Uttaran 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Mukta is crossing out a day on a calendar and says that Vishnu has only 15 days. Meethi hears it and says in her mind that she knows what Mukta is talking about. Mukta then receives a call from someone and she leaves to go there. Meethi hides as Mukta leaves from there. Meethi thinks Mukta is going to meet Vishnu and is happy for them.

Maiyya and Agarth are getting ready to leave for Aatishgadh. Akash meets them. Maiyya asks him if he’s going with them saying they lost two children already and don’t want to lose Akash now. Akash tells her, you had lost me on the same day when Meethi married Vishnu because of you. He still takes blessings from her. He’s then leaving from there, but Maiyya holds his arm and stops him. Akash takes her hand off and leaves from there. Maiyya feels

hurt and cries.

Meethi returns home and is surprised to see Vishnu there. Seeing Meethi tensed, Vishnu asks her if everything is fine. Meethi nods as a yes. Vishnu then asks her if she wants to say anything. Meethi says, you had 15 days, 1 day has passed. You only have 14 days. I just wanted to know what you decided. Yesterday you were alone here, you must have thought of something. Vishnu doesn’t answer and says he’s getting late for office. He leaves. Meethi thinks that Vishnu never lies, if he is not going to meet Mukta, then where did Mukta go.

Mukta meets Akash. She tells him if he wants to talk anything about Meethi or Vishnu, then she is not interested. Akash says, I came here to talk about your father. I talked with a good lawyer and I think he can help us. Mukta refuses to take help from him saying she can’t trust him. Akash tells her that it was only her father who trusted him, because of him, Surabhi’s child is alive. Mukta still refuses to take any help from him and leaves from there.

Mukta comes to police station where a lawyer is talking with Rathore and Thakur. He tells them that it will be hard to fight in the court after what Maiyya has blamed Rathore for, and suggests Rathore to accept the crime. He will get few years in jail, and if his behavior is good, then it will reduce as well. About living conditions in the jail, he will make sure everything is fine. Rathore gets angry at him and grabs his collar. The cops come and take Rathore away from there. The lawyer tells Thakur that this is the reason no one takes his case. The lawyer leaves. Mukta cries and hugs Thakur. She asks him to save her father.

Vishnu and Meethi are having a dinner. Akash storms in there, completely drunk. He looks at them and says, romantic dinner? Carry on. He drinks in front of them, and both Meethi and Vishnu feel uncomfortable. Akash then looks at the door and says, why are you standing there? He goes and brings in a girl. He tells her to take this house as hers only. He introduces Vishnu and Meethi to her as a married couple. The girl asks why are they sitting too far? Did they fight or something? Akash says, that only they can answer that how much love is between them. Akash then goes close to Meethi and she gets scared. He then picks up a wine-glass from the dining table and goes back to that girl. He pours wine in the glass in front of Meethi and Vishnu and episode ends.

Precap: Akash and the girl drink wine and get closer. The girl asks him why don’t they go to his room. Meethi feels disgusted and angry.

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