Uttaran 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 29th October 2013 Written Update

As Aakash tries to get closer to Mukta for a kiss Vishnu comes and pushes him away. How dare you touch her? Mukta in turn stops him. How can you hurt my fiancé? Who are you? What relation do we share? He is my fiancé. I can do whatever I want to with him. What is it to you? You shouldn’t be bothered about it. Vishnu calls Aakash a bad person with bad intentions. You don’t know him. She says I don’t know you too. I only know that you are the husband of my little sister. Aakash thinks the truth came out after doing a little drama. You couldn’t take it if someone even touches your Mutka. He tells Mukta to let it be; gets up and goes to stand next to her while keeping a hand over her shoulder. Why do you get upset? Let people feel bad. I could have raised my hand on him if I had wanted to but

I wont do it now. He is family now. He is the husband of my would be sister-in-law’s husband aka your brother-in-law. I have forgiven him. mukta tells Vishnu he would have to apologize to Aakash. Vishnu is shocked. He is my fiancé.

Just then Meethi comes there asking what’s happening here. Mukta turns to her. I know you care for me but you should ask him (Vishnu). Tell him that I don’t like it when anyone interferes in my life. You know I came late and he came here and asked me so many questions about coming home late. Ask him what right he has to be so watchful about me. You should make your slave understand very well that he can be a slave to morals and values but shouldn’t disturb others. Mukta and Vishnu stare at each other. She turns to Meethi once again. She goes to Aakash and asks if they can go. He says I still have a question. He goes closer to Mr. Kashyap. She (Meethi) is your wife. I understand it when you stop me from going near her but she (Mukta) is my fiancée. What’s wrong in being close to my own fiancée? You have anyways accepted someone else with all your heart then why this jealousy? What do I make out of it? What relation do you have with my fiancée? Anyways you seem tired go and rest. Mukta tells Aakash to leave. There is no point wasting time on him. He will start lecturing over morals all over again. She wishes good night to Meethi. aakash looks at Vishnu and remarks that there indeed is love….in my heart for Mukta. He leaves with Mukta.

Meethi asks Vishnu why is he here. You were saying you have nothing to do with Mukta, then? Vishnu is hurt. Truth is you cannot see her with anyone else. Since you have heard about her marrying Aakash you have been affected. Don’t tell me but tell the truth to yourself atleast. Relations don’t only stand on morals and values. Please don’t stay quiet. I feel very guilty. Hear what your heart is saying; accept it and do something please. Vishnu simply walks off from there.

Tappu calls out for Mukta and Meethi. Everyone is already in the living area. She gives them both their diwali gifts. Rathore joins them. You will only take gifts from mom? He too gives both of them a gift. They both love the gift and thank him. He is happy that Meethi liked it. A special gift was due as it is your first Diwali after your wedding. Vishnu and Meehti get serious. Rathore says, as this is the last Diwali of Mukta before she gets married. Now everyone has a serious expression on their face. Just then Aakash makes an entry. Mutka is the first one to notice him. Everyone looks at the door. Rathore looks at Meethi and then goes to welcome Aakash. They both wish each other. He brings Aakash inside. Aakash tries to bend down to seek Tappu’s blessings but she folds her hands in front of herself to greet him. He too reciprocates the same way. He wishes Mr. Kashyap next who gets up but doesn’t say anything. Jogi blesses him and so does Nani. Aakash touches Damini’s feet but she simply looks away.

Aakash wishes Mrs. Kashyap next who too reciprocates and wishes him as well. Rathore asks Mukta if she dint bring any gift for Aakash. She says she has…..a very special one. Mukta stretches out her hand on which she has got a tattoo of Aakash’s name. A chant plays in the background while everyone is shocked. Rathore, Mukta and Meethi look at Vishnu to see his reaction.


Mukta says this is a very special gift as now Aakash is with me for life. Nani compliments the idea. I have brought a gift for Meethi and my brother-in-law too. She calls Vishnu near Meethi as she wants to gift them together. Rathore too tells him to go. Mukku says I have got one gift for both of you as you both are one only. She makes Meethi open it. It is a show piece of the dancing couple. Did you like it? Meethi nods. She says I knew it my choice is very good (while looking at Vishnu). She takes the gift from her and explains about the couple as Meethi and Vishnu. It is a doll that moves when you revolve the key. She holds it out for Vishnu to see. But he seems to focus on the tattoo on her hand. He is about to take it but she knowingly drops it on the floor resulting in it to break into pieces. Some look shocked while some pretend to look so and some simply watch the reactions of others. What were you thinking? She picks up the dolls (man and woman). See what you have done. Rathore is watching it intently. You separated Meethi (doll) from yourself. Actually it isn’t in some people’s fate….to stay together. Just like it wasn’t in these dolls’ fate to be together. Damini says there is a difference between when relations break and when gifts break. This is a pure relation of marriage. You (Meethi and Vishnu) both have my blessings. No one can separate you from one another. No one (while looking at Aakash)! Aakash takes their leave as Maiyya must be waiting for him. He thanks Mukta for the special gift. She asks him if he will come in the evening. Rathore answers for him…he sure will. Nani tells him to wish his Maiyya from her side. Tell her to decorate the house as our Mukta is coming over. Mukta wants to see off Aakash till the door. Tappu raises objection but Rathore allows her to go ahead. Vishnu watches the pair leave in shock.


Vishnu is disturbed in his room. He recalls Meethi’s words that he cannot see Mukta with anyone else and then Mukta’s tattoo. He looks at Iccha’s photo.

Aakash walks towards the temple while Vishnu walks closer to his teacher didi’s picture. Vishnu says, today is Diwali but it is all dark inside me. You used to say that we must light a diya inside us as well just like we light in the house. Aakash prays, I know I am hurting Meethi a lot by doing all this. Forgive me but all I want is that we all four should be happy once again. Our lives should glow like this night of Diwali. Vishnu says I had thought that there would be no darkness in your daughter’s life till I am with her. But I am falling weak in front of my heart. I cannot see Mukta with Aakash. Aakash says I cannot bear it. I am somehow hurting the good people by choosing this way. I cannot bear it. Vishnu says I am cheating myself by lying to my own self. Aakash says it has become very difficult for me to walk on this path. Vishnu wonders where life has brought me. I cannot understand a thing. Please show me some way. Chant plays in the background. Aakash prays, Lord Rama and Sita ji had returned back to Ayodhya today only. I only wish that tonight I get back with Meethi and Vishnu and Mukta too. Epi ends on the split screen between Aakash and Vishnu.

Precap: Meethi and Mukta are in some room oblivious to the fire that’s catching up behind them. Mukta suggests burning firecrackers outside. My happiness will bother someone for sure. Mukta notices the flames. They both try to run out of the room but a wooden plank falls on their way out blocking the exit.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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