Uttaran 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the song Piya O Re Piya playing. Akash stands in a room looking out of the glass window absentmindedly. He recalls Meethi’s reaction on seeing him. He is the cheater who has ruined my life. He hasn’t come here to save my Anni but rather wants to kill her. Did you not feel satisfied after celebrating my mother’s death? Who is your next target? He recalls her slapping him. A guy (Ranvir) is shown walking towards him. He watches Akash writing Meethi on the window and smiles.

Meethi is in the garden. Some papers fall near her feet. She reads – this love story is about a girl and a boy. Someone calls for her attention (Sonakshi). Meethi looks at her. The lady asks her point of view if she thinks they (the couple in the story) still love each other. Meethi crumples the

papers angrily as Sonakshi watches her. ranvir asks the same question to Akash. He replies positively while Meethi nods her head negatively. Ranvir comments that people do get angry with their loved ones when in love. but if you don’t lose hope then your love stands true. I would like to tell you my love story would you listen to it? Akash nods.
Sonakshi tells Meethi that someone came in her life too with a fake name, a fake identity. First hear me out then decide on your own if it is true or not. I can understand what that Akash did with you with his fake identity of Vishnu. I have passed through the same. Let me share mine and Varun’s story with you. All four of them start walking towards each other as the movie leads tell them their story in mute. Sawar loon plays in the background as the movie’s story flashes on screen for us viewers. Oblivious to their surroundings Meethi and Akash stand face to face with each other. They realise the other person’s presence by their heart beats (c’mon this was funny). Both look at each other teary eyed and Meethi recall some past stances. Her marriage; the troubles she had to face in Aatishgarh by Akash’s family; his true identity revealing in the forest and how he donated blood to her Anni.
Sonakshi says (to Meethi), I feel you should give another chance to your love. You should trust him one more time. Akash looks at her with pleading eyes while Ranvir listens on. Meethi declines. It was my life’s biggest mistake to trust him. I will not repeat my mistake again. I know why he has come back. He has come to seek revenge but I just want to forget him and his every memory forever. Sonakshi tells her to ask herself once again. Looking at your eyes I can tell you that you still love him. meethi says she used to love him but not anymore. Forgive me but I have to go now. Thank you for meeting me. I will just pray to God not to let your story incomplete like ours. She runs off from there crying while Akash too is almost on the verge of tears looking at her pain.


Pavitra and Kajri are cleaning the house for Guruji’s arrival while Gomti keeps on taunting them to hurry up (I have never seen Gomti doing anything except bossing around :/ ). Pavitra asks her if Akash would have reached Mumbai by now. Gomti replies that he would be actually serving her right now. I don’t trust love at all which makes a man bow down before a woman. Pavitra nods. It happens in films and movies only. Kajri speaks up now after taking their kind permission. Nirbhay listens from the balcony. If love wasn’t strong enough then it wouldn’t have brought the all so visible changes in my father-in-law and aunt (Agarth & Ekadish). Everyone bows down in front of love. gomti taunts her again for teaching them about life. Pavitra adds that if that was the case then your hubby should have changed long time back. Kajri goes mum.

Ranvir boosts Akash’s morale telling him not to give up ever. Piya plays (missed ya!). I know that you love Meethi truly don’t give up now. sonakshi adds that he wounds are still fresh. She will take time in healing but don’t give up. Akash affirms. It is my fault that I hurt her so much. I only will do whatever I can to heal them. Till she doesn’t forgive me I wont leave this town. Thank you so much. Ranvir hugs him. They both wish the best of wishes to each other. Akash leaves after saying that he will pray that their love for each other never reduces.
Ranvir says (to Sonakshi) that their (Akash & Meethi’s) love story has stopped on an unfortunate turn of life. She replies that love always triumphs however much the difficulties be. Who better than us to understand it? They smile at each other and walk out hand in hand.

