Uttaran 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 31st July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Meethi recalling the incidents…Rathore’s words about Akash’s love & the efforts he had put in to buy a gift for her; she recalls how rudely she had told Akash she wont forgive him ever. Mukku comes there to apologize for doing what she did. I know I have hurt you with my actions but I don’t think I did anything wrong. I did the right thing. Meethi counter questions her about her apologizing now. You think you did the right thing right then its no point saying sorry. Mukku asks Meethi if she is angry with her. meethi sarcastically declines. The only difference is that I wont expect anything from my sister from now onwards because I have come to know whose side she is on. Mukku tries to explain but Meehti cuts her off. We both are friends/ sisters that is at its own place

but I don’t want anyone to be involved in whatever is happening between me and Akash. Why don’t you understand I only want him to leave from here nothing else. I know very well this is my own fight and I will have to fight it alone. You might have forgotten but I cannot forget the pain / troubles what I have gone through. You wont understand it ever. You might have big heart but I don’t have. He might be a God for you its ok but leave me alone. I am falling weak I cannot do this try to understand. I don’t want to discuss anything about him. do what you like I will do what I think is right. I am sorry I dint expect this from you…that you would support him instead of your sister. She goes from there. Mukku tries to stop her but in vain. My heart says you still love him. The day he wins your heart…..which isn’t far…I will come and ask you if you are still angry with me.

Scene shifts to Akash pacing in his room. Meethi, these sores are nothing in comparison to the welcome which my family had given you, the pain which I gave you. It is nothing. Instead of this (Rathore comes to talk to him) some people from your family are on my side. Rathore is looking at his room. Akash thanks him for putting his trust on him. The way you defended me today I felt there is someone who trusts me. I have won your….Rathore stops him right there….not so soon…not so easy. It doesn’t happen so fast with me. You have come here to win Meethi’s love. The day you win her and her family’s love that day we will talk on this topic. I haven’t forgotten that (makes a fist in his hand) you had kidnapped Mukta. There are some odds to put even still. I haven’t forgiven you. If someone tries to hurt me or my family then I don’t forgive. I haven’t come here to forgive but advice you. Take it as an advice or a warning. You wont repeat what you have done in the past…intentionally or by mistake it wont repeat (puts his hand on Akash’s shoulder). This is the only way to win for you. He leaves. Akash thanks him.

Vishnu is working on the lappy when Mukku walks-in. She notices him looking around lost and smiling to himself. Puts the glass of water on his table to help him out of his thoughts. He gets up with a start making the chair fall (he he first cute scene today to smile on 🙂 ). She asks him to be careful. He wonders she here. She wants to know if he was expecting anyone else. He declines. She thanks him supporting Akash. He explains he supported her, her trust not him. You were right somehow that is why or I too don’t like him like everyone else. Though I shouldn’t advice but you too please don’t trust him too much. Cute music starts and she looks at him lost. He snaps his fingers and she comes out of her trance. He asks where she gets lost on and off. She says I was just thinking I dint make any mistake by trusting Akash. He nods….as you like it. He gets back to working. She asks if he keeps working like this every night. He says (smiling) not every day but has some important work today. Cannot prolong it for tomorrow! (I think it is something related to Mukku only 😉 ). She says this means I should go from here? He agrees (why digging your own grave dude 😛 ). If you wont go then how will I do the work? She repeats his words you are asking me to go? He realizes what he said (uh-oh too late dude 😀 ). I was just saying the work was important. She tells him to do for she wont come back here again. He tries to say something but she leaves angrily. He sits back to work. Can I not write a few lines? He thinks of writing a rough draft first.

Akash is putting ointment on his sores when he gets a call from Maiyya. She asks if Meethi is coming or he is coming back alone. He reminds her of his vow. Just assume I have won the heart of the elders of this home only Meethi is left. She is unable to understand why he needs to be her servant. He says have sinned so much need to do penitence as well (while looking at the sores). I am doing that only. She calls him stubborn. He puts it on her…blood! just bless me your daughter-in-law will be back to her place and my sister will be here at her rightful place. She blesses him (fake!). Come back to me soon. He disconnects the phone and gives a message for Kajri – her brother-in-law wont give up. You take care I will be back soon. The call ends.
She rues he is my son? I had to bear so much pain to bring him to this world and then in bringing him up and he is sitting there. I should be ashamed. Kajri knocks on her door announcing someone’s arrival. Ekadish signals her to go. She thinks this is the only way to call him back. Every source of problem will be removed now!

Vishnu is unable to write a rough draft and papers are strewn in his room. He declares to himself he wont be able to do it. You (Vishnu is talking to himself) have done everything (studies) but are weak in this case. He looks at the mess he has made. Thinking of something, he switches his lappy on and writes Vishnu loves Mukta on a WORD DOC ( 😛 let me have a good laugh). What if she gets angry? She will get me beaten by her dad (why to fear when in love dude B) ). He deletes both the names and leaves the initials only – V <3 M. He prays to God to save him. -Break- Mukku calls Vishnu a coward….don’t know if he would be able to say what's in his heart ever or not (go see his room dear you will get to know it 🙂 ). Why am I awake I should sleep! Her desktop beeps….you’ve got mail ( 😉 ). She gets happy to see it is from Vishnu (lol when she has your e-mail id wont she understand the whole thing and get you beaten by her dad…he he 😛 ). She gets happy and prays before opening the doc (aww someone is praying before sending it and someone is praying before opening it…love fever). She sees the V <3 M…..candles, balloons and the decor (Meethi’s birthday) is shown whereas she is sitting looking at the screen with love. She gets very happy and shy. She messages Vishnu to come and meet her in the kitchen. -Break- Ekadish welcomes some Durjan Singh’s family. All are seated. Agarth was clueless about their arrival. She says the mistake was mine so I thought I only should rectify it. You had rejected his proposal for me so I thought to call him. Bitterness is not good for relations. You (Durjan Singh) had asked for Surbahi’s hand for your elder son. He nods you had declined back then. She puts in on time. Plus our relatives stay in your village we heard you were looking for a bride for your younger son. Durjan Singh rues his other 2 sons turned out to be bad he is the only one sensible. If this marriage takes place then it will be best. Kajri is shocked. Nirbhay sends her off to cook food. D.S. just wants Surabhi nothing else. What do you feel Agarth ji? He only wants his daughter to be happy. I have to tell you one thing there shouldn’t be any lie / secret in our relation. My daughter is to be divorced from her first marriage. This will be her second marriage. D.S’s family agrees for it. He also compliments Agarth for speaking the truth. I knew from before as these things don't stay in hiding. You told the truth on your own. Ekadish tells Pavitra to get sweets. D.S. assures him his daughter will be treated like a princess for I have disowned the other 2 sons. Everything is his and your daughter’s. Pavitra tells Kajri to work faster. She confirms the second marriage of Surabhi. Kajri asks if they know Surbahi is preggy. Pavitra says they don't mind this second marriage then why would they worry about the kid. You always ask the wrong question. Pavitra gets sweet for everyone to solemnise the wedding. Ekadish tells her to bring Surabhi. Gomti says she is having stomach ache. Nirbhay insists. Pavitra too tells her to go. Why are you worried they know all they have a big heart! When they are accepting Surabhi then they would automatically accept the unborn child inside her. ekadish tries to stop her and Agarth gets super angry. (Maiyya your plan failed 😛 ). Precap: Nirbhay says have heard enough of what the elders said. Now only that will happen which I say. Surabhi is shown coming downstairs. He announces he will get the child aborted and will get her married to a nice family. surabhi, Agarth and Kajri are shocked while Maiyya looks wicked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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