Uttaran 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 27th May 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya tells Akash to say what he wants. Akash utters Meethi! This shocks everyone (and Maiyya got a shock of 440 volts). I need to go to Meethi.
Pavitra adds fuel to the fire. Even though he is unconscious he is only remembering Meethi. I told you. Gomti too joins in (why did you put your foot on the axe I wonder lol). I had told you earlier that he isn’t our son anymore but Meethi’s husband. Ekadish twists her wrist angrily and asks her to repeat what she said. Gomti tries to free herself and corrects her words. I am just saying that even though he has killed Meethi he isn’t yet over her completely.

Agarth doubts if he has even killed Meethi as Nirbhay couldn’t find her dead body anywhere. Nirbhay replies in affirmative. Ekadish (like an obsessive person)

is sure that her son cannot cheat his mother like this. She tells Nirbhay to take him to his room. He obliges. Maiyya confirms with pavitra if the room is clean. She replies in positive saying Kajri cleared all of Meethi’s belongings.

Thakur House:

Veer and Tappu come downstairs. Rathore turns to look at them and so does everyone (OMG Rathore looks super hot and super cool – both at the same time I wonder how – in his new hairstyle 😉 ). Veer thanks Rathore. I got my daughter back because of you. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to understand or trust you earlier.
They hug clearing off their differences. Divya, Jogi and Veer want to know how he got the clue. Last time they dint find anything and now when Veer told them about the doc they were already in Aatishgarh. Mukta asks him what they wanted. Why did they send that fake Vishnu?
Rathore replies to take revenge. Everyone is clueless. Rathore tells them everything. He wasn’t Vishnu but Akash – Avinash’s son. The very same Akash who had kidnapped Yuvi years ago and was killed by Iccha ji. Veer has flashback of Iccha killing Avinash. Rathore continues they wanted to avenge his death since years. Kanha wonders if he was his mama ji’s son? Rathore affirms. Avinash’s wife has taught him the language of hate since childhood. Rest is in mute. We see flashes of the moments Akash had spent in Thakur House indicating how he gelled well and the family started trusting him. Next Mukku doubting his intentions of coming to their home. Rathore says, till now they only troubled Meethi but Iccha’s death drove them mad. They decided to kill Meethi. Everyone gasps in shock. Veer is angry that they should be taught a lesson.
Jogi disagrees saying we cant choose hate as the medium like them. Kanha asks them but you dint tell how did you reach Aatishgarh? Tappu signals Rathore not to tell him about Surabhi. Flashes of following Surabhi to the bus stop; her running away is shown.
Rathore tells him last time when we had gone there I got a doubt. I thought to look one more time. As soon as we came outside the house we got the call telling us about Meethi’s location that’s how we reached here. Kanha nods convinced.
Rathore apologizes to Kanha in his mind. Sorry for lying to you but how do I tell you that your wife betrayed you? How do I tell you that she wont come back ever!

Meethi is stopped by her inner voice peeping in from the mirror. It says, what will you do with this vermilion? How will you forget the rest of the things, the memories everything? I know the relation wasn’t real but you lived them with all your heart. But what did you get in return? Hate, betrayal! Everyone enjoyed at your mother’s death. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com They made you dance even. How can you forget it? It was all sham. You should forget that Akash, that relation and everything as it was all a lie. Clear all your memories. Now you aint a wife anymore. You are Meethi – Iccha and Veer Singh Bundela’s daughter – Meethi Veer Singh Bundela!
Meethi looks convinced by her inner voice. She picks up the wedding pic and tears it into pieces. Chhan se jo toote koi sapna starts in the background as Meethi recalls her happy moments spent in Aatishgarh. She holds her mangalsutra and remembers how Akash made her wear it on their wedding. Angrily, she takes it out and throws it on the floor. She has flashes of what all she had done to adjust in the family and then her face off with Akash in the banjara’s basti. She composes herself and sees the torn pic and manglasutra lying on the floor.

Kanha tries calling Surbahi but its stil unreachable. He wishes to share the good news of Meethi’s return with her.

Tappu tells everyone that Meethi’s wedding took place sometime back whereas the hate story had begun a long time back when Surabhi married Kanha. Everyone is in a state of disbelief and shock. Mukku understands how Akash used to be aware of her every move beforehand. She used to lure me into her sweet talks and tell everything to Akash. That is why I wasn’t able to prove him wrong.

Aatishgarh haveli:

Surabhi is muttering to herself. Pavitra bua occupied my room as if I wasn’t coming back. She keeps her clothes in the cupboard. Pavitra comes and tells her off. Because of your one mistake the game got over. Now you are married you will stay in the guestroom. Surabhi retorts I did not marry by my will. I did it for Maiyya. Pavitra replies I too have sacrificed a lot. But they reached here because of you not me. She packs her bags and sends her to the guestroom. Surabhi is irritated but has no option so leaves.

Thakur House:

Jogi is upset thinking her parents couldn’t teach her about self respect. How could they do this to their own daughter? Divya asks what relation she shared with Akash.
Rathore tells them they were brother and sister. Divya rues they both looked so innocent and used that innocence to fool us. Tappu says they ruined two innocent people’s life. Kanha who heard everything from a distance shouts in disbelief. All turn to look at him.


Kanha doesn’t believe Rathore. Surabhi cared for everyone she cant do this. There must be some misunderstanding. He goes to Tappu. You are saying that my marriage was a plan? It cannot be! I too got betrayed like Meethi? Its impossible. Ammo this cant be true. Tappu gestures Rathore to comfort him.
Rathore seeks apology from him. I cannot lie. However bitter truth is one must have the courage to say and accept it. I understand it can at times ruin our lives but one cannot live their lives with lies. You have to accept it. The truth is Surabhi came here to help her family in taking revenge. It was all a lie. I also feel that she knows her game is out in the open now. she wont come back now. I know you will be hurt but you got to accept this truth. M sorry!

Kanha is hurt. My relation was a lie? She married me so as to avenge her family enmity? Ammo this is all a lie. It cant be true. Damini makes him realise the reality. It is the truth. You have to accept the fact that she cheated you. That Vishnu or Akash cheated Meethi and all of us. We are very simple people. We trusted them and they in turn cheated us. But this is the truth and we have to accept it!
Kanha hugs her and cries. He says he wants to stay alone and heads upstairs. All are sad seeing him thus.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Surabhi opens to find Akash sleeping peacefully in his room. She looks at him and thinks my life got ruined because of you and you are sleeping here so peacefully. My own room isn’t mine anymore. I helped you by cheating everyone. The fire of revenge is burning since so many years inside bua ji yet what did I get in return for helping you? Did you even kill Meethi and fulfil her revenge?

She turns to go but notices the letter in his pocket as he turns in his sleep. She quietly goes and picks it up. She reads it. You dint do right Vishnu!

Precap: Surabhi reads the letter to Maiyya (NIrabhay and Agarth are there too). We went to the forest so that I could kill you but that is where I realised my true feelings for you. I decided to break Maiyya’s vow. Maiyya is super shocked and heartbroken. Nirbhay and Agarth look on intently. Surabhi asks her I married for you, for the family’s sake. But now you tell me what do I do with this vermilion and mangalsutra? Maiyya looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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