Uttaran 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 29th May 2013 Written Update

Akash is sleeping in his room. Maiyya who is sitting next to him recalls the earlier happening of the day. Surabhi reading the letter – I know you hate liars. I am writing this letter to tell you that I too lied to you, did a drama of marrying you to gain your family’s trust. This was all a well thought out plot. The truth is I am not Vishnu but Akash! Your son backstabbed not only you but all of us!
Agarth saying everyone told you that Akash is falling in love with Meethi but you dint understood. Do you want any more proof? Nirbhay- whether Maiyya does or does not, my sister’s life has been ruined forever.
She thinks even if the whole world tell me he cheated me, I wont believe anyone. Does this mean that my years’ long penance has gone to waste? It cannot be. Till he doesn’t

say it himself that he doesn’t need his Maiyya and that Meethi’s love has usurped his love for her she wont believe any of it. I will believe when he himself will say everything.

Maine dil se kaha song plays. Meethi has flashback of Akash saving her from the fire (their first meeting). She is tearful and Iccha’s photo is also shown kept alongside a clock.
In Aatishgarh haveli, Akash is sleeping peacefully as Maiyya waits for him to wake up.
Surabhi is holding her and Kanha’s photo in her hands and is sad.
Kanha too is unable to sleep. All the happy memories of his and Surabhi’s flash before his eyes and he becomes tearful. He remembers Surabhi pointing at Akash’s (when he and Meethi had gone missing) pic calling him a cheat by putting on such an innocent act. He recalls Rathore telling him Surabhi’s truth. She came here to avenge her uncle’s death. He recalls their last hug on the bus stand. Sadly, he lies down but there’s no sleep in his eyes.
There in Aatishgarh, an unconscious Akash stirs in his sleep calling for Meethi. Maiyya becomes angry and sits back on the couch upset.

Next morning, Maiyya is still awake when Akash finally gains consciousness. She brings kadha for him. How are you feeling now? Do you remember anything? Akash becomes alert. He has flashes of what transpired in the banjara’s basti with him.
She repeats her question. Do you remember anything about Meethi? He looks away. You killed her right? I had full faith that my son wouldn’t disobey his Maiyya. Tell me how you killed her? He stares blankly. You did your job before Rathore could reach you right? Tell me why couldn’t you kill her. Was it so because Rathore and Tapasya reached there before you OR because you wanted her family to come and take her away to safety? She goes out when he calls out to her. She tells him to speak whatever he want to she will gulp the poison.
Tears roll down his cheeks. He folds his hands to seek forgiveness from his Maiyya. She doesn’t step back inside. Rupam dehi chant plays in the background. No need to do so. You are not my son anymore. You are that Meethi’s husband. As soon as you joined relation with her, my relation with you broke off. You left that Meethi alive and let her go back her home? Akash looks on surprised / shocked.

Maiyya comes to her room and closes the door hurt by her son’s betrayal. She takes out an envelope from the cupboard. She hugs the neatly wrapped blood soaked kurta of Avinash. She has flashback of Iccha killing him. akash lighting his pyre in his childhood promising her for revenge.
She goes to Avinash’s photo and sits down talking to it. This is your last memory. This is your blood. It runs in our son’s vein but how could he do this? How did the fire of revenge turned cold inside him making space for that girl’s love in his heart? He is not our son anymore. He has become some stranger. First that Iccha took you away from me, not that Iccha’s daughter successfully took my son away from me. She cries hard hugging the kurta. He is not our son anymore.


Maiyya recollects Tappu holding her by her neck (when they had come following Surabhi). She remembers what Tappu had said to her. Dint your darling Surabhi tell you that Iccha is still alive…inside me as I have her heart. She feels cheated. He saved my enemy’s daughter by breaking his promise to me. He has become that girl’s and is not our son anymore. What do I do now? She wipes her tears but is still looking deeply hurt by everything.


Surabhi comes to Akash and gives him a glass of turmeric milk so as to heal the wounds fast. She taunts him. What about the wounds that you have given all of us?
He is startled by the way she is talking and questions the same. How is Maiyya now? She mocks him. As if you care! She has locked herself in her room but what else is she supposed to do when her own son ditched her? She turns to go but stops looking at the letter in her hand. Here, keep your love letter with you. It fell from your pocket and I read out to everyone what’s written in it. Do you even realize what you did? You ruined all the hard work that I had put in. For years I have been telling you every important info about them. You had come there for revenge. Kanha too is a very good human being. Don’t you feel I too would have liked to fall for him? But I dint let love win over hate just so Maiyya can take her revenge. But you ruined everything for that girl? Akash, you slapped each one of us on our faces including Maiyya. She leaves in a huff.

He looks at the letter and understands what prompted his mother to say what she said earlier. He throws the letter away upset. Sad piya o re piya plays as he recalls his wedding and all the happy memories that he had spent with Meethi in Aatishgarh or in the forest.

Precap: Kanha tells Damini that I am missing Maiyya (Iccha) very much today. I want to rest my head in her lap and cry. Damini tries to comfort him but Kanha keeps on crying. I cant understand what to do now. I feel like running away from here. Damini looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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