Uttaran 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 30th July 2013 Written Update

Everyone is seated at the table and Akash is serving food to all. Rathore is appreciative of him while Tappu glances the watch (reverse the old saying and now think – its his good time now 😛 ). Detective Meethi looks at the entire food worriedly and Damini too has a blank uninterested look. Rathore smiles silently which is noticed by Divya. Akash tells his madam to have food. Everything is as per your liking.

Detective Meethi comes in the kitchen wondering how he could cook such a yummy food and cake in just 3 hours. The kitchen is all clean as well. How can it be possible? There must be some secret. It is impossible to do so much all alone. I must find out the truth. There must be something. She flips through the recipe book unhappily. Stops noticing the microwave oven and notices the burnt

cake (mission accomplished now the fire round will start…poor Akash!). If it is here then the cheese cake outside….wasn’t baked at home. It was ordered from outside. Another betrayal! There must be some proof. She starts searching the kitchen and lands upon the cake’s receipt. Akash Chatterjee you lied to me again…that too on my birthday (when people are hell bent on screwing something they will anyways go ahead and do it…realization always dawns late :/).

Outside Jogi is appreciating the cake (as if the cake has become some important Parliament issue all of a sudden :O). Akash is all smiles. Mukku teases her bade papa not to try making a cake he is well suited for parathas. Rathore (my iron-y man!) comments there are a lot of things which we don’t intend to do but true love makes us do it. Meethi comes exclaiming true love…for real? Everyone looks surprised. Meethi joins them….what if it is another lie in the name of love….another betrayal right Akash? Cake was surely made of love but it isn’t made not by our servant. She shows them the receipt. It was ordered from a bakery. All give away shocked expressions (its a cake not bomb uggh!). She shows the bill and day (today’s) and reads the note. Another lie, another betrayal Akash. You can see for yourself as now we have 2 proofs. One is the bill which clearly mentions that the cake has been ordered from outside and second proof is the burnt cake in the oven. You must be remembering the condition of this challenge – one mistake and you will leave. You made 2 mistakes today so you must leave right away Akash. Mukku has flashback of Akash sitting tensed looking at the burnt cake and how she placed the order for the cake even though Akash was still excited to make it in 30 minutes time. Meethi points out that he started lying, cheating in mere 3 days time. Rathore is looking here and there upset (with Meethi I think). Damini heaves a sigh of relief (not so fast my dear he is the hero wont go away so easily 😉 ). Meethi tells him to leave right away. mukku is thinking hard what to do (nooooo don’t think again please). Rathore gets up unable to control himself any longer. It is your birthday and this is supposed to be a happy occasion. Whole family is here we are celebrating. Baking a cake isn’t a big issue. And if we are stretching this thing so big then we must ask him once if he has something to say or not. Tappu says no one is interested in listenting to him here except you. Only you have sympathy with him (what more to expect from you huhh). Why don’t you take him with you if you have so much sympathy with him? meethi turns to her bade papa (Jogi). Now you must ask him to leave. Mukku nods her head disbelieving. Just then she gets a call…from the cake delivery boy! She puts the phone on speaker. All hear that it was she who ordered the cake which was duly delivered at 9.05pm. Divya wants to know why she is helping Akash. Meethi speaks up as she has a big heart. She is more worried for Akash than me. She doesn’t want him to make any mistake and go. Mukku declines. I can see how much he is trying to prove his love. He cooked everything all alone in 3 hours! Be a little sensitive. The cake would not have burnt too had you not dropped the juice glass intentionally on the floor. He was thinking of baking another cake in half an hour but it is impossible. That is why I placed the order. He has nothing to do with ordering the cake. Meethi wants to know why she dint tell them all this before when everyone was appreciating the cake. When everyone liked it then appreciations were loaded but now when the mistake has been caught then Mukku is trying to save him. He must be punished for his mistake. Mukku stops her and turns to everyone. I too should be punished for the mistake is mine too. Tappu tells her not to interfere. Meethi is confused as to why she is supporting Akash after knowing the truth. Vishnu too points out she is being extra harsh. It isn’t a joke to cook so much in 3hours. Meethi puts him in the list of Akash’s supporters (haaye…blinded with fury 🙁 ). He tells her not to misunderstand him. I am not on his side but it is extremely wrong to sideline the truth after knowing it. As far as I know, neither Mukku nor Akash is at fault. Meethi stays put. Akash Chatterjee did make a mistake today. You can never change Akash! (Dudette give him a chance at least and then decide 😡 ). Be it about wedding or about making a cake lying has become your habit. Mukku tries to put some sense in her (go sis in law). Rathore says he (Akash) has changed. You want proof? Akash tells him to let it be but Rathore tells him to show his hands. Piya plays as Meethi looks at his sores shocked. Everyone is equally shocked. Rathore says this is the proof of his truth (yayy go Rathore go 🙂 )….of his hard work. He has done this with himself because it is your birthday today. He wanted to buy something for you. He kept working in the garage late nights after working here whole day to arrange some money. He has done this to buy a gift for you….to earn Rs. 1500 for you. This is love! (Piya) Meethi leaves from there.


