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Meethi tells Zubaida about Mukta. Zubaida tells her that when she reaches home, she will get good news. Asgar comes in and tells Meethi that they will be leaving shortly. Other hand, Akash gets ready to leave for Amritsar in hope to find some information about Fida, and from that information, Meethi. Damini tells him to take Kanha with him as well. Ansari comes back to police station. Meethi’s photo is on floor. He picks it up and before he sees the face, phone rings. He’s informed about terrorist attack in the event. He picks up his stick and tells his team to get ready to go there. Meethi’s photo falls on floor again and he fails to see it again.

Meethi is ready to leave. She asks Ammi if she can touch her feet today. Ammi lets her. Meethi then tells her she will miss everyone a

lot. She will tell Damini and she will call them. Ammi tells her to tell Damini that they have a daughter in India too now. Ammi was about to tie a tabiz on Meethi’s hand, but there’s one already. Meethi says her friend from train, Fida, gave that, and only because of that she’s alive today. Asgar wonders why she would give tabiz to Meethi. Tabiz by mistakenly falls down by Ammi. Ammi then ties both tabiz and says these terrorists make blasts, but they don’t know how much people have to suffer. Allah will never forgive them. Asgar is not pleased to hear that. Meethi then meets other family members. Asgar tells her if she hugs everyone and takes this much time, then she might have to stay here all her life. Meethi is looking for Ashfaque, but he’s not there. She then tells Nilofer to tell him Allah Hafiz on her behalf. They leave.

Meethi is in car with Asgar. He tells her they will stop at a place and wear same clothes as other Pakistani members. Meethi is afraid as she hasn’t done anything illegal in India. He tells her that she has to be strong, else all their effort will go waste. Ashfaque is running on the road. He comes in front of their car and Asgar stops. Meethi gets happy and gets out of the car and runs to him. He apologizes her for not being there when she was leaving. She says it’s good that he came, else she would always be regretting for not meeting the person who gave her another life. She tells him to never be sad, and she hopes he gets his love. He smiles and says, you’re going to your country, to your husband. He gives her a flower saying a beautiful flower for a beautiful person. She happily takes it and thanks him, and tells him to take care of himself and Nilofer too. Asgar is getting impatient. He asks Ashfaque if they can go, they have to reach on time. Meethi tells him she’s leaving and leaves. Ashfaque looks at her and says, Allah Hafiz.

Ambika is remembering her getting arrested and her conversation with Rathore in jail. A constable brings a criminal and locks her in. Ambika says it’s about time. Once the constable leaves, she passes a bottle to Ambika. Ambika drinks the liquid and something happens to her. She falls on the floor. A constable comes and takes her away. Ambika smiles as she’s taken away.

Rathore is thinking about Ambika and Chaubey telling him that Malvika is alive. Tappu comes and talks to him, but he doesn’t listen. She asks him what’s the matter. He tells her that he’ll have to go Dubai. Tappu is confused. He tells her that Malvika is alive, it was a lie that her and her child were dead. Tappu is shocked. She asks how they can go, Mukta needs them and there are so many problems going on here. Rathore says, he doesn’t run away from any of his responsibilities, he has always said to forget the past, but this past never ended. If she’s alive, then.. She asks then? He says, then Malvika is still his first wife legally. Tappu is shattered. He continues, he fought with himself and created this house and family, and he doesn’t want anyone to destroy it. He wants to end this story before anything happens. He will fulfill all his responsibilities, but before that he’ll have to do this. He’ll have to go. Mukta comes to their room and hears Tappu telling Rathore that Mukta loves him more than her. How he can go? Mukta needs him. Rathore says, I am sorry. Mukta goes in and says, papa.

Precap: Mukta tells Rathore that he will take Tappu with him as well. Tappu asks how she can leave her and go. Mukta tells her that she must go. She doesn’t want Rathore to go alone for this work.

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