Uttaran 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Mukku finds Meethi in the kitchen. She offers to help her but Meethi makes her sit. I haven’t cooked for Akash since so long. She asks Mukku if Vishnu called her. mukku denies. Meethi suggests her to call instead but Mukku is sure so she is doing it right. Meethi agrees not to interfere between them. But Mukku corrects her that’s she isn’t interfering but is concerned about her just like I am about you. Mukku asks her what kind of a relation you share with Ambika. Meethi replies that the same relation that I used to share with you in that house. Mukku is still doubtful as she cannot forget what she saw in the room. Mukku agrees with her. I too think she takes very good care of you especially of Akash. Don’t take me wrong but I think that Ambika likes Akash. I just saw something. She narrates

what all she saw. I find something odd. You remember they were to get married? Meethi asks her not to doubt like that. Ambika respects us a lot. I and Vishnu too got married so if I help Vishnu then will you take it wrong? Mukku says both are different things. Meethi asks her if she should doubt her just because she used to flirt with Akash to make her jealous. Mukku apologizes. Maybe I am thinking wrong. Meethi tells her to rather help her in making breakfast. Mukku denies. I will have to go to office. Sir got convinced too when I made that excuse but then he called and said there is some party tomorrow. I have to do all the preps for it. I promise to be back soon. Meethi agrees finally.

Rathore enters police station. His hand makes a fist automatically as he looks at Chaubey who is busy working. Chaubey turns to look in his direction and is angry. They both recall same scene where Chaubey had blamed Rathore for killing his sister and how Rathore had fled from there. Chaubey grabs him by his collar. How dare you come here? Rathore asks him to take off his hands or he will show him the power of common man. Chaubey lets go reluctantly.

Nani has come to meet Mukku. Jogi calls her. You dint come home from temple till now so was worried. Is all well? Nani tells him that she felt like meeting Mukku. I called in her office and was told that she isn’t well so have come to meet her. He asks her to bring Mukku along. Nani offers to stay there with her only in case she is needed.

Chaubey and Rathore sit in a room to talk. Rathore has been waiting from years to ask him one question about Ambika. Chaubey asks him what he knows about Ambika; what’s your relation with her. rathore retorts…you are asking me about my relation with Ambika? I am her dad and she is my daughter. Chaubey declines. She is my daughter. Neither did you share any relation with her in the past, nor do you share today and nor can it happen ever. Rathore comments that his habit of lying isn’t gone yet. How can you have a daughter when your wife died without giving birth to any baby? Chaubey is shocked. How can Ambika be your daughter? In the hospital, Malvika gave birth to Ambika only. I know this. There’s no point in lying. You kept her away from me for so many years. Chaubey had no option but to do it. I couldn’t hand her over to a murdered. Rathore shouts back saying I am not a killer. Chaubey yet again blames him for killing his sister. Rathore points out that you very well know she committed suicide. Chaubey says it was you who pushed her to take this extreme step. She died because of you. Rathore says I don’t want to argue over this. I have come here to talk about Ambika. She has full right to know who her dad is and if you wont tell her then I will do it. Chaubey smiles. Try to reach near her once. I will send you in the jail under section IPC 306 Abetment to Suicide. I have the statement given by my sister according to which you are responsible for it. Rathore cannot believe she can do it. She loved me so much she cannot do that ever. Chaubey tells him how he wrote it all by himself and took her thumb impression on that paper before her death. It is more than enough to send you to jail Raghu. Rathore is shocked. When Ambika will come to know that her mom’s killer was her dad only then she will hate you very much. Rathore cannot believe he could be so low. Chaubey agrees being thus. I can send you behind bars for holding my collar like this. Rathore replies that I am not that Raghu whom you used to know 25 years my name is Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. Chaubey tells him to leave from here and looks at him angrily as he walks away.

Nani has come to Vishnu’s house. Vishnu opens the door and is taken aback to see her there. He keeps staring at her and she invites herself in. She asks him why he dint go to office today. you must not have gone because of Mukta. He denies. I left a file home so came back to pick it. Nani doesn’t believe it. Looking at you it doesn’t look like so. She calls for Mukku. Vishnu tells her she isn’t home. Nani is surprised. I called at her office and was told that she isn’t well. In this condition she isn’t home? Vishnu replies she might be coming home after paying a visit to the doc. Nani has caught his lie and asks him to speak out the truth. You don’t do anything and are making my Mukku work. She is the daughter of R.P. Rathore and Jogi’s granddaughter. Don’t know where she would be! She again calls Mukku but her number is switched off. She tells Vishnu the same thing. Will you tell me the truth now? he stays put. She tells him how he wouldn’t tell her the truth while she wouldn’t sit quietly until she knows it. Do me a favour by asking her to call me when she is home. Vishnu nods. Nani is worried thinking where Mukku would be. This Vishnu doesn’t even know how to lie! She walks off from there.

Mukku comes to Yuvi’s cabin asking him if he called her. He gives her a file asking her to invite all the people personally. You can take office car. Entertainment, cake and music is your responsibility. I know you will do it. She agrees. His friend Parmeet is coming from Punjab so might not be able to take any of the calls. She assures him she will manage everything. She is about to go when he stops her. Invite your husband too! I will feel good when we will meet again. She nods and leaves.

Yuvi calls Sharma Caterers. Make sure you do what I have told you. There cannot be any mistake. He ends the call satisfied. He looks at Mukku’s picture and says my dear Mukku Nukku there is a very big surprise for you in tomorrow’s party. He smiles a wicked smile.

Ambika is talking to her dad happily. I assure you I wont let her (Maiyya) walk around with her head held high in this house. I am better / cleverer than her. Ekadish walks in just then. Ambika ends the call. She asks Maiyya if she needs anything. Maiyya nods. I have to take away the smile from the cleverer person at home. Ambika sighs. Go ahead no one’s stopped you. Maiyya asks her not to act smart with her. I know you are behind everything that’s going wrong in this house (fan incident, Sankrant drinking alcohol and the fight between the brothers). I don’t have any proof against you right now but I know that you are the culprit. You are that clever fox who is doing it all by hiding behind the curtains. Ambika says you know everything. Maiyya repeats herself once more. don’t do anything with my son. If he goes away from me then I wont sympathise with you at all. Ambika point blank asks her what she will do. You will kill me? I tolerated what all I had to now its your turn. Maiyya cannot understand what she has done. I made you my DIL. Ambika asks her for whom..Akash or Sankrant? Maiyya knew this only was the reason. ambika says you thought I will serve your younger son just because he is good? You and your son broke a relation which made me fall flat on the ground. How could you think I would forget that insult? I have come here to teach you all a lesson. I wont spare you, Akash and his wife Meethi. I wont trouble Sankrant much as for him only 2 pegs of alcohol would suffice. Now hear me well. You will see the same amount of hatred in Akash’s eyes for you that I have in my heart for you as now everyone will blame you only for whatever will happen in this house. Now tell me if this isn’t more dangerous than dad’s jail? Ambika leaves. Maiyya thinks I will have to tell Akash everything before she does something big. He only will set her right.

Precap: Vishnu apologizes to Mukku. I cannot stay with you please return home. Mukku happily agrees to get her bags. She invites him for the party that is to take place tomorrow. will you come along with me? meethi and Akash are also coming. He gets thinking while she requests him not to make any excuse. He honestly cannot come tomorrow and he tells it to her.

Update Credit to: pooja

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