Uttaran 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 28th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at the dhaba with Meethi sitting all lost in thoughts…upset. Akash asks the reason.
She replies that all must be worried about her…they haven’t spoken with anyone since yesterday. Ma, Anni, everyone…I’m not feeling good. Vishnu if you find a pco enroute, please stop the car then and there only. I want to speak to them.
Akash agrees that he will. He asks her to cheer up and tries to tease her by calling a monkey. But she isn’t in a mood of jokes and tells him the same. She says she wants to stay alone for some time.
He again tries to pacify her but she gets up to leave…he holds her hand and starts romancing with her. Ishq wala love song is playing in the background. Some light romantic moments are shared between them & finally Meethi is happy.


looks at the parrot in their palace and asks her brother about its future.
He replies that something bad is indicated as the bird is coming on its own to be caught.
She smiles & says….its trying to free itself since it has come but he doesn’t know that no one gets freedom easily…..especially not here. Both smile looking at the parrot.

Meethi has gone in a room to get ready. Meanwhile Akash calls his Maiyya & shares that they are about to leave from here…and will reach by the afternoon.
She is happy and tells him that everyone is busy making preparations to welcome the new daughter-in-law. Akash’s both massi’s are seen crushing class in small small pieces. She looks at them.
Akash replies yup….getting her ready in the daughter-in-law style.
She is happy and asks him to come soon.

Akash disconnects the phone and thinks aloud…where is Meethi till now. He goes to check on her.

Maiyya asks them to get alta. Pavitra goes to get it. She discusses with her other sister if all the preparations are done or not. She checks the glass pieces and both smile.
Pavitra comes back with the alta. Maiyya mixes glass in alta. All of them look excited to welcome Meethi.
Maiyya says…our daughter-in-law will remember every step she takes in this palace. All smile.


Akash knocks at the door & asks Meethi how much time she will take.
She opens the door and he asks why isn’t she ready yet….this way they will be late in reaching home.
She sadly looks at him, sits down and tells him that she can never become a good daughter-in-law. He asks why…what happened. She replies that she doesn’t know how to wear a saree. At home…there was Anni or bhabhi who would have made her wear it but now she doesn’t know what to do.

Akash says…so my princess doesn’t know how to wear a saree. She nods…no.
He replies not to worry. I have promised you in the wedding pheras that I will stay with you always…and support you. Today also, I’ll help you in wearing it.
She asks you?
He says yes, I know how to. He asks her to stand up. She does and he goes round and round and the saree is done. (funny scene). Ishq wala love is again playing in the background. She blushes all the while.

He compliments her that now she is looking like a newly wedded bride. Mrs. Vishnu Kashyap & winks at her. She blushes and thanks him. You will always stay like this na?
He replies for sure. I have promised you that I will stand by you for whole life…now I cant even run away from you.
She smiles and asks for promise. He promises her. She asks him to change as well.
He protests but she insists and before leaving the room, she tells him to call her if he too needs any help in dressing up. Saying so, she leaves. While Akash thinks its better to change, hurry up and leave from here as he might come across some acquaintance here.

Jogi Thakur & Veer have come to meet Mukku.
Jogi asks how she is. She replies she is fine and asks about everyone else.
He replies that she has forgot her bade papa after meeting her papa. Rathore is shown sitting with a somewhat angry and I don’t care expression.

Jogi asks her to come home. Your badi ma is missing you a lot.
Veer joins in. He says yes Mukta, your mom is very worried about you. She wants to meet you. Come home dear. I know you are upset with all of us but Mukta please remember one thing that in life you can make many relations but it will not even take one second to break that relation. Don’t break relations like this. Tapasya is your mom….she needs you. Leave all this bitterness behind and come with us.
Mukta replies that she isn’t angry at all….she isn’t angry with anyone at all. I too don’t want to be far from ma. I had many dreams…of me, ma and us all together….staying together in one place.
Jogi asks her to forget everything. It was a misunderstanding. Now come with us…pack your things.
Mukta asks him which home he is talking about. That home….where no one trusts her…where all think that I want to ruin Meethi’s life & snatch away Vishnu from her. No one trusts me there. Bade papa, I only want Meethi’s happiness and welfare and….

Veer interrupts her that Meethi is happy…undoubtedly. Rathore is thinking now.
Jogi again tries to convince her that no one is going to blame her for anything. After all, it was just a misunderstanding. Where there is love…there is bound to be some differences.
She agrees on what he is saying but not like this. Everyone left me alone…no one tried to understand her or trust her. In one second, she was made a complete stranger by everyone. All thought that I was lying…except papa (looking at rathore). All left me alone.
She gets up and tells him that she isn’t coming back….folds her hands and apologises that she cant.


That same lady (who was almost drowned by Akash’s Maiyya) is saying to her hubby that she had heard a lot about Aatishgarh…now she wont ever think of even going there…never!
Meethi who was listening to their conversation and asks them if they are coming from Aatishgarh?
The lady replies…yes, they had gone to the mahakumbh mela & on their way back, had stopped by at Aatishgarh.
Meethi (excitedly) asks them…have heard a lot about the place…its as quite as heaven right.
The lady is astonished and asks who said that to you. Meethi replies…my husband.

Meethi asks if it isn’t true. Why..What happened?
The lady replies…yes indeed it is a quiet place…just like a crematory. Her hubby joins in now…I’ve heard that anyone who goes there never comes back. Meethi is shocked now. The lady continues that yes, plus the family which rules in that place is also very weird. Meethi asks which family are you talking about? She looks intently at the lady for an answer. Akash has overheared their conversation and becomes worried. Episode ends on his worried face.

Precap: Maiyya sees the car approaching from her terrace and her pallu gets blown by the wind and we see that her hairs are cropped very small….just like in army. She comes and releases the parrot from the cage saying….you are free today because in this Aatishgarh’s palace, a new bird is coming…who will never ever get a chance to be free from our cage.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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