Uttaran 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 31st May 2013 Written Update

Being a mother I would suggest you to take divorce from that fake Vishnu. Meethi gets too stunned to react after hearing this. Tadeva lagnam plays as tears run down her cheeks. Divorce?
Tappu nods. I know it isn’t easy but you will have to erase your wounds yourself and make yourself strong. You too have to harden yourself because you trusted him more than yourself. You loved him more than yourself. How do I tell you I couldn’t come to any conclusion regarding this but a mother’s heart is saying that you take divorce. Free yourself from this fake relation.
Meethi doesn’t have the slightest doubt that Akash wouldn’t divorce him as he never loved her. But this wont result in him getting his due punishment for his sins. Tappu makes her understand. Everyone commits mistakes but it is wrong

not to learn from them. Don’t worry he will get his punishment. We can forget everything but He (God) cannot. Everyone gets the best treatment for their sins or good deeds as per their karmas. He too will get it but above all you must take care of yourself.

Akash comes downstairs limping calling out for his Maiyya. He is walking with great difficulty. Gomti asks him about his health. He asks for his Maiyya again as he checked in her room like Surabhi said but she isn’t there. Tell me where is she for I have searched everywhere for her.
Pavitra comes there saying if she can tell but stops when she notices Gomti glaring at her. Gomti taunts him saying it would have been better if she dint have any son. She raised you up for 27 long years and reminded you of her promise every day. She trusted you so much yet you ditched her for someone whom you met only 2 months back? You ruined her years’ long wait. It was better if she had been childless rather than having a son like you. She must have gone to kill herself.
Akash is shocked to hear them speak like this and requests them not to. It is useless to talk to you. He goes to open the door and finds Maiyya all safe. She goes inside without even looking or talking to him while he continues pleading her to speak to him once. He follows her to her room limping in pain. She closes the door on his face. He keeps on banging the door asking her to open it so that he can speak to her for once. I know you are angry with me but I did the right thing. I don’t want that we live a life full of hate. Open the door and talk to me once. Both Akash & Maiyya sit down on the floor upset separated by the closed door.

Tappu comes to Jogi and he notices that she is looking worried about something. She shares what she spoke with Meethi. I don’t want our Meethi to continue her relation with that fake Vishnu. Please find an advocate. Jogi wants to know if she has spoken to Meethi about it. Is she in a condition to take this step? She nods back in agreement. She too wants the same. She wants to forget all those memories and wants to go far from him. Being a mother I too feel that she is right. What’s the point in living a fake relation? She should get divorced.
They are startled to hear Kanha’s voice. I too want to end all my relations with that Surabhi. I don’t know what her real name is but I don’t want to keep any relation with her. This is my decision. Tappu supports him. Papa as soon as you find an advocate we will get both their papers ready. Kanha goes back inside while Jogi is still unsure or all this.

Akash keeps on crying and begging his Maiyya to let him to talk to her once. Both her sisters come there. Pavitra mocks him. You are weak why don’t you go and rest. We will take care of her. We don’t need you. He counters saying I am her son. She is only angry with me nothing else. She will speak to me. He again bangs on her door but Pavitra insults him.
Gomti jiji, who is he? Oh, he is the dearest son of jiji. We got to know from the letter that you were ready to break your promise to your Maiyya and fulfil your wedding vows to Meethi. This means that Maiyya dies and that Meethi lives right? He looks at her in disbelief. She is my Maiyya. I wont let anything happen to her. He bangs on the door again. Open the door Maiyya. I know I made a mistake by breaking my promise but punish me. Don’t punish yourself. He cries. I wont be able to take it. Both sisters leave from there.

Agarth comes there. He says stop this drama. Enough! We saw in that letter how much respect you have for your mother in your heart. You never gave it a thought as to what would your Maiyya would want? Now why would she talk to you?
Akash begs him to help him in talking to Maiyya once. I will do anything that she says. Just make me talk to her once. Agarth taunts him wow, what you should have listened to you dint what do you want now? Your Maiyya wants you to go away from her and this home. He pushes Akash away.
Akash thinks you are right I broke her trust. Meethi’s love superseded my love for Maiyya. I have cheated her. What right do I have to stay in this home, with this family? I should go away from here.
He says to his mama ji, if she wants this only then be it. I will go far from here. Agarth retorts don’t show your face to us again. It would have been better to be childless than having a son like you. I am still alive to take care of my sister. You need not return here. Go!

Akash starts to walk off but turns to look back once. Maiyya too feels something but Agarth stands like a wall between them. He shoots angry looks at him and Akash leaves.

Meethi is cutting fruits absentmindedly. Her finger gets hurt and Akash immediately starts sucking if. She looks at him amazed as he smiles at her. I told you I wont let anything happen to you ever. Till I am with you nothing can hurt you. Meethi watches him smiling at her holding her hand in his.
Suddenly a bell rings and she realises she starts looking around for him. She realises she had been dreaming. Sad piya o re piya plays. On the other hand Akash is descending the stairs with great trouble. He falls down from the last 2 stairs.

While walking, Akash recalls his Maiyya breaking off her ties with him. You are not my son anymore you are that Meethi’s husband. You broke all your ties with me as soon as you started loving that girl. By keeping her alive you have killed your Maiyya. Agarth’s words too echo in his mind. It would have been better to be childless than having a son like you. You need not return here.
He was struggling to stand straight when someone supports him from behind. Akash gets shocked to see Sankrant here. Om hari om plays.

Akash asks him what you are doing here. He replies Maiyya only called him here. Why are you going out in this condition? Akash pushes his hand away. What do you want? I am leaving home. Sankrant gets shocked and asks for the reason. Akash questions him. From when did you started worrying for Maiyya? And what will you do after knowing the reason? He replies she only called me to complete an incomplete task. Akash becomes restless what did she say? Sankrant tells to kill someone. Akash wants to know whom. He replies your wife – Meethi. Akash gets shocked.

Precap: Akash shouts from the courtyard only. My dad left me. Maiyya closes the window of her room. Why do you want to lose both of your sons now? You wont get anything. Why do you want to lose both of us? Akash falls unconscious with blood coming out from his mouth. Sankrant holds on to him shocked and tries to revive him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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