Uttaran 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Mukku is sitting on the swing writing a letter for Meethi. I and Vishnu love each other just like you and Akash love each other. The way you are made for each other I and Vishnu are made for each other similar. Don’t take me wrong I was quiet till I dint knew the truth. I was quiet thinking you both love each other but this is a lie Meethi. You and I can stop this game together. We will tell the whole truth to the elders. I know my mother will be against the fact that you don’t return to Akash but she cannot understand that you too yearn for him. It would be better to face this bitter truth than life this life of lies every day….to everyone. Yours Mukta!

Meethi is putting back Iccha’s pic when something turns the other way round. She puts things back nicely. She heads for the

washroom while Mukku is shown approaching her room with the letter in her hand. Mukku knocks and calls out but Meethi cannot hear her. meethi finally does and asks her if there was some work. Mukku affirms. Meethi tells her to go ahead she is listening. Mukku begins to say it but stops herself. I am leaving something on your bed please see it. Nani who was coming this way stops short hearing this. Meethi agrees to see as she is just coming out. Mukku tells her the location…near your lehenga. Nani wonders. She quickly hides behind a pillar as she notices Mukku coming out. Mukku leaves. Nani comes and reads the note. She is shocked to know that Mukta and Vishnu love each other. Mukta fell in love with that penniless orphan? Ram hi Rakhey, I came on the right time or this girl would have ruined our Thakur’s names. Will my Mukta marry a beggar like Vishnu who doesn’t even know about his parents or family? Ram hi Rakhey this would never happen. For him only that Iccha’s daughter will be right.

Meethi comes out of the washroom and Nani quickly hides the note under her saree. Meethi is happy to see her and takes her blessings. You came on the right time. Nani affirms the same rather sarcastically. You too the very right decision of marrying Vishnu. She begins with that chuhiya but then corrects herself….your mom would be so happy. meethi gets lost for a second. Nani says why you are unhappy. This love is nothing. It doesn’t matter anything in life. Life is all about living it easy with a nice husband and kids. I say your bad days are over now. Meethi turns the topic to Mukta. She said she kept something on bed. You know? Nani holds out a small bag for her. She had asked me get this especially for you from Benaras. Meethi is happy as this is auspicious. Nani calls her a fairy. Get ready fast and come downstairs. She leaves after uttering her famous ram hi rakhey. Once outside she takes out the letter and turns back to look at Meethi. finally she disappears. Meethi keeps the pendant back in place.

Mukku rings up Vishnu. He asks her if she told everything. She tells him she wrote everything down on a paper. Now everything will be alright. He says why letter you went to talk to her. But she doesn’t know how to say it. She will come to me first after reading it and thereafter tell the truth to everyone. I have full faith. He agrees. Can I say one thing? It feels weird to say it on phone but can it be possible that we two get married today in the mandap? She smiles. You will have to ask all the elders about it? They both say I love you to each other. She is feeling shy so makes up an excuse and cuts the call hurriedly.

Meethi is standing by the window when Akash comes there holding his luggage. He knocks and her thoughts are broken. He seeks for permission to come inside. He keeps the bag aside and walks up to her. She is looking down. I am going back to Aatishgarh….thought to meet you for the last time before leaving. I couldn’t understand what was amiss in my love. Anyways, if you ever feel my love was true then just forgive me. Piya plays. She keeps looking at him. He opens his palm to give her amanat back to her. Taking her hand it puts the mangalsutra in there. I know you wont wear it but still keep it with you like a memory. He lets go of her hand while she keeps looking at her outstretched hand. Piya o re piya begins playing. He picks his suitcase and leaves at once. Akash is walking out of the house whereas she takes a look at the mangalsutra.


Mukku stops Akash. Where are you going? He smiles back at her…back home. She looks at him shocked. Did you not meet Meethi? She didn’t say anything? He says out paths are different now. plus I wont be forgiven in this birth. A chant is playing. You take care of yourself. He leaves from there. She wonders if Meehti hasn’t read her letter yet. After knowing all this why dint she stop Akash?

Meethi is looking at the mangalsutra. Piya plays and tears start pouring down her face as she recalls her wedding with Akash. Next she has flashbacks of how he was strewing them back together for her while sitting outside their house; how he stood outside all night getting drenched in the rain; the way she had thrown the anklet back at him; Rathore showing the boils in Akash’s hands as he worked hard to buy a gift for her; his love confession and she clutches onto the mangalsutra tightly as she cries. Akash is shown walking out of the house. It finally dawns to Meethi. I cannot live without you. Your Meethi is only yours Akash. She cannot live without you. She turns only to find an auto rickshaw stop before Akash. She starts shouting for him to stop. I cannot love without you. He doesn’t hear anything and gets on the auto. The auto wheels away and she instantly starts running out of her room. She is almost out of the house when Mukku calls her. Where are you going? Meethi replies she is going to stop Akash. I have realized I cannot live without him. I love him a lot. Mukku starts talking about something which she kept in her room but Meethi cuts her in between. I must hurry or he will go far. Mukku wishes her all the best. Meethi runs off and Mukku thanks God for listening to her. She read my letter. Now she will be happy with Akash and I and Vishnu.


Akash reaches the bus stop. Meethi too reaches there. Mera yaar mila de starts playing in the background. He gets up in the bus while she is searching around for him. She asks a conductor about which bus goes to Aatishgarh and is directed towards one. She is looking around every bus for him. He simply sits by his seat and is looking out. She keeps asking people about the bus but no one knows. She is right outside his window when he turns his gaze away. The moment she leaves he looks back again. Someone finally tells her which bus goes to Aatishgarh. There is one last and only bus which will be going to Uttar Pradesh today. The bus is shown leaving and she sees Akashs sitting in it as she turns. She shouts out for him and is even running after it to stop. Akash is sitting with his eyes closed. She runs after it shouting but the bus drives away. She falls on her knees as she sees it taking a turn and disappearing. She begins crying…Akash don’t go leaving me. Don’t go! Epi ends on her crying face.

Precap: Meethi and Akash run up to each other and hug. Piya moment. Rathore comes downstairs holding Mukku’s hand. He calls for everyone’s attention. Mukku tries to stop him but he continues….I want to disclose a very big truth to you all. Kanha asks for it but Ekadish turns up on the door with 2 policemen…I will tell the truth. Rathore’s face turns angry.

Update Credit to: pooja

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