Rathore shares his doubts on Tappu. I think you are against me not Akash. You would have thrown him out today if I and Mukku hadn’t been here. She tells him how good it would have been if that was the case. No one here is happy with his staying here except you. He talks about his happiness. She says its about Meethi’s life. He asks if such a small issue like ordering a cake from outside has ruined Meethi’s life (yo yo answer Tappu ma’am). She tells him it would be small for him for AKash is very good for him. you have so much sympathy for him. He is only lying from the wedding day till today and you are calling it a small thing? He reminds her that when Akash was lying on his wedding day then it was only me who was saying he was lying yet no one listened to me (point). Who is he trying to hurt today by lying? Do we not say this lie ever? Have you never said it? She turns to him shocked (for he hit the nail 😉 ). Technically, he hasn’t lied today. Today it was your daughter who lied so what punishment would you give her today? Tappu asks him why he doesn’t want to understand (turn the he into she and ask this question to yourself 😛 ). You are only acting stubborn. He is the same Akash who had kidnapped Mukku and had wanted to kill Meethi. he is in this home too now. You know what value my relations hold for me (kindly repeat I too want to know :/). What our relation is technically? (its bad to hurt someone who loves you so much) And about my both daughters…..I know my responsibility very well (are you kidding me :O) and I can fulfil it very well, I have only one request from you please do not interfere in the home matters (bad huhhhhhh).


He reminds her unfortunately this isn’t related to her home Ms. Tapasya Thakur (she got hurt by the Thakur tag). It is about my daughter too. And Meethi and Mukku are no different to me. Iccha ji was your sister / friend but she was something to me as well. She had touched my life too. Meethi is her daughter. And I too want to make a small request to you – for me both are my daughters but I feel that at most of the times you only look at things by acting like a mother of Meethi only. It might be that I am nothing but she (Mukku) is your daughter.

Meethi is crying in her room. Rathore’s words and Akash’s sores flash before her eyes. She recalls the way she had reacted to his gift. Do whatever you want…gift however much you want to but listen carefully I will never forgive you…never! She wipes her tears. No Meethi, you cannot fall weak come whatever may. You will have to remember your every hurt. Whatever he and his family did to you, you will have to remember them all. I too had sores in my hands, had walked bare foot on the glass. I wont fall weak come may. I will have to be strong.

Precap: Mukku asks Meethi if she is angry with her. meethi sarcastically declines. The only difference is that I wont expect anything from my sister from now onwards because I have come to know whose side she is on. Mukku tries to explain but Meehti cuts her off. We both are friends/ sisters that is at its own place but I don’t want anyone to be involved in whatever is happening between me and Akash..

Update Credit to: pooja

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