad’s head. Take your dad’s vow and tell us if you want your hubby to be with you or not. agarth has flashback of how he made Akash swear similarly in his mother’s name. Do you want Meethi back in your life or not? Flashback ends. Ekadish continues, do you want to go to Mumbai or not? Agarth has another flashback. Are you not living life like a ghost? Are you not pining for Meethi? Flashback ends. Maiyya tells Surabhi to answer for the kid’s sake at least. Surabhi nods in a yes to her father.
Maiyya announces it is decided now. Surabhi will bring this child to this world. And it would be our responsibility that no harm comes her way. I have brought her up; have fed her with my own hands. Does she bear no relation with me only you? Agarth recalls how he had said the very same things to Akash. It is parents’ responsibility to keep their kids happy as our happiness lies in their happiness only. She smirks at his brother singing a happy song about a newborn. She starts heading back to her room but turns to look at her brother and so does he. She thinks you used my son’s weakness. Now I have your weak point in my hand. You are so naive you cannot understand what goes on in your sister’s mind. She goes away smiling singing to herself.

Akash is sitting outside the hospital. Piya o re piya starts as he takes out the divorce papers from his bag. He runs for a cover as it starts raining. A car is coming from the other end and AKash and the car stop facing each other. The driver helps Rathore (as it is raining) with an umbrella.

Rathore steps out and Akash recalls how he stopped him at the banajara’s place back then. Rathore walks towards Akash. All this while the whole scene of how he beat Akash in the jungle is shown. They stand facing each other – Rathore is angry while Akash looks at him with unblinking eye but with no bad emotion. Rathore tells him to go back. There is no need to tell you the reason or the very fact that how I can send you back. Akash folds his hands before him. Forgive me but I have not come here to go back. I have come to seek forgiveness….to win someone’s love again. I cannot go back. Rathore says….being stubborn? You don’t know me yet. No one can be more stubborn than me in this whole world. You are mistaken that I would let you cheat Meethi again in going back with you. Akash humbly replies. Last time you took her away in front of my eyes but I dint say anything for I knew I was wrong. You also beat me up. Trust me if you beat me today as well than I wont raise my hand on you today too as I am still wrong in Meethi’s eyes. I will stick to my word that I have come here only to seek forgiveness. I have come here to win her back nothing else.
Rathore comments that he has chosen the right place to tell what’s in his heart. If I lose my control today then the hospital is here only. Don’t test my patience. Akash repeats his words. I have not come here to create any drama like you are thinking. I have come here for my wife nothing else. Can I ask you something? You too would have loved someone in your life. There is no limit for doing anything for the one you love. rathore motions him to stop. Don’t raise this topic as it is very sensitive (lol…Rathore ki bolti bandh…yayy yayy 😛 ). He holds Akash’s shoulders. Damini ji is admitted in this hospital. I don’t want you to create any drama here. Don’t test my patience (get a new dialogue…m not liking you today 🙁 ). If I am saying it then go. He pushes Akash backwards making the bag fall on the road. Rathore notices Meethi standing a little far behind AKash. Akash too turns to look and notices Meethi. Piya o re piya…..


Meethi walks up to Rathore crossing Akash. Don’t waste your time and energy telling anything to him. I know how to handle such people. A police jeep comes in. Meethi tells the inspector – this is Mr. Akash Chatterjee. He has been following me, troubling me and my family. my family has already lodged a complaint against him in the past. He cheated me into marrying him. Give him a very strong punishment. Arrest him. Akash himself puts his hands forward to get himself handcuffed (he is looking at Meethi all this while). Meethi watches him getting handcuffed and dragged along by the police inspector. Rathore watches it quietly.
Meethi stops them for a minute. Tell one thing to your Maiyya that no one will be scared of her warnings anymore. She is responsible for Anni’s condition. She phone Anni warning her. But from now on I will reply her in her ways. Tell her no one is scared of her anymore. I wont let her succeed in any of her plans. Akash looks at her puzzled.


Akash says you are misunderstanding it. Why would my Maiyya do it? She only sent me here to get you. She has accepted our relation. She cannot do it. Meethi repeats she is saying the truth. She is the reason behind my Anni’s ill health. Take him away inspector I don’t trust him anymore. Take him away. SAD PIYA plays… Akash looks at her his eyes telling the truth but no use ( 🙁 ). Rathore watches it all quietly as Akash sits in the jeep with the constables. Meethi watches him go. She turns and notices his bag lying on the road. She opens it to find the divorce papers. He hasn’t signed them. She thinks of something. Episode ends!

Precap: Meethi is in the police station. She tells Akash that they both need to be released so why not strike a deal? You sign these papers immediately and I will take back the FIR that I have lodged. You will get your acquittal and I will get my freedom. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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