Uttaran 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 28th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The judge asks Akash for proof. He says he got none. The judge asks him to stop wasting everyone’s time then. He says, I am not charging you just because I understand you get emotional in such matters. Meethi is being taken away. Akash tries to stop, but he’s stopped by police and his family.

Chaubey calls Ambika and tells her to stay away until Meethi is executed. Ambika tells him not to worry as no one will trust Akash. They will think he’s gone mad as he got no proof.

Thakur and others are discussing why Akash didn’t say anything earlier when he knew it. Damini comes and asks if Meethi got freed. Thakur says it was just first day and gives her hope that Meethi will be freed and everything will be fine. After Damini leaves from there, Thakur cries and says how he

can tell Damini that Meethi got death penalty.

Akash, Vishnu, Mukta try to talk to the lawyer. They tell him Ambika is alive. The lawyer says it’s just his illusion. Akash gets mad. The lawyer says if Ambika is alive, then why didn’t you all say anything earlier? Akash says how can I say? There are Chaubey’s men all around. The lawyer still says Akash should have told everyone Ambika is in court and get her arrested. They could have saved Meethi too. Vishnu asks Akash why did he trust Ambika. Akash says he just wanted to save Meethi and did everything that Ambika said. They ask the lawyer to find a way. The lawyer says they have no way now. They can just request the government for some mercy. Mukta asks if they can get some extra time. The lawyer says no, we won’t have much time.

Meethi is in criminal’s dress and she’s been put in the lockup. Akash is driving and wonders how he can save Meethi in 2 days. He thinks of requesting and begging to Chaubey. Some guy is placing missing poster of his wife. He comes in front of Akash’s car and he stops it. He gets out and asks the man if he’s okay. He tells him, don’t know how Sarika would be. I am trying to find her since a week. Akash sees the poster and notices the same watch he saw on dead body. He asks him about it. The man says it was a gift. Akash realizes that neither the watch nor the dead body was Ambika’s. Police are hiding the watch that means they are all involved with Chaubey. He doesn’t know what to tell the man. He pats him and then leaves.

A police tells Rathore that he did the right thing. Such people don’t deserve to live. Rathore stares at him. He apologizes and leaves from there. Tapasya comes to Rathore and reminds him what punishment Meethi got. Rathore says he knows and asks her to make him realize what he has done. He got Ichacha’s daughter punished. Tapasya says, I understand you. Rathore says, whether anyone understands or no, you please understand me. I want myself to be proved wrong. Tapasya says, all this can still happen. You don’t know what all happened after you left the court. She tells him everything. Akash saw and met Ambika. Mukta also saw her. She’s alive. Ambika made Akash give divorce to Meethi. Rathore is stunned.

Part 2

Tapasya hugs him and tells him to take care of himself. She understands him, whether anyone trusts him or no, she trusts him. He never let anything wrong happened, and he will never let anything wrong happen. She says the lawyer needs proof and asks him to do something. He got another chance. She’s sure he can find Ambika. She says she will meet him in the evening and leaves. Rathore says to himself, I don’t believe this Chaubey. Sarika’s husband is arguing with a police to give him his wife’s deadbody. The police don’t listen to him. He calls police lazy and useless. The police raise his hand to slap him, but Rathore blocks it.

Part 3

Rathore reminds the police that they are to protect public, not beat them. The police say he comes everyday with photo, what we can do if his wife ran away with someone. Sarika’s husband shouts at police. He leaves. He cries on Rathore’s shoulder. Rathore comforts him and asks how he can help. Sarika’s husband says police should be helping him. He was told by someone that they found deadbody but then why police is hiding it. Rathore sees the photo and he also notices the watch and remembers Chaubey hiding the watch. He asks Sarika’s husband about it and he says he gave it as a gift to her. Rathore gets thoughtful.

Precap: Akash shouts at Chaubey not to speak anything against Meethi else this time death will be real, not fake like Ambika’s. Akash’s bro warns him not to say Ambika’s death fake.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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