Agarth is getting ready (donning his tilak and all lol). Nirbhay enters in his room. I cannot believe that Akash and Meethi’s love has changed you so much. His dad is angry for his continuous prodding. Nirbhay asks him to share with him at least as everyone is discussing about this only. I felt that you are my own but not anymore. Agarth tells him off for not waiting till guruji leaves like he had asked him to. Keep your mind calm till then. Nirbhay is upset. Tell me what game you are playing so that I too can live peacefully. Agarth walks out telling him to stop all this.

Gomti and Pavitra are busy decorating / arranging the house to welcome guru ji. Gomti tells Pavitra that Agarth has learned astrology from him only. He is his mentor. He walks inside without any of them noticing. A vase is about to fall when he catches it in time startling the sisters (as he is blind). They each take his blessings. Guru ji comments that even God doesn’t bless the ones who have two different things in their minds and lips. Pavitra apologizes. Gomti offers to take him to his seating place. He declines. I don’t need anyone’s help. God is there to show me the right path. He moves the iron shaft in his hand and sits on the sofa as Amso ma satgamaya chant plays.
The sisters talk about his power to foresee. He comments that if your heart is true then you wont need eyes to see anything.

Meethi enters in Damini’s ward. She looks at the monitors attached. Even though that Akash’s blood is poison yet I wont let you go away from me….never!

Agarth takes his guru’s blessings. He cleanses his feet with rose water, wipes it with his own angavastra (scarf tied around his neck) and presses his feet. Everyone else watches intently. Guruji comments that your house has all the negative vibes in you – lie, deception, jealousy, cheating, anger and so forth. There was one true and positive soul who lived here. You have hurt that person a lot. This house has been cursed because of your ill treatment with her. end your past now and start your future with a clean heart. Agarth agrees with his guru ji. Akash has gone to get Meethi back.

Dua song plays as the camera shifts from Akash to Meethi and vice versa. Both are lost in flashbacks. Akash recalls Meethi slapping him while she recalls Akash donating blood to her Anni. He sits on ground as she walks in the hospital corridor all lost. Sonakshi’s words echo in his mind. Looking in his eyes, I still feel that you should give another chance but Meethi denies. He recalls his happy sweet moments spent with her in Aatishgarh. Meethi recalls her telling him (in Illahabad) – Akash Chatterjee I, Meethi will only hate you from now onwards.

Guru ji swings his shaft again in the air. There is another soul in this house which is bearing a secret in her / his stomach. This is the reason for all the havoc in this house. Agarth tells Kajri to get sherbet (cold drink) for his guru. She obliges. Maiyya steps down as guru ji tells Agarth to let go of all the secrets that he has hidden in his heart. Agarth declines hiding anything. His guru tells him that he can hide as much as he wants but the truth will eventually come out one day. His student nods.

Kajri knocks at Surabhi’s room as she hears weird noises (vomiting). She is worried for her health. On not getting any response, she moves towards the window to check. Surabhi comes out by now exhausted. She gets scared to hear Kajri and closes the veil on the window. She again gets the vomiting sensation and runs off to the bathroom. This puzzles Kajri.
Pavitra comes looking for her. She taunts Kajri for keeping an eye on Surabhi. Kajri in turn tells her that Surabhi is ill as she is vomiting. Pavitra doesn’t understand at first but she soon connects the dots and realises something. Kajri doesn’t understand any of it.
Guru ji gives blessings to Maiyya. Avinash’s soul is finally free now you too must free yourself. Pavitra comes running calling for everyone’s attention. She announces that Surbahi is pregnant. This shocks the whole family while Agarth gets super angry.

Precap: Akash tries to talk to Meethi but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He begs for one chance. She denies and starts walking the other way with Mukta. He tries to stop her by holding her hand when the local people interfere asking him to behave well. One of the guy asks him who she is to you. Akash relies wife…..Meethi stops in her tracks and turns to look at him as he completes it….she is my wife! (yayy Yayy!)

Update Credit to: Pooja

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