Uttaran 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd October 2013 Written Update

It begins with Mukku saying you have only 15 days to leave Meethi and come to me. If that doesn’t happen then you will lose me forever and you only would be responsible for that. She turns to go but he holds her hand. You cannot do this. He stops as he spots Meethi standing in the doorway. Mukku too turns and follows his gaze and a chant plays. Mukku kind of glares at her and then is taken aback to see that Vishnu has let go of her hand. She says your wife is back now. Goodnight! She walks away from him but stops to shoot daggers at Meethi once more and finally makes an exit.

Meethi walks up to Vishnu who has turned his back to her. She apologizes to him. I heard what you two were talking. I wasn’t intending to but I had come to set food for you. I thought I should be with Anni tonight

as she needs me. He asks her if she knows what Mukku wants. Meethi repeats Mukku’s words. Vishnu wonders why Mukku is doing this. Meethi replies…it is right in her eyes. At some point of time we will have to come to a decision. Maybe now is the time. Maybe everyone’s happiness lies in what Mukku wants. You do what she wants. Go and freshen up I will set the table for you.

Agarth has lit a fire and is looking at paper in his hand. He recalls Kajri asking him once about what it is. It is a grah shanti puja (Grah Shanti Puja is a ritual for peace and happiness in a home) thing for Surabhi. It will be of help for her when the baby will be born. If she keeps it in her home then she will be blessed with loads of happiness. He is pained to see it now and throws it in the fire. Maiyya comes there and notices it. Where did I not try to find you and you are here? I can understand your pain of losing both of your children. He interrupts. Only my children….not yours! I have lost my son and daughter. You dint lose a thing. She tells him how Akash isn’t ready to talk to her. That family has done such a magic on him. We both have lost a lot. If we don’t take revenge from such a family then our life will be waste. He asks about what revenge is she talking. Now I don’t have any of my kids to forsake for your revenge. Both of them paid the price of your revenge. She stuns him by asking him about his grandson. He is the last token of Surabhi. Those people will kill him. We have to handle him. You have to do that. You will save him right? He gets thinking now and she stands triumphed her work is done.

Kanha looks at Surabhi’s pic. What will I tell our kid when he will ask about his mother? And what will I tell him when he will ask for his mother? Tappu, Rohini and Damini are there too. Tappu goes to him. What would happen by giving up? We all are here. Rohini adds your baby might miss his mother but not any affection / motherly love. We will love him immensely. Kanha is sure he will hate him when he will come to know how I behaved with his mom. He will never forgive me. Tappu tells him not to think like that. Damini says it isn’t easy to bring up a kid without a mom / dad. I can tell you by experience. If an illiterate village woman like me can bring up her daughter then you (literate and intelligent) can definitely be an example for your kid giving him the love of both the parents. You will have to be very strong. Your baby needs you a lot. Kanha nods.

Meethi is going out of the kitchen with a cup of tea / coffee when she is about to accidentally bang into Mukku. Mukku glares at her once again and then starts walking away but Meethi calls out to her so she stops. I heard what you were saying to Vishnu. If I could help you some way? Mukku gets sarcastic. Really? You can…by staying away from me. That will be a huge favor on me. Plus whatever I said to Vishnu wasn’t a joke. I was talking about my love and I am damn serious. Meethi tells her not to do anything because of which. But Mukku cuts her off. You can keep your lecture to yourself. If Vishnu doesn’t agree with what I am saying then he and you will suffer. I will do what I feel right. She goes from there while Meethi stands there worried and confused.


Jogi is trying to connect to Advocate Mehra but is not able to reach him. He lashes out on the person on the receiving end of the call. He was my company’s legal advisor once. I have been trying to connect with him since 3 days and he dint even get a minute to even call back. Meethi comes there and overhears him. Its my son-in-law’s case. Tell him. The line gets disconnected and he is shocked at the rudeness. Meethi hands him the glass. What did the lawyer say? He replies lawyers of today’s times have no time to even pick up their phones. They are scared to take cases. Meethi feels sad. Everything is happening because of me. Rathore uncle is in jail; there are so many tensions at home….only I am responsible for all this. He denies. You are saying this as you were once Ekadish ji’s daughter-in-law? She nods while he shakes his head. That marriage was a cheating. You aren’t at fault. Can you see these black clouds? She looks up while he explains the significance. Black clouds rain and afterwards there is light / rays of hope too. If hope is there then bad times will pass too. Don’t give up hope. She wishes that these black clouds clear away from their lives asap and there is light all over again. He says I am with you. Don’t worry and fate might bring someone in front of you who might bring happiness for us once again. Don’t give up! The coffee has turned cold so she goes to make him another.

Vishnu is looking at some file when Mukku’s words echo in his ears (the 15 days time challenge)…basically replaying the whole convo and Mukku’s bold reply on being ready to go to any lengths for him. He tears the paper and throws it away angrily. Akash comments….so much anger on a piece of paper?


Akash joins him on another sofa. Why Mr. Kashyap what’s the problem? Don’t know! You are the reason and solution too. How to help such a person who is the reason for increasing his own problems? You love Mukta but cannot end your wedding with Meethi. Is it so that your intention has changed? They have a staring session. Vishnu remarks what he will understand about intention. You used my teacher didi’s name and spun such a big web of lies. Akash looks away. Vishnu smiles seeing his discomfort. Values, upbringing….have you ever heard of these words? You had used my name and identity. You must know it. You know my dad left my mom when I was a kid. Akash adds…he was 6 years old when his mom had committed suicide. Vishnu sternly adds that after his mom, this orphan had another mom in his life….his teacher didi in the form of Iccha ma. How can I forget what I learned from her? She only taught me how to respect relations, walking the right path…from her only. There is no point talking about why and under what conditions did these weddings happen as Meethi is my wife / my family now. A child who has been brought up without a family……only he can understand the importance of family in one’s life. Akash listens silently. I wont / cannot leave my wife like my dad. Akash says family…. Who told you not to make one? Or not to respect? Make it with someone you love – Mukta! Vishnu says you have been raised up in such a family by such a mother for whom values and family are plain nothing maybe. You might not even understand what and why am I saying this. Your family has no importance values. He picks up his stuff and starts to go when Akash stops him calling Meethi’s husband. Whatever my family did or made me do it’s all wrong. The reason for me being alone today is my family only. But understand one thing from life. A family stands up on 2 pillars / base – faith and love. I accept that you both have faith in each other but where is love? Vishnu has no answer so he walks upstairs to his room.

Precap: Mukku is looking at the calendar and calculates 15 days staring from today. She cuts off Day 1 and circles the 15th day. You have only this much time Mr. Vishnu Kashyap. 16th October! Meethi was standing by the door looking at Mukku all the while. I know what Mukku wants. She doesn’t want my help but still I will try my best that she gets her love.

Update Credit to: pooja

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