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Ashfaque’s parents notice that he is looking sad and question him about it. It is a good day today as Meethi has gone back to her country, her home. Ansari asks them who has returned to their home. They are shocked to see him there. Ansari greets them and repeats his question. First you kept someone in your home using a fake identity of “Fida” and will help her cross border wrongly and you think I wont get to know? Do I look like some fool to you? Ashfaque tries to clear his misunderstanding. Fida (Meethi) had come to attend Nusrat’s wedding. She went back to her house now. Why will she cross border? Don’t worry about her as she wont trouble anyone now. Ansari agrees that he shouldn’t be worried. She has gone back to her home. Please make me talk to her if its not inconvenient for you.


and Asgar are in the bus. Meethi is close to tears as she thinks something or the other.

Ansari insists (rather angrily) that he wants to talk to Fida. Don’t try to fool me. My insiders have informed me that Fida has returned to her country by crossing the border. Rizvi ji asks him to sit down atleast. Ashfaque doubts Ansari’s spies but he retorts angrily at him. I am talking to your father so you should keep quiet. He turns to Rizvi ji. I respect you a lot but don’t think that I will fall for your lies. I doubted Fida from the beginning but I made the mistake of trusting you. It wont happen now though. I will keep Ashfaque in prison till the time Fida isn’t back. Ammi tries to protest while Rizvi reminds him of their relations. Ashfaque tells his Abbu to take his swear and tell Ansari that Fida is in Pakistan only. Ansari agrees to release him as soon as Fida comes back. Ansari takes Ashfaque with him while his parents look on dejectedly.

Akash and Kanha reach the event venue. They have their hopes pined on this event. We can find info on Fida and Meethi from here only. Kanha assures him that they will find Meethi. Announcement for the entrants are made (troops and audiences are to enter separately). The security is high as politicians from both the countries will be coming over. Akash mentally tells Meethi that he will only go back with her this time.

Asgar and Meethi reach at the venue too. They join in the queue. Akash feels Meethi’s presence and turns to look around. he is standing in another queue with Kanha behind him. Meethi has her head covered and Asgar is almost towering over her so Akash cannot see her. Akash tells Kanha that he can feel Meethi’s presence. As soon as Akash turns the other way Asgar turns to look at Meethi. Meethi too can feel Akash’s presence.

Asgar thinks of being saved from this security somehow or they will be caught. every item of the bag is being checked. Akash’s phone rings. Meethi remembers the ringtone well and looks around. Asgar tells her to keep her emotions in check. You are a Pakistani as of now. Your one mistake can land us behind bars. It will be impossible to answer them then. She apologizes to him.

Akash tells Anni that they have reached the venue. I will inform you in case we get to know anything about Meethi. Kanha enquires about Ammo Nani’s health to which Akash nods his head positively.

Akash and Kanha enter inside the venue after completing their security check. Asgar makes Meethi go first. He calls his man and tells him as to how will they carry out this mission. The guy is standing in the electric meter room. He counts till 3 and the machine is stopped due to technical error. Meethi walks inside with the bag without getting caught.

Ashfaque’s parents are worried over what has happened. rizvi ji agrees to talk to Asgar about it. he will fix everything. Ammi is sad thinking that Meethi would have crossed the border by now. Don’t know what both my sons will have to go through. He reassures her that things will be ok.

Ashfaque sits on a chair in the police station. Ansari isn’t putting him behind bars for the sake of the relations they share. I am giving you one chance to prove your innocence. If she doesn’t come back then you might have to stay here for your whole life.

Ansari sits on his chair. His junior brings some important docs for him to go through. The landline rings as soon as he opens the file. He is being called at the head office for some important work. He tells his junior to keep an eye on Ashfaque. He wants to go check on his factory once but Ansari tells him to reject the idea or he will keep his parents in the jail instead.

Akash and Kanha show Meethi’s photo to the constables and everyone present at the venue. Asgar leaves Meethi in the green room while he goes out to see how things are. Raanjha plays as the screen keeps shifting from a lost looking Meethi to Akash who continues searching for Meethi everywhere. Asgar and Akash collide. Meethi’s photo drops on the floor in the process. Asgar notices the photo and bends down to pick it. Akash enquires about Meethi from him. She is my wife, Meethi. I have been looking for her since days now but I am not able to find her anywhere. Have you seen her anywhere? Asgar remembers how excited Meethi was about getting visa for her country; Meethi keeping Teej fast for her husband.

Precap: Police tells everyone to vacate the place as a terrorist attack has been planned here. All the people rush out frantically. Akash and Kanha look around helplessly while Asgar has his eyes set on Akash.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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